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Roommates With The Ceo-Chapter 8




Roommates With The Ceo-Chapter 8

Genre: Romance, Betrayal, Lust S€x

Theme: Wild And Uninhibited

Racheal Dennis.


Claire's POV

"Integrity is something I hold in high regard. I don't care if your app have a billion downloads, what use are you to my company if you had to resort to plagiarism? Do you take us for fools? " Killian said looking at Timothy in disappointment.

I sneak a glance at Timothy, who has his head hung low. Just awhile ago Killian summoned him, Raven, and I into his office.

"You're fired!" Killian roared.

Wow, that's so.... Hot! Wait, what am I thinking?

"Mr Knight, please. I can explain....." Timothy tries to explain but Killian is not getting any of it.

Killian has glowered at me before, but not like this. This is different. Even the usually composed Raven seems shaken. I thank my lucky stars that I'm not at the receiving end of his wrath.

"Security" Killian said as he push button, two burly men enter the office and escort Timothy out in a flash.

"I'm sorry such an incident happened under my supervision" Raven apologized.

" The project shall be terminated. I want a detailed investigation into this matter and I expect a contingency report on my desk first thing tomorrow morning" Killian said.

" Of course. I'll get to it right away" Raven replies and leaves the office, I shift uncomfortably, contemplating the right words to say.

"Why are you still here?"

It evident in his voice that the storm within him was still brewing.

"T-thank you, Mr Knight" I quickly exit his office.

I sat on my desk, immediately Charlotte rushed to me, guilt clearly written all over her face.

"I'm sorry, Claire. This is all my fault"

"It's okay. You didn't mean for it to happen" I told her, after all nobody is above mistakes.

Charlotte throws her arms around me and pulls me in for a hug.

What the....

"Thanks" she said and pulls back shyly.

"What do you think happened back there? Why were they summoned into Mr Knight's office?" Charlotte asked. So didn't she knew I was also summoned into the office too?

"I'm not sure" I replied, she wants to hear everything from my mouth, I won't let her.

"Did they do such a good job with our character that Mr Knight didn't need to hear the rest?"

"it didn't sound that way..."

Just then, Raven exits the office, she walks over to the interns' seating area, her footsteps heavier than normal.

"Timothy has been fired, effective immediately. That is all" Raven announced, but I already knew about it so I'm not shocked.

"Oh my.... Why?!" Charlotte asked.

"It's confidential. Get back to work" Raven ordered and left. Thank God I didn't tell Charlotte what went down there.

"Did you hear that, Claire?" Charlotte asked excited.

"I'm right beside you".

"There's justice in the world after all"

"Yeah....I guess"


Back at the penthouse I speed through my chores before taking a seat on the couch. What time is Killian coming home today? I have so many questions...

One.... Two.... Three hours have passed, Killian still hasn't come back, I waited for him until my eyes became heavier and heavier.

Killian's POV

I entered the penthouse and saw Claire sleeping on the couch.

Why is she asleep outside again?

I remembered yesterday when I came back from work, she was also sleeping on the couch, I had to carry her to her room and keep her notes and sketchbook.

That was how I know Timothy copied her work.

Taking a good look at her now she doesn't look bad, in fact I can call her beautiful. I didn't know I was staring at her untill she opened her eyes. I coughed and clear my throat, I can feel my face warming up.

Claire's POV

I don't know for how long I slept, but my eyes suddenly snap open and I'm greeted by familiar brown ones. It was only for a split second, but Killian seems a little flustered, as if he was caught doing something he should not have done.

"You have a perfectly comfortable bed in there, you know?"

" I was waiting for you" I replied.

" Wait for me?, What for?" He asked.

" About today at the office....." Killian cuts me off.

" Think nothing of it" he said.

" But I want to know more" I argued.

" I fired an incompetent intern that's all there is to it. Nothing more".

" Um..... Then are we back on talking terms now?" I asked him.

" What is that supposed to mean?" He asked me back.

" Well, it's been a while since we actually talked..... Things for heated back then, and I suppose we both needed time to cool down. I was hoping the first project would prove that I'm not after anything"

I look up at him nervously, expecting a reply. But Killian simply cocks his head to the side as if it's he's waiting to hear more.

"You haven't made your decision about me and I've been living every day like it's my last night here. I haven't gotten to unpacking my suitcase in case you do decide to fire me......"

"There's still a second and third project, you know?" He cut off my blabbing.

