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Roommates With The Ceo-Last Chapter




Roommates With The Ceo-Last Chapter

Genre: Romance, Betrayal, Lust S€x

Theme: The Real Derrick

Racheal Dennis.


Claire's POV

I heard the sound of a gun.... Someone has been shot...I fell down and waited for the pain, but felt nothing.

Suddenly I heard someone fall with a loud thud and the person begin to grunts in pain...

I tried to take a look at the person but my eyes suddenly became heavier and I couldn't keep them open, I closed my eyes and let darkness swallow me.


I opened my eyes and closed them back immediately.. everything is so bright... After some minutes I adjusted to the lights.

I looked around me, my mum sat next to me holding my hand, she rests her head on the bed... Dried tear line on her cheeks.

I noticed I'm in a hospital bed... Luckily nothing was fixed in my body... No bandage... No drip... Nothing.

I sat up and tried to remove my mom's hand without waking her up.. but I failed.. my Mom woke up and begin to look at me frantically.

I wanted to say something but my throat felt dry... I reach out for the glass of water next to my bed and took a small gulp.

"Mom?... What happened? Where's Derrick? Is Killian alright?"

" Calm down, Claire. Killian is alright and Derrick is in the police custody"

Phew! At least Derrick is out of the way... I'm happy for that... But why isn't Killian here? Doesn't he wants to see me?.

My mom noticed my sad expression and smiled.

"Claire dear, if you can walk.. can we go over to Killian's? He have a surprise for you at the penthouse"

"But what about the discharge papers?"

" They've been signed... We're just waiting for you to wake up so that we can leave"

Then it dawned on me.... How careless can I be? I touched my stomach as if trying to know if my baby is fine... I forgot to ask about the well being of my baby.

"Easy, Claire. Your baby is perfectly fine.... The doctor said your baby is one of the strongest he's ever seen"

I sighed, relieved.

" So can we go over to Killian's? " She asked.

I nod and stood up with my mom's support... Mom helped me wore my shoes and we head out.


Few minutes later.....

We arrived at the penthouse.... The house was dark, but immediately I stepped in the lights flicked on.

"Welcome home!!" Blared in my ears.

I looked around, Keira... Lucas... Nicole and an older version of Killian, who I guess is his father.. are all here.. they are all wearing smile on their faces.

I looked at Lucas to give me a hint why everyone is here, but he just shrugged and faced Keira, whispering something in her ears... Which made her blush. I narrowed my eyes at them.

"Where's Killian?" I asked no one in particular.

As if on cue... Killian came out of his room... With the most sexy boyish grin I've ever seen. He walked straight to me and placed a kiss on my forehead.

"How are you feeling?" He asks.

"I'm much better"

"Are you feeling pains anywhere?.... Your STOMACH.....?" He emphasis on the word stomach.

Guilt eat me up instantly.... Had I head home that day at the restaurant... He wouldn't have found out about the pregnancy this way.. I opened my mouth to apologise but Killian did something that got me speechless...

He went down on his knees.... Holding out a box with a diamond ring in it... He's looking straight in my eyes. Is he....

"Claire, we've been together for only four months.... But it felt like we've been together all our lives, I know there's been misunderstandings among us... I know many people will say we're not perfect together... But I don't care what they think.. you might even think I'm moving too fast...

I don't care too, with you nothing is too fast... You've made me a better man... And I don't think I'll have my Mom and dad together under the same roof if not you....

What happened to us recently made me realize what I have and made me scared of losing it... Claire, I'm tired of feeling scared... Scared of losing you... I'm not good with cheesy lines like this... Please just be mine completely, Claire.

I want the whole world to know you are mine.... Please marry me... I Know I can't promise you the world but please marry me... I promise I'll always keep you happy... Please marry me"

Killian Knight is proposing to me? Gosh... I never dreamed that a day like this would come, it feels like a dream to me.

"A-are you sure you want to marry me?"

"I've never been so sure... Please Claire, marry me"

I look around, everyone is looking at me expectantly... I looked at my mom... She's nodding at me, giving me thumbs up.

Which makes me wonder....When did Killian win her over?.

I turned my attention back to Killian.. he's looking at me... Begging me with his eyes to say yes.

I opened my mouth but the words couldn't come out... So I nod my head frantically.

"Yes, yes, yes, yes!" I finally gushed out.

Killian puts the ring in my finger and carry me... Twirling us around.

He puts me down and placed a kiss on my lips... The kiss was short but I got his message.. the grin on Killian's face is incomparable. He's smiling like he just won the greatest prize.

"Welcome to the family!" Keira said and engulfed me in a hug. Nicole also embrace... Before she rushed to my mom and embrace her.

"My brother really knows how to select the best of the bests" Keira said.

" Welcome to the family Claire, I hope you can cope with Killian's mood swings" Lucas said and Keira smacked him in his head.

" My brother doesn't have mood swings"

Just then someone cleared their throats...

"Hello, Claire. I'm Eugene, the brats father and you have the right to call me dad starting now"

" Thank you... Sir"

" Dad.. " he corrects me.

" Thank you.. dad" he grins and give me a brief hug.

He went to the middle of the living room and claps his hand to get everyone's attention.

"Nicole and I have something to announce" he gestures for Nicole to go meet him... He puts his arm around her waist. "Nicole and I have decided to start afresh, we are no longer getting a divorce"

" WOW!! " We all yelled. Killian just had a smile on his face... I poked his side and he scorned at me... Playfully.

"This is what I'm talking about! Let's get this party started!!" Lucas yelled and turn on the music. Everyone begin dancing.

I looked around with a big smile... I never knew I'll exchange hello with Killian Knight.... I never dreamed of dating Killian Knight and I never dreamed of being his fiancee... But here I am watching all of it happening.

I think my life is fulfill..... I can never ask for more......

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