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Through The Shadow 3 - Episode 14




Through The Shadow 3 - Episode 14
Theme: The Fiery Boss Lady
Written by Angel Louis

"Damon Graves?" He twitched

"Yes Man. It's me" Damon blurted out, rubbing his bruised wrist.

"Why are you following me? I would have dislocated your arms thinking you were some Assassin" 

Damon scoffed."I'm sorry Man. But I had to do that" he retorted looking around in uncertainty.

"What's going on Damon? Why are you checking out everywhere? Is someone After you?" Seon asked seeing how unsettled he was looking.

Damon nodded slightly, pulling him over to a corner. 
" I'm in a big mess seon. And I'm afraid it's gonna cost my life" 

"What do you mean" seon asked in puzzlement.

"There's something I gotta tell you, before it's too late" 

Seon nodded vigorously, gesturing Damon to go on.

"It's about Andrea and her mom" he started.

"Andrea'? "

"Yes... Her mom is after my life. Cause I saw something which I wasn't meant to see.

Two days ago, her mom texted me to come over to her place saying she left a message for me on the dinning. 
.I got there and saw a note on it. Andrea's mom stated clearly on the paper that I should go to her Chambers and by the left side of her room, I'd see a giant curtain.

She instructed that I should swipe it aside.
I did so and an elevator came into view. 
Still following the instructions of the paper, I got into it and pressed 2 and I began decelerating. Seconds later, it stopped and gave way for me to step out.

I got out and saw myself in a different  place... it was of a high technology and I kind of wandered round.

Why would Mrs Zilia want me there? Underneath her house?

And before I knew it, I saw both mother and daughter down there having a talk.

I wasn't able to process what happened again before I heard Andrea shouted at to Run cause her mom already signaled h
Some bad guys who are currently After my life as we speak.

I had to run out of that place for my dear life"

Damon nervously narrated his ordeal...

Seon stared at  Damon in a confused manner.
"Everything you've said right now is gloomy.. Andrea's mom has a house underneath....

"It's more than a house seon. I think she's hatching something down there. I have This strange feeling and maybe that's why she's not happy I bumped in there... Guess that's why she sent people after my life" ..

"That's absurd! She was the one who directed you there at first place. Why would she then want to kill you ?"

Now seon his totally lost and confused..

"I really don't know Man. She lured me down there and I don't know why" 

Damon tiredly breathe out.

Seon breathe out in frustration... He doesn't know what to do to help him... He already has a lot on his head lately.

"See Damon. I Wish I could help but, I don't wanna get things messed up at the moment. Next tomorrow is my wedding and I don't intend to ruin our family ties"

Damon scoffed out in disbelief
"You still don't get it yet? Do you?
Quit the wedding SEON! It's not worth it" 

"What? Why would you say such a thing? I can't do that" seon retorted.

"There's something fishy about that woman and I don't want you to get messed up in between" Damon sounded with all seriousness.
"Quit the wedding!" He added.

"As if I have a choice" seon scoffed out nonchalantly.

"Yes you do"

"I don't Damon, Andrea' is carrying my child and I don't have...

"It's my child not yours" Damon cut into his words.

"What? What did you just say?"

"Andrea's carrying my child, not yours...it's the truth Man. I and Andrea are lovers... Right from college, Remember?"

Seon gasped in shock! 
Finding words pretty hard to say..

"I never knew you guys took it that serious"...

"We did Bro. We only made it look that way for some special reasons" he replied.

"Why did she have to lie on me then?"

Damon stared at him but said nothing to his question.. he knew whatever decision Andrea was making, it was for the benefit of them...

"I shouldn't have left Louisa.. now that she needs me more than ever" he lamented in regrets... 
And afterwards turned to Damon.

"Stay with me Damon. I'll look into whatever you just said. No harm will come to you while you are with me.. okay?"

"Sure Man. Thanks Alot!" Damon smiled in appreciation.


     "You seem happy today Mom... What's up?"

"Who wouldn't be happy? It's tomorrow!"" Mrs Zilia blurted out 

Andrea sighed in defeat.. " yeah I know... It's tomorrow and I'm pretty nervous... It's really gonna be a big party" Andrea retorted causing her mom to cackle.

"When I said it's Tomorrow, I never meant your wedding Andrea'. I was actually referring to my anonymous meeting with Louisa .. 

I know I haven't told you about it yet.. so this is it.... Louisa called me and said she wanted to clear off her name... And she requested my presence since I'm the source and...

"Tomorrow's my wedding mom! Shouldn't that be more important??"
Andrea gawked at her mom in disbelief

"Oh please! Andrea forget that okay. It isn't the first wedding in universe you know. Its important too and I know... But this meeting, I can't miss it...
Don't worry cup cake, you'll have enough guest and you won't even notice my absence"
Mrs Zilia blurted out, placing a perk on her daughter's cheeks.

"Whatever" Andrea jolted in a disgusting manner rolling her eyes in a nonchalant way..

After a long pause,she broke the silence.

"Mom . I need a favor from you" she pouted.

"Name it and Nail it!" Her mom retorted.. arranging her hair.

"I-- I was Actually uhmmm thinking.... M-maybe I c- could use y-your little girl tomorrow for my wedding... As the flower-g-girl"

"Who? Ciara?" Her mom arched in a questioning way.

"Yes... Ciara..she's pretty and I like her to be my flower girl... Please Mom don't deny me this request. At Least make it up for your absence pleeeeaaaaaassee"

Andrea pouted in a pleading manner.

"That's a really huge favor Andy...but..  okay.just for tomorrow..." She sighed out in agreement.

"Yippeee! Thanks Mom" Andrea sprang out in happiness.

"You welcome.. but keep a close watch on her Andy. That kid is smarter than she looks" Mrs Zilia sternly warned..

"That's not a problem" Andrea retorted happily....

Walking out of the room...


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