" What?"

" Sure, you didn't ask for my help for the first project, but who's to say you're not going to ask for it for the second or third" he said.

So he is belittling me.

With a smirk, Killian turns around and walks to his bedroom.

What? That's it? He's going to leave me hanging like that? He still doesn't trust me.

That bastar......

"Unpack" Killian said, I didn't even know when he came back to the living room.

"Huh?" He stops in his tracks and look over his shoulder.

"Stop living out of a suitcase. Unpack your stuff, use the fucking drawers"

" Is that a yes? You're finally okay with me staying here?" I asked happily.

" Three rules. One, never speak of this at work. Two, never enter my room without my permission. Three, I never want to find you under my sheets, naked". He said.

" And if I agree to all that, you'll let me stay?" I asked.

There's no reply. He enters his room and shuts the door behind him.

"I'm taking the silence as a yes!" I called after him, not a peep is heard.

He's okay with it! Killian Knight is actually okay with it! Lucas wasn't kidding about the sheets though.

I looked around the penthouse and smiled, I can finally call this place home.


"You're in a good mood today" Derrick said.

"What can I say? Things are finally looking up" I told him.

" That's great Claire, I was worried about you"

" You were?" I asked.

" Yeah, I mean, aside from the project, you looked like you had a lot in your mind" Derrick reaches out to me...

He cups my face in his warm, gentle hands like it's the most natural thing to do. With his thumb, he brushes the skin under my eye.

"You had an eyelash on your cheek and I hated that I couldn't do anything about it" he said.

He noticed? I guess that's Derrick for you. He may passes off as someone cheeky and playful, but he's sensitive to little details like this.

"That's sweet of you to say" I told him.

I feel my cheeks heating up.

" Ahem" Charlotte cleared her throat. Derick pulls his hands away.

"Are you guys excited for the celebratory dinner tonight? Sure, we were supposed to celebrate the completion of our first project which is on hold indefinitely, and if you as me, a complete disaster. But the snake is gone and the party's still on. I heard everyone from Knight Gaming is invited! I hope Mr Knight is there too" she said.

" Really Charlotte? Am I not enough for you?" Derrick teased her.

" D-derrick, I......well, I mean, you're cute. But let's face it, you obviously have your eye on someone else"

He does? Maybe I should tease him about it.

"Who?" I asked him, wagging my brows.


"Leave the poor boy alone Claire" Charlotte rescued him.

" I think someone is looking for me, see you ladies around" he said, he's obviously lying to escape from me.

Charlotte doubles in laughter.

"So...what are you wearing, Claire?"

It still feels awkward between the two of us, but I appreciate Charlotte is trying to move on from everything.

"I'm going to swing by my apartment to change before I head there"

"Your apartment? Will you make it on time? And where do you live by the way?" She asked.

Killian's warning sounds in my head once again, I can't let her know I live with Killian Knight under the same roof.

"Just..... downtown" I told her.

Time skips

I'm in my room thinking of what to wear.i heard we're having dinner at a classy restaurant, before grabbing drinks at a club. But what should I wear? I've never been to a club before, I guess what I need is something sexy, at least that's what I see most club girls wear.

I picked out a sexy gown and head to the restaurant.


The restaurant is ready packed full of employees from Knight Gaming. I look around and spot the interns seated at the far corner of a long table. As expected, Killian is seated at the head of the table. Everyone seems to be clamouring for his attention.

Just as Derrick waves me over, the person seated next to Killian leaves, but I didn't sit in that vacant chair, I decided to sit next to Derrick.

"I'm so glad you could make it" Derrick whispered in my ear.

The waiter comes over and asked what I'd like to drink.

"Red wine, please" I told him.

"And some orange juice for me" Derrick chips in.

"Orange juice, really?" I asked, he just give me a little wink. And for a while, it felt like there was more than what he's letting on. Before I know it, dinner is served and I tuck in, I'm so darn hungry, thankfully the food served to us is more than delicious.

We didn't spend too much time at the restaurant. Soon we're in the club.

The blaring of loud music welcome me in.

"The music is too loud" I said to Derrick and Charlotte.

" You're in a club babe, what else do you expect" Charlotte said and did an eye roll.

" I can't hear what you guys are saying" Derrick said over the music, his voice really loud so that we can hear him clearly.

"I SAID THE MUSIC IS TOO LOUD" I said more louder.

