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Through The Shadow 3 - Episode 11




Through The Shadow 3 - Episode 11
Theme: The Fiery Boss Lady
Written by Angel Louis



   Damon Walked into Mrs Zilia mansion and found no one inside. 
It hasn't been long he saw the text Andrea's mom sent to him.

It stated clearly on the text that she had kept something for him on the dinning.

He walked briskly over to the dinning table... His eyes caught the parcel on top of it and without hesitation, he picked it up and opened.

As expected, it was from Mrs Zilia to him. He quietly read within himself...

"What?" He arched in puzzlement.
"What am I going to do there?" He asked scratching his hair... 
He doesn't know why Mrs Zilia has directed him into her Chambers...

"Lemme just check" he concluded walking straight to the given direction.


   Ma'am Schwezilia checked her watch continously waiting for Damon's arrival.

She, as usual was in her secret vault with Andrea. She has already prepared a way to unknowingly lure Damon down here.

*Everyone knows the consequences of letting a stranger into the vault*

They can't actually risk such huge secret to anyone.

"How are you preparing so far for your wedding Andrea? It's just five days from now"

"Huh... I'm okay and good about it.. call it excitement. I'm just happy about it" she retorted

Mrs Zilia sighed out in relief and then continued....

"I called Robert Kent', the journalist of daily planet. Told him to come tomorrow that I've got a story to tell" 

"And I'm sure it's about Louisa" Andrea' huffed

"Who else? I'm ready for her now. Can't just wait to see her crumble to her feet" Mrs Zilia stated in so much delight.

"Do whatever pleases you with her.. I don't have any business with her" Andrea retorted nonchalantly.

"I was act.......

She paused when she began hearing footsteps..

Andrea arched all of a sudden. Who was coming? 
The footsteps were becoming louder signifying the person was coming towards their direction...

But who? She asked within herself.

It didn't take up to ten minutes before the person came to view.

" What the hell, Damon!" Andrea' gasped in shock

"Andrea'? What are you doing here? I mean.... What's this place?" 
He asked clearly in confusion as his eyes darted everywhere.

"You ain't supposed to be here Damon! Why are you here? How did you ge...

"I swear I know nothing about this place.. I was only following...

"Red Team get down here. We have an intruder...
Do you copy? "

Andrea's eyes smelt fear. She stared at her mom in dismay...
Her mom is seriously calling the Red Team for Damon... And she knows what that means...

"Run! Damon! Run! ..... Get out of here" 
She shouted at damon...Her voice suddenly became teary.

She knows if the Red Team meets him here, they'll surely kill him.

Damon who smelt danger from the onset, picked to his heels.

Mrs Zilia smiled evilly to herself. "He's now a threat Andrea.. " 

"No mom he isn't.. I beg of you please don't do this to him. Please!!!!" Andrea cried out.

" He saw everything down here... We can't risk him with such information. 
Trust me Andy, it's the best option we have. We can't let him off with such information about what he saw down here" 
Mrs Zilia explained to her daughter who couldn't hold it anymore as she cried out in frustration.

"But.... I...I..
She gasped..
"I love him" it came out almost like a whisper causing her mom to frown so hard at her daughter's confession.

"You are so ridiculous... To hell with your stupid Love. There's virtually nothing we can do at the moment... It's our policy down here, to protect our secret at all cost.."
She paused and then walked few steps away from Andrea..

"Even if it cost us the life of our loved ones" she added before walking out of her presence...

Smiling in satisfaction to herself.
* There's really no choice, Damon has to die* 
And her red team are already seeing to that.

Damon is already out of the picture 

         Two Days Later 

     Louisa Sullivan drove into her company that beautiful morning.
She scoffed aloud when she saw the way most of the employees where staring at her.

She frowned and ignored their daft reaction towards her this morning. She doesn't for one bit like the scornful looks on their faces as they stared at her.

She finally walked past them, gaining full entrance into her building. 
More of the employees stepped away from her in fear..
She began hearing whispers from them as she walked past....

' I ain't Surprised at all.. she's a freak'
A lady whispered to her colleague as they weirdly stared at her.

She just ignored and walked past like she didn't hear a thing. If it was to be her old self, she would have made that lady chew on her tongue.

Louisa couldn't help with the way everyone was staring at her with hot eyes. .

'She deserves to be in jail' 
Another said
'she's evil'

' how could she murder a man that cartered for her in cold blood '

Why were they all whispering inaudibly?
She felt like she was gonna throttle as she walked past each of them..

Why were they all staring at her in such manner?

She asked pushing her door open.
After setting her stuffs right, she put a call through Mrs Dawkins her secretary.

Louisa waited for many more minutes before Mrs Dawkins finally found her way into her office.

"Twenty-five- fvcking Minutes Dawkins!!!" Louisa who was obviously angry at her late arrival shouted as she took slow steps towards her.

Mrs Dawkins shrinked on a spot panting very fast as Louisa approached her.

"Ple-please Don't hurt me" she cried out in fear...

"Hurt you? Why would I do that?" She asked in a query Manner.. staring at the woman before her who seemed obviously scared of her...

Why is everyone acting strange towards her?
 Someone better tell her what the hell is wrong with all the staffs...

"You know what Mrs Dawkins, ....why not start by telling me why the fvcking staffs are staring and same time whispering at me in a weird manner..."

Louisa blurted out, causing Mrs Dawkins to swallow a hard lump down her throat..

TBC ✍️

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