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Through The Shadow 3 - Episode 5




Through The Shadow 3 - Episode 5
Theme: The Fiery Boss Lady
Written by Angel Louis


   "You are pregnant Louisa.......for seon" Andrea stated in surprise, settling her eyes on her stomach.

"That's.... T-That's Ridiculous" Louisa cackled

"Don't play fool with me Miss Sullivan, the evidence is right here in my hand" Andrea stated waving the piece of paper in the air 

"Holy crap, that's not mine" 

"Yeah right, here the report says ,
Patient name, Louisa Sullivan.. pregn.....

"Stop it!" Louisa yelled at Andrea snatching the paper from her hands. 

She should have gotten rid of this sheet earlier. Now she has sold herself to Andrea of all people. 

Louisa tore it right there to pieces.

"You weren't planning on telling seon were you?" Andrea asked, taking few steps closer to her. 

*She can't let Louisa ruin her plans with that thing growing inside of her .. she must do something*

Louisa snickered without saying a word.

"I guess not" Andrea answered herself pulling a wicked smile.

"He deserves to know" Louisa found herself saying.

"No he doesn't" Andrea snapped.
" I'm already with his child and you ain't gonna use this bastard child growing in you to ruin m....

"Shut up!" Louisa shunned her with a dirty slap.

"You don't refer my child as a bastard. No one ever tries that"  she warned spitting fire from her eyes.

Andrea licked the corner of her lips which tasted blood. Her face has suddenly turned red and her lips bleeding..
She smiled rubbing the spot..

"You don't know me Louisa, you really don't. I think you better tell seon to sit you down and lecture you about me. Cause you do need to be lectured. 

I may look calm but.... Don't play dirty with me. Cause I never lose" 
Andrea' stated Matter of factly

"Get out" Louisa muttered almost like a whisper trying to keep her cool.

"You better not tell seon about this.... whatever you carry inside of you. If you do, you won't like the outcome" she threatened.

"I'm gonna tell him Andrea, he's the father of my baby and he deserves to Know. 
I already texted him that I have something important to say to him and he's on his way. There is nothing you can do about that. " 

"Aww. Such sweet courage... You are right, I can do nothing..." Andrea began walking towards  Louisa. Motioning her lips closer to her ear.

" I can do nothing to you, but What about your baby? " She chuckled slightly..and then continued.

"Get seon out your life for the safety of your baby. Scrape him out. He is getting married to me or no one else..

I Know every Mother's weakness is her child. I know you can already feel the love that exist between you and that thing in you... So for that love and happiness to last, get rid of seon and never mention a word about this baby to him" 

She sternly warned, picking up her bag as she headed towards the door. 
Louisa couldn't say a word cause she had fear of the unknown for her baby. 

Andrea smirked wickedly seeing the reaction on Louisa's face, she opened the door and suddenly bumped into seon. She winked at him and walked out.

Seon felt the tension in the air as he walked into the office..

"Is everything okay?"  He asked....

Louisa felt so weak and confused..she has to pull herself together so seon won't suspect a thing.

"Louisa are you alright? I just bumped into Andrea and she didn't look herself" 

Louisa stared without a word. She doesn't know what to say. She's still in shock to Andrea's threat. She can't scrape this man out of her life. That's suicide.
She lamented within herself. It will be more suicidal if she puts her baby at risk

Should she really let go of seon for the sake of her baby? Can she really let go of him?..

Lots of thoughts colliding her mind. She can't do what Andrea is asking her to do...she loves him!

But for the sake of her child, anything is worth it. She can't bring herself to put her baby at risk just because of her desires .. it's selfish.

From the little she knows about Andrea, she isn't any bluffer. She means every word and she'll stop at nothing to actualize her plans.

Even if she looses the child in the quest of securing her lover, she'll never live happily with seon v me cause Andrea will still be on their necks.

If letting go of seon is her ultimate sacrifice to pay for her baby, she'll do it.

She will no longer tell him about the baby, ... their child. 

"Talk to me Louisa. You called me here for a reason remember?" He jerked her from her thoughts, placing his both hands on her shoulders.

Louisa nodded to his question, shaking his hands off from her, she walked over to her seat.

"Yes I called you here for a reason" she managed to say, trying to sound bossy.

Seon sighed in relief, at Least, she finally said a word.

"You mentioned on the phone that it is important" he added

"Yes" Louisa retorted almost in a whisper.

"Okay, can I hear it now?" 
He asked in anticipation. Has she forgiven him? The last time he recalled, Louisa never wanted to see his face. And now, she called him to her office.

"I'm waiting to hear it Louisa.. say something please, you are getting me worried" he pleaded.

Louisa stared at seon, she didn't know how to put this to him. It's gonna break their heart.. 

She doesn't have to look nervous when she please the news to seon so he won't suspect anything fishy.

She has to do this, for the safety of her baby. 


"Yes Louisa" he drawled.

"You're FIRED" Louisa trailed off as sweat trickled down from her head.  There was heat all over her and her palms too were sweaty.

"What?" He arched in a confused manner.

"You are FIRED Seon Nichols" she repeated rather firmly.

Please tell me you are joking" he cackled in disbelief.

Louisa glared at him and turned her face away.

"See if this is about Andrea' Louisa, I've already figured a way to set things right for us. You don't have to to fire me" 
He pleaded, his sight was dwindling... He still can't believe what he just heard.

"It has nothing to do with Andrea... None of this has anything to do with her"

"You don't have to to cover up things Louisa. I bumped into her at your office door and I know she must have said something. I'm sure she's responsible for this abrupt decision...you can't bring yourself to fire me" 

He placed his hands on her desk having a clearer view of her face.

"Who told you I can't fire you...? You are so wrong" Louisa clipped

"No I'm not... It's the truth Louisa. You can't fire me because you love me" 

Louisa heaved heavily the moment he said that. She's trying hard to hold herself from pouring out her tempting tears. She's inlove with him and yes, she can't bring herself to fire him. 

But the safety of her baby comes first!

"Seon please cut it. I'm not having this talk with you" she blurted out 

"This isn't just my decision seon, it's the company's decision... 
Your services are due.. and on behalf of the Board members, we appreciate you alot for Every effort you put in for the best of this company....and you shall be fully compensated Mr Nichols"

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