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Through The Shadow 3 - Episode 4




Through The Shadow 3 - Episode 4
Theme: The Fiery Boss Lady
Written by Angel Louis


Seon paced to and fro in his room. He has gotten himself into a big mess. 
All his plans are crumbling...

He had planned on getting back Ciara and suprise Louisa in order to make her so much happy so in time, he'll make his true intentions known to her by making her his lawful wife. And they'll all go back to Italy to live happily.

That was his actual plan!
 But there came a girl called Andrea.. 
All his plans are failing bit by bit.

Andrea is pregnant for him🙆🏻‍♂️..
Considering their family status, the solution at hand is to make her his wife... 
But he can't do that! He will never try such with a woman who forced her way back into his life.

He'll just have to let Andrea out to birth then he'll take Fu responsibilities of the baby and also push through with Louisa. 

But will Louisa agree to this term? She is really hurt now and he doesn't know what to tell her. 
Louisa can sometimes be unpredictable..
Will she accept this idea???

He can't risk losing Louisa. He has no choice than to tell her his plans. 

God helping him, she'll come to see things on his own perspective.


   Louisa laid sober on her bed that night. Her face hardly seen due to the tuft that fell over it. Her eyes are sore from crying too much. 

Lost in her own thoughts, the only thing her head clips on is Seon.
Seon has shattered her heart to pieces. She never predicted he'd do such a thing to her.

Even at the present situation on ground, her love for still grows stronger. Seon is her first love. And one thing about first love is that they are really hard to get over.

No matter what seon did to her, she can't still stop her heart from loving him. It really isn't the end if the world though, Getting Andrea pregnant doesn't really mean her relationship with seon must end. At Least she's also carrying his child it'll give seon more reasons to hold on to her.

She'll have to tell him about the pregnancy. He is the father and he has to know. Andrea' doesn't get to know she's pregnant too for seon in order to avoid her devious plans. 

The child inside of her is a blessing, not a burden..... 


  Bayley felt so restless. She hasn't been herself since she paid Andrea a visit. Its going to two weeks and she hasn't set eyes on her. She feels restless and certain that she had let out something vital to Andrea about her Friend Louisa. 

She's having the feeling that she did something terrible that night but she can't remember anything. She hopes her instinct is wrong. She had severally tried Andrea's digits to ask about the other night but her line isn't connecting.

She's such a fool to have let stupid whiskers get the best out of her. She regrets her Addiction to drinks and pray her thoughts are just so wrong about that night. Only if she knew, she wouldn't have visited that evening.

           Next Morning 

      Andrea got  up  from her bed that morning placing a perk on Damon who laid beside her.

"Good morning honey" she greeted.

"Morning sunshine. Hope you slept well" 

"Yeah sure I did. Besides I'm so excited, I've got a big day ahead" she retorted with a stretchy yawn.

"Where to?" 

"To seon's of course" she blurted out

"You know you kinda make me jealous whenever you make sure abrupt decisions to visit him.. anyway, I'll adapt to it. 

But the seon you are talking about won't be at home at the moment. It's workday remember?" 

" Then I'll head to his office. Our discussion's gonna be officially off the record" She stated Matter of factly.

"If you say so my love. Just be careful" 

"Always Baby... I'll be more than careful infact" she smiled placing a hand on her stomach as she left for the bathroom.

            Minutes Later

     Andrea walked into Lintel Company beaming with smiles. Her radiating smiles had so much meaning attached to it.

First, she's gonna tell seon about her plans to go back to Italy with him. 

He has no choice other than to comply. Her father is a prestigious man and he must marry her for impregnating his daughter. 'his reputation might be at stake' and that also works to the favour of Andrea'.. 
* He really has no choice*

She cornered her way through to seon's office and walked in without even knocking. Suprisingly, no one was inside.

" That sneaky brat is supposed to be here" she cooed 

"...or Maybe he's around doing what he'd best at" she smirked, her mind drifting to Louisa.

She assumed he's with Louisa at the moment, so with that, she readied her steps to Louisa's office. 

Yet again, she didn't know as expected before gaining entrance and to her surprise Louisa wasn't there either. 

She pried at every corner still standing at the door post. Seeing her there wouldn't be good to people's perspective. She might get into trouble for barging into someone's office without an invite. So she quickly shut the door behind her. ..

"Hmmm.... Spacious and luxurious.." she commented, her eyes darting everywhere.

She walked over to Louisa's desk, her eyes running through the files littered on her table. 
" Huh? Office life is a different " she scoffed out in disgust.

She then say in Louisa's seat, twirling herself about on the chair
 "How relaxing..." She breath out placing her full balance on it.

She continued to twirl round for some minutes until her foot suddenly hit the desk so hard.
She whined in pain cussing and hitting the table in return. 
D@mmit! It hurts...

She bent herself over massaging her hurt foot when her eyes suddenly caught a paper underneath the table. Looks like someone was gonna get rid of it cause it was squeezed into a small ball. 

She picked it up and gently unfolded it till it became plain... 

She went ahead to read the contents... Over and over again in disbelief.... 
What??? This is not possible! 

She jerked from the seat  
"This must be a joke" she panicked out as her hands became shaky.

"...it can't be,.. it's not possible... She can't be...

The door suddenly opened as Louisa walked her way in.  Startling the ~worried Andrea~. A frown stretched out on her face .. 
" I think you've got a problem with privacy" Louisa blurted out walking over
To the phone booth to make a call. 

"Don't even think of calling the security Louisa" it came out like a warning instead.

"Watch me" Louisa stated in Anger and she punched in the number into the phone...
 How dare this idiot break into her office and still warn her not to call the security..

"Security co...

"You are pregnant?" Andrea cut in causing Louisa to freeze at a spot with the phone dropping from her hand.


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