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Through The Shadow 3 - Episode 19




Through The Shadow 3 - Episode 19
Theme: The Fiery Boss Lady
Written by Angel Louis


    Louisa smiled at the miraculous outcome. She can't believe they are all pleading for her forgiveness... All thanks to her family... Seon, Bayley, and Ciara.

"I forgive everyone of you. I hold no grudge. No hard feeling at all... You people were just doing what's best for the country. So I am okay with the turn out today... 

I'm so relieved that now, the world knows my deepest secret and darkest Nightmare... I have nothing to be afraid of" 
Louisa ranted in appreciation. 

Mrs Zilia bit hard on her lips in frustration. This was never her plan. Everything seems to be getting twisted for her.she thought within as she clearly tried to avoid eye contact with Seon and Ciara.

Just then, the sirens of  police vehicles approached.

"I thought the prosecution was over .. what are the police doing here?" She asked as she watched the vehicle came closer.

"Relax honey. They are here for a different case" he drawled out.

"Huuhhhh... I think we are done here. So it's best I go back to my place and prepare for my daughter's wedding" 
Mrs Zilia said as she slowly walked away from them .

"You are going nowhere Mrs Zilia.... Or should I say,    Ma'am Schwezilia." Seon blurted out. Gripping her from behind..
Mrs Zilia frozed instantly as eyes gazed at her in shock. 
Louisa's jaw parted.. "you are Schwezilia??.... Ciara's abductor?" 

"You deceitful Motherfvcker!" Bayley cussed landing a dirty slap on her face..

*Oh how much she's been planning to do that *

She  smiled in satisfaction...
"That's enough bayley.. we'll leave the rest for the police" seon added pulling Bayley's arm.

The crowd parted, making way for the police to pass. And behind them, followed Aiden and Damon. 
Mrs Zilia quickly brought out her phone to make a call.

"Don't even bother calling any of your team. Cause they are all in the police custody. 
While you were here crucifying Louisa, Aiden and Damon kept your house busy"

Seon Chuckled out.

 "Take her" he ordered and they gripped her hands...

"Leave me alone you brats. You police freaks don't know who you're dealing with.. I am Ma'am....

Oh yes Andrea!!!! " She called out the Moment she saw her daughter.

Andrea walked briskly to the podium... But frozed when she said w Damon.

"Damon?" She drawled in shock underneath her breath.. Running into his arms

"Oh God! I thought I'd lost you forever" she added. Hugging him so tight.

"All thanks to Seon" Damon replied.
Andrea broke from his grasp , turning to seon... She walked closer to him and muttered a "Thank you" to him with tear filled eyes.

"Damon loves you so much Andrea.. yo have to see that" Seon retorted.

"And I love him too" Andrea smiled staring passionately at Damon.

"Then be with him ." Seon urged smiling softly at her.
Andrea nodded happily running into Damon's arms.

"Huh Andrea you know that's not possible. You're carrying seon's child" Mrs Zilia scoffed in disgust struggling with the handcuffs on her hand.

"I have all right to be with Damon mom. I love him so much and besides, h s the father of my baby" Andrea chuckled. Placing his hands on her Tommy with a satisfactory smile on her face.

"What???? And you deceived me all these fvcking to while?" She shouted in Anger...
But soon calmed down when she noticed the handcuffs were still on her.
She smiled sweetly at Andrea.

"Nevermind Andrea'... Just tell these police to let me go. They are accusing me of something I know nothing of. I'm innocent and Andrea you are my witness." Mrs Zilia scoffed out... 
Staring at her daughter whom she hopes would help her out of this mess.

Andrea gazed at her mom for a while, and then to Damon... 

"Take her away. She's Guilty of all charges. I'm a living witness" she gestured to the police.

Mrs Zilia frozed in shock "what???? You can't do this Andrea... We are both guilty and you know that."

"Cut the crap mom!!!! Dad was right from the very beginning about you.. so self-centered. You never for once cared about me. You were just using me to do your dirty work.  " Andrea blurted out scornfully...

"You are under arrest Mrs Schwezilia
.. and Incase you've forgotten, Andrea is with a child so she is off the grid. You put yourself into this mess .

You are charged for attempted murder and recruitment and exploitation of innocent children....
If I were you, I won't even try to complicate issues.. I'll diligently follow the police and Face the required punishments" seon announced.

Ciara walked over to seon and whispered into his ears... Seon nodded and Ciara smiled. Moving closer to Mrs Schwezilia with a cunny smile on her face

Mrs Zilia was about smiling back when little Ciara stamped her feet so hard on hers. Causing Mrs Schwezilia to groan in pain. 
"That's for saying Thank you for everything you did to me and my friends..." Ciara ranted out... Causing all of them to laugh out loud..

"You little pest! I'll have you...

"Say Another word and I'll do same to your other foot" Ciara threatened causing Mrs Zilia to shut up feeling so embarrassed.

"Take her away!" Andrea instructed and the police did as she said...
Mrs Zilia kept shouting as they dragged her out....

The people watched as they reconciled with each other.

Andrea apologized to bayley Feeling so sorry for her actions. Bayley forgave her instantly.

She also made peace with Louisa  who in turn forgave her too.

Seon walked over to Louisa Feeling so sorry for everything he did

"You don't have to apologise Seon, I'm so sorry for everything I did... Pushing you out of my life. I am deeply sorry..

I'm so glad you came back for me. I thought you were gone for good. I swear seon I almost died thinking of you all the time.. I thought....."

She hadn't finished her statement when seon claimed her lips... Cutting her off from her rantings.

They kissed passionately as everyone watched and clapped their hands...

They finally broke the kiss and Louisa sighed in satisfaction.. how much she has missed this feeling.

Andrea walked over to Louisa.... "You have to tell him Louisa.. I know you still haven't... He deserves to know please tell him" Andrea drawled out with a faint smile..

"Tell me what?" Seon asked in puzzlement..
"She'll tell you" she chuckled out staring at seon. Then she lifted her left finger and pulled out her ring... She stared long at it before handing it over to seon.

"You'll need this" she muttered before leaving the two to meet her Damon.

Seon smiled at the ring before covering it in his Palm.

"So what is Andrea talking about?" He clipped.

Louisa drew her lips closer to his ears...

"I'm pregnant" 

Seon's mouth formed a perfect 'O' 

This is a good news~
He thought within.....there's no perfect Time to do this.
"I think there'll be a need for this after all" seon smiled out as he went down on his knees...

"Louisa Sullivan... Will you Marry me??" 

Louisa gawked at him... Looking speechless... 

"Say yes! Say yes! Say yes!" The crowd cheered....

Løūïsã stared long at everyone and to seon... Unable to give a reply.

"Say something Louisa ... Please.. do you accept my proposal?' seon asked again...

"No!" Louisa Finally spoke out as everyone gasped in shock...

Seon was dumbfounded.... What's this???
What's going on? She loves him right? So what's stopping her from saying yes??

"Why?" Seon trailed off with shaky lips...

"Because I've already accepted even before you asked" 
Louisa shouted in happiness... Causing a relief in everyone..

"Jesus Christ! You almost had me peeing my pants" he laughed out putting the ring into her fingers as they all clapped merriment... Some were already shedding tears while others screamed in happiness..

Louisa Walked over to the microphone as the press took pictures of her .. almost blinding her eyes with their flashlights..




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