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The Slave And I - Episode 40



(Can A Prince Fall In Love With A Slave?)

The Slave And I - Episode 40

GENRE : Drama, Romance, Suspense

©️Authoress Ti Fi 


I opened my eyes and found myself in an entire different place. 

"Where am i?" I asked myself and was about sitting up from the unfamiliar bed when the door opened and Akira walked in.

"Hey." She said with a smile running into my arms gently.

"How are you? Are you okay?" I asked holding her tightly as I felt slight pain at my back.

"I should be asking you that. You have been out for three days now, I have been worriedly sick." She said and I looked around the room .

"Where are we?" I asked and she sighed.

"My town Java." She replied and I furrowed my brows.

"Why are we here?" I further asked remembering the war that sent us out of the palace.

"Because your father has been dethroned, he was sent out of his own Palace, which means he has no power to rule it anymore." She said and I nodded reluctantly.

"That's true. I almost forgot." I said sighing.

"That's it? Aren't you sad?" She asked and I scoffed.

"He got what he deserved Akira. He wasn't a good leader, so he can lose it for all I care." I stated and she stared at me speechlessly.

"How are the others? Niran, Hana,Aaron, Nikita..." I said and she caught me short.

"We are all fine. Aaron is responding to treatments and Hana can't wait for him to open his eyes. Niran has been the man, taking care of almost everything since we got here." She replied and I nodded.

I tried to get up, and she supported me up by holding my hand.

"Can I see around?" I asked.

"Arjun you just woke up. You should be resting, not gallivanting." She said and I shook my head.

"I have been on that bed for three days, I have had enough rest. I need to check on everyone. Especially mother, didn't have her time at all." I said.

"She was rescued with Father. But I can't stop you, so you can go see anyone you want to see." She said and I nodded .

But then, before I left, I noticed something about her. She looked pale.

"What's up with you? Have you been resting?" I asked and she looked at herself.

"Not really, why?" She asked.

"You look Pale, didn't you notice?" I asked and she shook her head.

"No I didn't. Is it that bad?" She asked holding her head in her hand wishing she could see her own face without a mirror.

"It's not that bad. Or maybe it's me." I stated rubbing my eyes and walking to the door. 

She followed behind me and when I got out of the house, I saw how scatter everywhere was. Some houses were demolished already, and some uncompleted. Few where the ones standing.

"What Happened?" I asked furrowing my brows.

"Oh. This was from the time your father came to raid our town, in search of slaves and guards. He did this to this place." She said and I felt so sad.

"I am so sorry about that." I said looking at the house I came out from and I saw it was only one part that was standing. The other part had been destroyed.

Suddenly Akira ran forward and held her tummy bending down.

"Hey are you..." I wasn't able to finish my statement when she began to puke. I moved closer to her in fear rubbing her back careful.

"You need to see a doctor or nurse Akira. Did this just start?" I asked and she shook her head.

"It's been three days, and It won't stop. I get irritated easily." She said and I shook my head In fear.

"You need to see Nikita now." I said and she nodded. She began to walk forward and I followed behind her.

After few minutes, we got to a particular house which was still very complete. It was quite big.

"Almost everyone are here.Nikita is in there with Aaron too." She said and I took the lead and walked in.

As soon as I got in, I saw Niran talking to the men.

"Niran." I called and when he saw me he smiled widely approaching me.

"Look who we have here." He said hugging me and I winced in pain as he touched my back.

"Oh...Sorry." He said and I nodded.

"It's cool." I replied smiling and we both looked at Akira.

"I will be with Nikita. You should talk." She said walking away and I smiled looking at Niran.

"Where is father?" I asked him.

"Another house, with his wife. He isn't himself at all so he doesn't want to be near anyone." He stated and i scoffed.

"He actually deserves what ever is happening to him." I said and Niran nodded.

"He does deserve it but we shouldn't lose that throne to those Bastards." He said and I furrowed my brows.

"And who are those Bastards?" I asked.

"Katika and her father of course. Their family have been after the throne for a very long time, and that's why they came to mingle with us. And finally sending Kaleb, may his soul rest in perfect torment, to finish the task." He said.

"Kaleb is dead?" I asked and he nodded.

"I killed him gladly." He said and I smiled. It was kinda painful I couldn't witness it, but all the same he deserved it.

"What do we do now? We can't stay here forever." I said.

"And who said we are? We are getting back that throne." Niran said and I scoffed.

"How is that possible? They have all weapons and we have nothing." I said and he smiled.

"We won't be needing weapons." He said and I looked at him like he has gone crazy.

"Prince Arjun." I heard Nikita call in a whisper and I rushed back to her with Niran.

"What's that Nikita?" I asked fearfully.

"Akira is pregnant my Prince." She said and my mouth dropped open.

"What?" I asked in shock and she nodded happily.

"She is carrying your baby Arjun." Niran said smiling but there was actually nothing to be happy about.

I walked away with a straight face and I could feel their gaze on me.

"What's wrong with him?" I heard Niran ask. 


What?? What just happened?? 

Am I the only one shocked?? Why isn't he happy??

Who can guess right??

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