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Through The Shadow 3 - Episode 2



Through The Shadow 3 - Episode 2
Theme: The Fiery Boss Lady
Written by Angel Louis


"Louisa I'm sorry" he pleaded. 
" I never really meant to hurt you. It was never my intention. 
I love you and you know that right?" He asked looking at her eyes 

Louisa's face was all puffy. Her cheeks were harsh red and her nose pinkish.

"You know I love you so much right" he asked again waiting for her response.

There was tension in the air. They both stared at each other with hurting eyes for a long while.

"I don't know seon. I don't know if your words are true,.....if you really love me as you claim right now, you wouldn't have betrayed my trust. You wouldn't have hurt my Feelings.

And most importantly, you wouldn't have messed with my heart"  she replied with soft sobs breaking the choking silence.

"You know I'll never hurt you intentionally. It's all Andrea's plan. You have to see what she's trying to do"

"I'm not Blind seon. Neither am I daft.
 It's crystal obvious she has won. 
She beat us in the game.. 
.... it's game over Baby. And I guess we should accept that fact" 
Louisa replied nonchalantly wiping her face. She's trying hard to console herself and swallow up her tears.

"You can leave now. Andrea is surely waiting for you at home" she stated in finality.
"....as you can see, I'm about starting today's work. 
You are free to go home. Andrea needs you more than ever considering her condition. You have to be with her in any steo she takes" 
Louisa added faking a smile.

   Seon was speechless, he can't believe Louisa is sending him out of her office.
He's such a fool to have let Andrea beat him to zero.

He cursed himself in regret staring at the love of his life. 
"I love you" he breathe out before leaving her office.

  Louisa Burst into uncontrollable tears. She held her Tommy lowering her gaze to it.

"I'll keep you safe.. seon and Andrea don't have to know about you. 
No one has to know" she whispered to herself.

The door opened and a female cleaner walked in to clean up the mess in her office.

    Seon walked out of LINTEL company with a heavy heart. 
Louisa is hurt and his heart bleeds for that.
All because of that flirty b~tch ' Andrea' 

He is going to kill her one of these days. He can't do her any harm now cause of her fragile condition. For the sake of the baby she's carrying, he will leave her for another day.


   Andrea twisted the door's knob and slide it open. It wasn't locked as she had left it. 

Something is wrong! 
She panicked as she dipped her hand into her bag and brought out a knife.

She always got that for protection.. just in case of necessities.

   She tipped toed right into the house and....

"When were you planning to tell me about this?" Damon asked 
Startling Andrea who almost jumped out of her skin.

"Damn you!! You scared the hell out of me"  she exclaimed palming her chest as she retrieved the knife back into her bag.

"I'm asking you a question Andrea" Damon repeated.

He was sitting on the couch with a piece of paper on his hand which he probably has read.

"Oh..." Andrea arched seeing the piece of paper.
"Remind me to get rid of that" she retorted.

Figures: Damon was with her first pregnancy test paper.

"Answer me" He shot at Andrea' in a no friendly gesture.

"Well, I wasn't planning on telling you any time soon but oops, you just found out yourself" 
She replied nonchalantly...

"You really think you can snub me out of this?" Damon fumed getting up from his seat.

"I can do anything Damon. What's the stress?" Andrea' scoffed, raising a brow at him.

"For your notice, I won't sit back and watch you deny me the rights to my unborn child. 

You won't take this child away from me. Just as you left me back in Italy.

I'm not a puppet Andrea, at Least I won't be one when it comes to my child" Damon blurted out almost giving out a fuss.

"Oh please Damon, Don't be a drama queen. What do you know about children??"  She fired back in irritation.

"I may not know anything about them now, but I'll learn. Andrea' I'll learn!" 

He replied, swiftly walking towards her.

"Please Damon. Don't take this  harshly. I'm not gonna take this baby away from you,  I just kinda have a big plan for it and trust me, you'll benefit too from it.

That's a sure thing cause you are the father of this child growing in me...
So please, just roll on" 
Andrea Highlighted, taking his hands into hers and placing it on her stomach.

"I have great plans and we are in this together" she added.

Damon smiled in satisfaction. He trusts Andrea's decisions. 
She's smart and that's why they roll together.

"There are lot of things we need to do Damon. And we are all going n this together" 

She added staring into his eyes 

"I trust you Baby" Damon replied
As they crashed their lips together.

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