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Through The Shadow 3 - Episode 15




Through The Shadow 3 - Episode 15
Theme: The Fiery Boss Lady
Written by Angel Louis


      Louisa laid on her bed sobbing into her pillow. She doesn't understand what's wrong with her. It seems the pregnancy has made her very emotional lately and she reacts easily to things.

It's tomorrow she'll be seeing the so-called source who has succeeded in creating such blunder against her. 
And also,.....
Tomorrow is Seon's wedding 

She went bitterly... *Love is a curse* she continously lamented... 
If she hadn't fell for seon at first place, she wouldn't have met Andrea' who manipulated her best friend.

But still, she has also benefited as well, if not for *Love* she wouldn't have unburdened her dark memories..

She doesn't regret falling inlove with Seon. Cause he made a change in her life. He made her feel things. 
He made her unburden her deepest fears and nightmares.

To her, seon is nothing but her Hero.
And not everyone gets to be with a hero all the Time.

She lamented within....

But still, it does hurt much.

She still loves him more than anything and his absence is Killing her slowly. She misses his scent, his touch his presence and she'll scream it out loud to the world.
Anywhere, anyday and Anytime...

There was suddenly a soft tap on the door..

"Come in" Louisa gestured dabbing her eyes slowly.

Bayley opened the door and walked in with a newspaper in her hand.

"You are having a public meeting with the source tomorrow?" Bayley burst out in surprise..


"Why tomorrow?" Bayley cocked her head in puzzlement.... 

"I'm fed up of the Rioters everywhere screaming out my name as a murderer....
I just wanna clear up things once and for all so I'd be free or Maybe end up in jail as a murderer which everyone addresses me as"

Louisa sobbed.

"I'm so sorry Louisa  for betraying your trust in me" 
Bayley pleaded walking closer to her best friend.

"It's okay Bay. You don't have to blame yourself... None of this is your fault... You were just out of control cause I know you would never ever trade out my secret to anyone... You really don't have to feel bad"
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Louisa retorted, wiping her teary Face.

"Thank you so much Isa... I promise to Stand by your side tomorrow... If they are gonna prosecute you, they'll have to prosecute me first.... Because you are my sister, you hear me?" 
Bayley stated Matter of factly.

Louisa's eyes became watery as she nodded positively to her statement.

"Thank you" she cried out, running into Bayley's arms....

Seon parked his car inside Mrs Zilia's compound. He has come to pay his bride-to-be a visit.

He's never gonna get married to a lady who lied on him.

He briskly walked into the Mansion in search of Andrea.

Th house was kinda busy with lots of preparations for tomorrow's Party so seon wasn't surprised at all to see caterers and already-made cakes for guest if tomorrow.

He searched for Andrea amidst them but she wasn't there

He began asking questions and they directed him upstairs.

He exhaled sharply and went upstairs in search of her.

He called out her name continously but there was no response.

All of a sudden, a door squeaked catching his attention. He walked slowly to the door post and slowly opened it.

He peeped through and saw no one ..
"Andrea?" He called out again almost in a whisper... But still, got no response.

He sighed in defeat and turned to leave.. when a hand gripped him from behind.

He gasped in shock and turned to see....

"OMG! " H exclaimed... "Ciara?" He dropped open his mouth.

"Sir seon" Ciara called with a teary voice as seon picked her up into his arms.
Ciara embraced him so tight. Not wanting to let go...

"I found you" he held her close to himself. Caressing her silky hair.

"I found you Ciara... You are here...." He paused in puzzlement..

"You're here???'' he asked arching his brow in a questioning way 

"Ciara why are you here? How did you get here?" Seon asked as Ciara loosened her grip around his neck.

She sniffled. "Ma'am Schwezilia brought me here" she replied.

"Ma'am Schwezilia?..... Ma'am Schwe..... Zilia.... ... You Mean Mrs Zilia ? Andrea's Mom?"

,"The owner of the house. Ma'am schwez. Blonde hair, curve lips and.....

"She's Andrea's Mom Ciara" seon cut into the little girl's description..

"So you mean you've been in this room all those while?"

"No, I was brought out by a lady few hours ago. She told me I will be acting as her flower girl tomorrow.... They've been keeping me and others underneath the house all along" 

"I'm sure that's what Damon was trying to tell me About Andrea's Mom" seon recalled, biting his lips tentatively.

"Andrea's the lady that Brought you out Ciara... And....."
He paused when they heard footsteps.

"Act Normal" he instructed... As Ciara nodded putting on a fake smile.

"So what's your name pretty one?" 

"My name's Ciara Co....

"I see you guys are getting to know each other. " 
Andrea' interrupted. Standing close to the door post..

"Yeah... I actually saw her here" seon smiled.

"She's pretty don't you think.." Andrea complimented..
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"Yeah she is..." Seon replied...
"Anyway I actually came to check on my Bride-to-be , considering tomorrow is our big day" 
Seon doesn't see a need to tell her the reason he's here. Now that he knows the truth about Her mom. He'll just have to play along.

"Awwwwnnnn that's so sweet of you" she purred. Planting a kiss on his right cheek.

"Anyway, come along with me Ciara. I want you to try on the clothes which I ordered in for you, if it's your size"Andrea stated. Gesturing her hand towards her.

Ciara stared at seon with frightened eyes as she placed her hand into Andrea's.

She wanna take her away from seon... Will they still meet again?😥

As if seon read her thoughts, he nodded slightly as they began walking out.

Ciara turned her head backwards and gazed one more time at him.

"I'll come for you" 
He mouthed out to Ciara....

 Ciara who traced his lips, nodded and finally returned her gaze at Andrea won't suspect a thing.

Seon stood there and watched as they walked out of sight.

*Andrea's Mom is Ma'am Schwezilia... Louisa told him everything.
Ma'am schwez has gotten her hand into a very dirty Work" 

He commented, smiling at No-one in particular...



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