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Roommates With The Ceo-Chapter 29




Roommates With The Ceo-Chapter 29

Genre: Romance, Betrayal, Lust S€x

Theme: The Real Derrick

Racheal Dennis.


Claire's POV

Honestly speaking.. I'm scared.... Not for myself but for my Mom and my baby...

It's been almost a day... And Killian is not here yet. I don't even know if he'll make it here in time... I raise my hands to see if I can feel them... And fortunately for me I can.

I quickly untie my legs and rushed to my Mom... I help her untie herself. We tiptoe to the door... I turned the knob and it opened.

"Mom... Let's see if we can escape... I can't just sit simply and watch Derrick hurt my baby"

"Right... Enough talking hurry"

We both step out of the room... There's a long dark hallway, standing at the end of the hallway.. are two burly men.

"What to do?" I whispered to my Mom.

My Mom turned to look around.. as if looking for something.... She locked gaze with something and smiled.

I followed her gaze and my eyes land on two flower vase... One's empty and the other has flowers in it. My Mom rushed back in the room and grabbed the flower vases. She hands one to me and held the other one.

We head towards the men.... As quietly as possible.... When we got close enough.. my mom and I exchange looks.. we mentally count down to three... Then we raised the vases and hit it in their heads so hard... They instantly fell down and we smiled satisfactory.

We stepped out of the hallway and arrived at the living room.... Though I am not sure if it's even a living... Cause it's way bigger than a living room. Though there are sofas and a big flat screen TV... But this is not living room looking.

My Mom grab my hand and we begin to strode to the main door.... But we didn't get to reach the door before we heard a cocking of gun.... We stopped dead on our tracks.... My body begin to shiver in fear.

"Well, well, well.... Claire darling, aren't you full of surprises"

My mom and I turned around slowly and my fear increased upon seeing Derrick pointing a gun at me... My stomach to be precise.

Instinctively I wrap my arms around my stomach.... Trying to protect it from Derrick's prying eyes.

"Who knew the sweet, gentle Claire would be this tough.... You were able to knock out my men... WOW! Impressive" he begins to walk down the stairs.. towards me... My mom and I involuntarily taking small steps back.

"Derrick just let my Mom go.... Then I'll marry you" I said.

He lets out a sarcastic laughter and sat on the last step of the stairs... Still pointing his gun at me.

"If I let your mom go, how will she witness our wedding.... How can we get her blessings?"

" Derrick why are you doing this? You were good to me... Why did you changed overnight?" I asked.

"I was never a good man Claire.... The plan was never to hurt you, Claire. My main intentions were to join Knight Gaming and have access to bring Killian Knight down... But you changed everything... You changed my plans. I saw you at Knight Gaming... You're good with people.... You're kind to all and even forgive people who offended you... I slowly fell for you, but you didn't give me any chance, you always reject me Everytime I ask you out and you grew closer to Killian.... I knew long ago that you live in the same house as Killian... I have my men follow you everywhere you go... Claire, I gave you many chances to be with me willingly... But you're so damn adamant... Killian has taken too much from me, right from childhood. I'm just waiting for him to come here and watch me kill his bastard child and take you away from here... I'm not going to lose to him this time"

"So you weren't going to take Killian down, if I had choose you?" I asked him.

He nods... Then his eyes grew darker than before... He's staring at something behind me with so much hatred....

Then suddenly I found myself in his tight grip.... His left hand wrapped around my neck tightly to the extent where it hurts.... His right hand pointing the gun at the person he was looking with so much hate.

My vision become blurry.... But I still managed to keep my eyes open. I shift my gaze to the direction he was looking and I saw.....


He's standing at the door... His eyes red and brimming in rage. He pulled my mom to his side... My mom's shaking in fear with tears running down her cheeks. I managed to squeeze out a weak smile.

He's here! He's finally here!

Killian's POV

Lucas and I arrived at the location....the place is kinda deserted...only one building is standing in the middle of the plains. The building looks like an abandoned mansion.

"The police have surrounded the whole place...the officer said we should go in first, they'll follow behind" Lucas inform me. I nod and head towards the building.

I reached the door and wanted to open it...but I stopped as I heard Derrick's voice....or should I call him Shane.

'I slowly fell for you but you reject me Everytime I ask you out and you grew closer to Killian......I knew Long ago that you live in the same house as Killian...I have my men follow you everywhere you go... Claire, I gave you many chances to be with me willingly....but you're so damn adamant.... Killian has taken too much from me, right from our childhood. I'm just waiting for him to come here and watch me kill his bastard child and take you away from here....I'm not going to lose to him this time'

Then I heard Claire asked him..

'so you weren't going to take Killian down, if I had chosen you?'

That's where I draw the line....I can't let him take Claire away...I need him to tell me how I offended him, I need to know why he wants to take me down.

I pushed the door open and rushed in... I saw Claire and a lady that looks like Claire but a older version....I pulled the lady to my side...but I wasn't quick enough...

Derrick pulled Claire to himself and wrap his hand around her neck. I clenched my jaw and my fist. I pushed the woman to Lucas and begin to inch forward... towards Derrick...my eyes red, anger clouded my vision.

"Stay back or I'll pull the trigger!" I stopped at once when he made move to pull the trigger.

"Derrick! I'm the one you want to take revenge on...I'm here now, let Claire go" I said.

"If I let her go then you win...I won't allow that" he said.

" But we had a deal...I came like we agreed, so you have to let her go"

He laughs and scoffed.

" I just said that so that you can come to me...."

" Why do you want to take revenge on me? Have we met before?" I asked him.

He looks at me with a very bored expression.

"How can you forget about me so soon! Have you also forget what happened....what you did to me in fourth grade?"

He released a dry laugh and continue.

"Killian Knight you were the reason I was sent to a rehab center... Because of you I lost my sanity... You deprived me of my life... All my days that was supposed to be happy days, they were spent in rehab. My birthday days were celebrated in rehab...none of my family members visited me.... that's all because of what you did, Killian Knight!"

Fourth grade? How can I forget it...it was the greatest mistake of my life... But the boy's name wasn't Derrick or Shane.... So how...

"I remember fourth grade...but how did you know about that?"

He laughs bitterly.

"I was Marcus...I was the Marcus whom you made to murder that innocent girl"

I tensed...how come Marcus is Derrick or Shane.

" Surprise..? I have never used my real name... My dad never lets us use our real name...I was Marcus, the boy you made push that innocent girl into the well... My dad and teachers thought I lost my sanity so my dad was advised to send me to a rehab center. I cried, telling them that I was okay but nobody listened to me...so I promised myself, I'll take you down...I promise to start with your company, I want you to feel all the pain I went through"

" Derrick, I didn't make you push that girl, you were already holding her close to the well...you were bullying her... when I arrive at the scene the girl was crying and begging you to stop...all I did was shout out your name to stop, but it was already too late. You pushed her in yourself...my only regret was that...I couldn't save her. Derrick you have always been a psychopath" I said.

I inch forward slowly to grab Claire from him...but he caught my movement.

"Stay back or I promise I'll pull the trigger...I swear"

Just then the cops came in and round him up.

" Drop the weapon" the officer said.

"All of you stay back...or I'll shoot" he said and placed the gun at Claire's stomach.

"Drop the weapon... slowly" the officer repeated.

I don't know what happened...it all happened in a blur...and the next sound I heard was....


And Claire's body dropped to the ground with a thud....my eyes widen.

"Claire!!" The lady next to Lucas shouted...

To Be Continued

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