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Through The Shadow 3 - Episode 17




Through The Shadow 3 - Episode 17
Theme: The Fiery Boss Lady
Written by Angel Louis

           9: 15 @m

       Louisa stood on the podium, shaking underneath her as she stared at the multitude that gazed at her with scornful eyes. She never really expected to see a lot of people today... How much they want justice 

   She turned to her side and saw bayley who gave her a reassuring smile. Louisa could tell that underneath that smile, she's just as nervous as her....
And beside bayley stood a woman who calls herself Mrs Zilia .... The source~

Louisa then turned her gaze to the press that stood behind her with their cameras and microphones focused on her.... They all want justice..
She's been standing there for more than ten minutes without saying a word. And it's obviously getting on their nerves as she could tell from their eyes.

"She's Guilty! That's why she can't say anything" 
A man shouted from within the crowd and the others cheered in support.

"Yeeeaaahhhh! Arrest Her. She's wasting our Time" a woman added and they also cheered aloud in support.

"No .. please wait, I'll say something" she choked. Crying out loud.

" I'll say something... Just plea.....

"Get that murderer away from there!" Someone instructed...

" Yeah! We want justice!" The crowd chorused.

"Jonathan Bucks fought for this country. He was a good and selfless man .. and you killed him in cold blood... You are evil!!!" 
A woman shouted 

"Yessss! Arrest her. We want justice" they chorused again.

"No wait, you don't understand..." Louisa cried out inaudibly as she watched them rant into her ears.

"Please listen to me ...." She begged for their attention as Bayley watched in tears.

These fvcking people isn't giving her the chance to break this through.
She wept bitterly for her Friend.

"Arrest her!" They screamed in unison.

Louisa stood there, sweating @nd crying uncontrollably as she listened to their inhumane comments.

"Let me explain please" she requested inaudibly as her voice was overshadowed by her prosecutors.

    " Where the hell is Seon????" Andrea shrieked when she couldn't find him 

"He's supposed to be here !" She added in Anger stepping down from her car with her white dress.

She saw the guest patiently sitted and waiting for her and her husband to be.

,"We do not know Ma'am. He isn't here yet" 
A lady replied.

"What do you mean by that??? Where is he??? And besides, where the Fvck is Ciara!" She asked staring daggers at everyone. 
As they muttered indistinctly.

"Somebody talk to me or I'm gonna do something stupid!" She cussed. Creating a scene.

"Andrea!" Her dad called from behind 

"Oh daddy" she retorted, running to him...

"I can't find seon... Dad I can't find him! What do I do daddy??" She asked almost in tears 

"Calm down .. calm down... It's gonna be fine. He'll be here. He's on his way with your brother. Do not panic okay' 

He consoled her, patting her gently on her shoulders 

"Dad I'm scared. I'm so scared" Andrea Cried hugging his dad so tight.

"He'll come. Don't worry... But for now, you just calm down as i find a way to entertain the guests. So they wouldn't notice anything Rusty" he added and Andrea nodded.

Her mind going wild!.

Damon's dead. And Seon is nowhere to be found... Seon is her hope... If he doesn't show up that means she's shattered. Cause everything she has planned so far will turn to null...



     Louisa managed to get their attention. Swallowing a heavy lump down her throat, she began.

"... Jonathan was my Uncle... But trust me when I say he was never good to me. He was a very mean and wicked person... He acted beastly towards...."

She  hadn't finished her statement when she was stoned with a soured fruit which made a mess on her dress.

"Shut up! She's a list!" Someone screamed from behind.

"You don't have to blaspheme in order to justify your evil actions." He added.

"You are guilty and a murderer" Another added.

"Yeahhhhh" they chorused.
Booing Louisa who gasped in horror.

Mrs Schwezilia stepped into the podium with a wicked smile pushing Louisa aside as she began her own speech.

"We just can't let a Murderer" pointing at Louisa, .." ruin the name of a once prestigious citizen of this great country.
Though I'm an Italian, I stand for the truth as always. And the truth here is,... Louisa Sullivan must pay for the death of Jonathan Bucks...."

"Yeaaaahhhhh! She must pay"
They cheered on ..

Louisa gasped in shock at the woman before her...
"Who the Fvck are you? You know nothing about me " She gave out a fuss.

"What are you gonna do about that huh?" Mrs Schwezilia tsked in mockery returning her gaze to the crowd.

"Jonathan Bucks was a brave and selfless man... He had a heart of Gold... So pure ..

"Shut up!" Louisa shrieked, covering her ears 

Mrs Schwezilia scorned... "You see what I mean, Louisa Sullivan doesn't want to hear the truth...  She's an alien, a psycho... And..."

She wasn't able to finish her statement when bayley pulled her by the hair from behind.

Mrs  Schwezilia screamed  in pain.
She never saw bayley climb the podium.

"You don't talk about my friend in such manner you piece of sh!t!"  Bayley cussed. Landing a dirty punch on her face... Causing Mrs Zilia to spit out blood.

"Why you!!!!" She cussed bayley in Anger... Rubbing her bruised cheeks...

"Dare me!" Bayley threatened, about landing another punch on her face... But she was quickly held by some journalist..

"Leave me let me teach this treacherous f00l a lesson" she struggled to break free... But their grip was stronger as they dragged her from the podium giving her a bottled water to calm her nerves...

Louisa stared Daggers at Mrs Zilia...
"You have no such right to judge me... You are a weakling... Just like your wreched daughter... You two are bunch of Incompetent Rascals" 

Louisa spat out...

"You little weasel....," Mrs Zilia raised her hand up to hit Louisa...

"You dare not touched HER!"

A voice called from within the crowd......


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