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The Slave And I -Final



(Can A Prince Fall In Love With A Slave?)

The Slave And I -Final

GENRE : Drama, Romance, Suspense

©️Authoress Ti Fi


"Niran! Why did you shoot Katika? That's not part of the plan." I said as we kept attacking all of them. I was with the guns and Niran with his weapon, the bow, the and arrow.

 "Nothing goes according to plan anymore. She deserved what she got." He replied still firing the arrows.

It fell and pierced many people, and some began to run. 

"I would take care of Maya and her parents. You should go after the guards and Mei." He said and I nodded.

Aaron watched my back as I approached where Mei laid holding Katika in her hands.

"Mei, you need to leave now! This place isn't safe for you." I said and she looked at me with her eyes filled with tears.

"Why did you kill her? I did what you asked me to do." She mumbled in tears.

"I am sorry Mei, but this isn't the right time. We need to get out of this place now." I said grabbing her hand.

"Can we save her? Can she be saved?" She asked looking at me and I felt great pity for her.

I placed my finger on her neck to check her pulse and I saw it was faint.

"Yes," I said bending and lifting Katika. The arrow was still buried in her back. 

Mei stood up and followed behind me as we headed to the back gate entering the palace.

I laid Katika down, laying her on her chest. Her back was turned to me.

"I would be drawing the arrow out of her back," I said and Mei's eyes widened.

"She would lose a lot of blood," Mei said fearfully.

"I would try my best to stop the blood," I said and she nodded.

"Aaron I would need you to carry her to the cave and leave Nikita to do her job. You can come back afterward." I said and he nodded.

"Ready?" I asked and Mei nodded. I pulled out the arrow and blood gushed out in the process.

"Apply pressure," I said to Mei and she quickly placed her two hands on the wound.

I reached for my shirt and removed it. I folded it into a thick bandage and I asked Mei to let go.

I quickly placed the shirt on her back and tied it against her belly.

The cloth began to soak and I looked at Aaron. 

"It's time," I said lifting her and placing her on his back.

"Go with him Mei," I said as they both walked out of the gate. I sighed, picked up the gun, and turned back.

"Time to teach some people a lesson." I thought cocking my gun.

I saw Maya running towards me and I stood in front of her.

"Where do you think you are going?" I asked walking towards her and she began to move back.

"Please don't kill me! My sister is the one that deserves to die." She said and she began to irritate me.

"So after all she did for you today, you still want her dead!" I yelled and she flinched.

"Since she killed Kaleb, I have always wanted her dead. She has her love now and she is happy. But I am not! thank you for killing her." She said and I scoffed.

"No wonder everyone hates you," I said raising my gun and pointing it at her.

"No Arjun! you are not like the others. You are kind, you can't do this." She said moving back and I kept approaching her.

"It's a pity you don't know me," I said looking at the rim of the building. They were on the 3rd floor.

"No Arjun. I know you." She said still moving back. She almost got to the rim so I pretended to pull the trigger and she fell over the wall.

"Oops," I said walking to the rim and I looked down to see her lying on the ground with blood flowing out of her body.

"Rest in peace b**ch," I said walking away. Noises came from every angle of the palace. Niran must be doing a very great job.

I got to where the party was being cleared and I saw Maya's parents on the floor with an arrow in their hearts.

"Wow. Look what we have here," I said and Niran showed up. 

"It took me nothing to finish them up! We got the throne back Arjun! we did it!" He yelled happily hugging me.

"Yes we did! but who would clean up this mess? They should have been the ones to pack the corpses of their dead people." I said pointing to the parents and he smiled.

"I can't be so stupid to let them live. But trust me, I kept some people to take care of that." He said and I smiled.

"Perfect." I declared and he nodded.

"I can't wait to sit on that throne," Niran said and I smiled.

"Congratulations brother," I said and he smiled.

"And Mei?" He asked looking around.

"At the cave already, with Katika," I said and he furrowed his brows.

"Why is katika at the cave?" He asked in anger.

"Cut some slack Niran, Mei played her part well, she deserves to be happy. You are king already, she can do nothing about that." I said and he nodded reluctantly.

Niran walked to the throne and sat on it like the king he is.

"Hail the king of Medan!" I teased and we both Busted into laughter.


Epilogue dropping soon 

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