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The Slave And I - Episode 51



(Can A Prince Fall In Love With A Slave?)

The Slave And I - Episode 51

GENRE : Drama, Romance, Suspense

©️Authoress Ti Fi


It was morning and everyone was still awake, except for Arjun and me.

"We need to carry father's corpses from there. We need to give him a befitting burial." Arjun said to me as we both glared at the rest of us who were sleeping.

"Yes. We should do that now." I responded and we began to walk away when we heard Aaron speak behind us.

"Where are you going without me? You know we are in this together." He said and we looked back.

"We thought you were still asleep, and we didn't want to disturb," I told and he shook his head.

"I wasn't asleep. I have been up all night thinking about last night's incident. And then I remembered the king and queen weren't in the cave. Are they okay?" He asked and I looked at Arjun.

"No. They died." He responded and Aaron's mouth fell open.

"What? how did that even happen!" He asked as we kept walking away from the cave.

"We couldn't save them on time, they were still in the building when we were evacuating. The funniest aspect is that we didn't even remember them on time." I explained and he sighed. 

"Oh, God... That is so bad. Are you two alright?" He asked and I smiled with the corner of my mouth.

"We are cool. It's since last night, we have gotten over it." I said and Arjun nodded. 

Inwardly I noticed Arjun had not gotten over it at all, but we needed to act strong in front of the people. They are looking up to us now.

"So where are we headed now?" Aaron inquired.

"To get father's corpse out of there, and if possible find mother's too," Arjun responded and I looked at him again.

He sounded like he was trying so hard not to burst into tears. 

We kept walking and soon we began to see the smoke from the houses that were destroyed yesterday.

We got to the place and we looked at the buildings with great amusement. It looked more damaged than we thought it would be.

"I can't still get how the fire was so great under that heavy downpour," Aaron said and Arjun approached one of the buildings squatting in front of it.

"They used a flammable liquid." He said sniffing in something he packed from the walls with his finger.

"That doesn't matter anymore. Let's get father's body out of here." I said with vengeance screaming inside of me.

We got to where father laid and we could see his burns. He was burnt, no part of his body escaped the fire. 

Tears filled my eyes as I saw him in that state.

"Who could ever think the great King Maeko would die a shameful death?" I said aloud and tears rolled down Arjun's face.

"Though I hated him because he always acted like a d**k, I am going to miss him so much." Arjun declared In a shaky voice.

Just then we heard footsteps behind us. We looked back to see it was Mei.

"What in the hell are you doing here!" I yelled approaching her.

"Oh My...You are alive! You are alive! Where is Akira?" She asked eagerly and happily.

"You expect us to answer that? you traitor!" Aaron yelled in rage.

"What? I am no traitor! I was never told what Katika was up to." She announced and I sneered. 

"Do we look stupid to you? She is in love with you. She would tell you." Aaron added.

"Believe me! I didn't know. I would have talked her out of the evil act. Why would I even support her to kill you all? My childhood friends are here for crying out loud!" She exclaimed.

"The childhood friend you once betrayed," I said in rage.

"Mei you need to do other things than drive us down memory lane if you want us to believe you," Arjun said.

"Fine! Maya's birthday is coming up in three days." She said and we all were like "So?"

"Don't you get it? This could be our time to fight back." She stated but I just couldn't bring myself to believe it.

"What if this is another trap?" Aaron asked her.

"I swear it's not! Can't you just trust me this one time?"  She asked and Arjun shook his head.

"Not after losing my birth parents on the same night." He said and her eyes widened.

"The King and Queen are dead?" She asked in shock and she began to irritate me.

"Stop pretending and get the hell out of here b**ch," I said walking away.

Aaron and Arjun shook their heads and follow behind me.

"Fine! I would kill katika to show you my loyalty lies here." She said and we all stopped walking abruptly.

"What? You would kill the love of your life to prove your loyalty?" Aaron asked.

"I never loved Katika. She was just there to give me pleasure. She loves me and that makes me her weakness. I can get rid of her easily." She said and we all looked at ourselves speechlessly.

"When do you plan on doing this?" I asked.

"On Maya's birthday! I would get rid of that b**ch." She said with her jaw clenched.

"Fine. Get rid of her, and we would plan the rest." Arjun said and she bobbed.

Her phone rang all of a sudden, and she pulled it out.

"So she uses a phone now." I thought.

"It's Katika." She said picking up and moving the phone towards us.

"Mei where are you? the stroll is taking too long. I feel you are still mad at me for last night." Katika told and we all looked at Mei.

"I would be back soon. I need to grief." Mei responded and we waited impatiently for her response.

"Please be back soon. I miss you already." She said and Mei scoffed silently.

"Will be back soon." She said and hung up the call.

We all looked at each other not knowing what to do or say.

"Do you believe me now? I got angry with her because she never told me her plans and she claims to love me. She apologizes but I can't forgive her. If she told me I would have told you to watch out." She said and I sighed.

"Fine. Before I can trust you again, I need to hear that Katika is dead and you killed her." I declared.

"Deal." She said eagerly and we nodded.

"You should go back to her now. She shouldn't know we are still breathing." Arjun added.

"Got it." She said and turned back. 

She walked away and we all got silent for some minutes sinking the information in.


Oh My...

Mei is going to kill Katika 

This is so hot! 

What should be the best way to kill Katika??

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