"I still can't hear you" Derrick said.

Ugh! I guess my voice is too tiny, I give up. The three of us stare at each other in confusion as everyone around us gyrates to the throbbing music that's close to bursting my eardrums.

"It's amazing how wild these prudes can get. When they party, that party hard" Charlotte said.

" Is that Raven grinding?" I points at Raven.

" They look so prim and proper in their suits and ties, but look at them go on the dance floor. I'll go get us something to drink" with that Charlotte disappears into the crowd.

" What do you want to do?" Derrick asked me.

I don't know if it's the wine working, but the word that left my mouth shocked me, yet I couldn't control my actions.

"Let's dance" I grab Derrick's hand and push my way through the crowd and onto the dance floor.

"Claire?" I let go of his hand and give him a wink. Now I'm sure it's the wine working.

I started off slowly, swaying my hips as I try to find the rhythm. But when the bass drops, I find myself dancing in ways I never thought I would. Derrick's glazed expression only encourage me to push those limits.

"Wow" Derrick awed.

It's dark in the club, but I can feel of eyes watching me from a corner. Those eyes were unmistakable. Killian is seated at the VIP booth, surrounded by people, but his eyes are focused on me. I decided to stop right abruptly.

"What's wrong" Derrick asked.

"Nothing, I just need a little break"

"Of course, do you want to go rest for a bit?"

" Sure"

Derrick escort me back to our seats.

" I'm back with more booze" Charlotte returns, she hands Derrick and I a shot each. I accepted it and down it all in one gulp.

If feels just like yesterday when I was drowning my sorrows in alcohol because I was cheated of my savings, but see how far I've gone.

I look up and saw Derrick looking at his shot glass absentmindedly.

"Is something wrong?" I asked him.

"Huh? No, nothing"

"Then what are you waiting for? Drink!" Charlotte urges him.

Derrick hesitate for a bit, before he slams his eyes shut and lifts the shot to his mouth. He sputters it out almost immediately.

"It burns!"

"Oh my gosh, are you okay?" I asked him.

"Of course it burns, haven't you had a shot before" Charlotte mocked him.

Derrick wipes his mouth with the back of his hand.

"Please don't tell me this is your first time taking alcohol" Charlotte said.

" It's...."

I gasp as Derrick falls backwards towards the ground.

" Derrick!" I called.

"He's passed out, quick! Let's take him somewhere less stuffy" Charlotte suggest.

We managed to carry Derrick to the back of the club, he slumps against the wall. He groans.

"Well, that's as far as I am going to help. I'm leaving the chaperone duties to you"

"Wait what do you mean by that?" I asked Charlotte but she's already gone.

" Charlotte!" I called but I know she won't hear me.

"Ugh, I'm so sorry for ruining the fun, Claire" Derrick groaned tiredly.

" Don't say that, we shouldn't have made you drink"

"No, it's my fault. I didn't want to look like a loser in front of you...... You don't deserve this especially when you look so pretty tonight"

" Right"

" Shit, my head is spinning" he complained.

" Let me see if I can find an aspirin somewhere. Stay here" I told him.

" I'll be right here waiting for you"

I head to the front desk to get an aspirin. As I walk along the hallway back to Derrick, I spot one if the senior staffs chatting Derrick up. I connect my inner anthena to hear their conversation.

"You're a cutie. I've had eyes for you since you joined our company" the senior told him.

" Thanks?"

" Want to come over to my place?" She asked.

" Not really.... I'm waiting for my friend" Derrick replied.

" Friend? you mean that just left?" Really?

" Claire wouldn't leave me here alone....."

" I saw her leaving with another guy. Come on you can rest in my bed" she told him.

This girl is really desperate, I've heard enough if her nonsense. I stomp up angrily to the woman.

"What do you think you are doing? He's obviously uncomfortable with your advances" I told her.

" And who are you?" She asked me.

" The friend you saw leaving with another guy" I answered.

"Ugh!!" She walks off hastily.

" Thanks" Derrick said.

"No problem. It's not the first time I've had to deal with creeps like that. But we really need to get you home, Derrick"

" I don't want to ruin your night any longer. I'll get a cab myself" he said.

" What? No! At least let me stay with you until the driver gets here"

" I'll be fine"

Derrick struggles to stand up on his own. He stumbled forward and I catch him just in time.

"Derrick be careful" I warned him.

"Actually, Claire, I have something to tell you......"

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