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Roommates With The Ceo-Chapter 26




Roommates With The Ceo-Chapter 26

Genre: Romance, Betrayal, Lust S€x

Theme: Claire Leave Killian

Racheal Dennis.


Claire's POV

Just when the game begins.... My phone started Ringing. I paused the game and reach out for my phone from the small table next to me. Checking the caller'd ID, I saw it's.....


I drop the phone back and continue playing my game... But the ringing continues none stop... I had no choice but to answer it.


"Hello.. Claire" he said.


"Remember I was asking you out for dinner...?, Well I take that back... How about we do lunch?"

" Why do you wanna have lunch or dinner with me?"

It was silence for some seconds or maybe.... A minute.

"I..I.. Claire, don't read too much into this... I just wanna apologize to you.. face to face"

Hmmm.... Well lunch don't sound bad, after all he wouldn't make any move in front of everyone in the restaurant or Cafe.

"Okay... So when are we having this so called lunch"

"Today... Right now!" He said eagerly.

" Right now?! "

" Yeah, I'll text you the address" he hangs up before I can reject him.

Not long after he ends the call... Sent me the address. I changed into one of my hoodies.. I wore my sneakers and set out.


I arrived at the restaurant before Derrick... I sat at a table on the far corner... From there I can get the perfect view of the restaurant. I ordered for an orange juice.... Normally, I don't like orange juice, I prefer Apple juice... But my taste suddenly changed, if I take the apple juice now.. I'll just throw it all up.

I sip my Orange juice slowly... Then a movement caught my eye. Sitting at two tables from me is Killian... Though he's back is facing me.. but I can still tell it's him... This man sitting in front of me has the same jacket Killian wore this morning... And he combed his hair just like Killian's.. so he's definitely Killian. I wanted to go say hi... But another movement stopped me dead on my tracks.

Sitting opposite Killian is another woman... They both seem to be on a date. The woman looks oddly familiar though... Taking a proper look at her, I remembered where I saw her. She's the same woman who came to Killian's home the second day of my stay there.... She's the woman Killian and I lied to about our relationship.... The same woman that brought Killian and I closer through our lie.

She leans on the table and placed her lips on Killian's lips... They both were kissing passionately... Fighting for dorminance. How can they be so shameless... Doing this in public.

So this is the very important meeting Killian left the house in a hurry for.... To meet with another woman. How can I be so foolish... Foolish enough to fall for Killian's lies... I'm just his lowly intern, there's nothing I can offer him.

I don't know what came over me... I just found myself inching towards them... My feet acting on their own. I stood in front of Killian... With tears brimming in my eyes. Killian looked at me with shocked expression... Like he didn't expect I'll be here.


"No... Enjoy" I told him and left the restaurant before he could say anything.

I forgot about the lunch I'm supposed to have with Derrick.... I just wanted to be alone, so I keep walking.. sometimes running... I don't know where I'm going but I don't care... And I didn't stop.

Derrick's POV

I stood at a corner watching the whole thing play with a satisfied smile on my lips..... Now I have to play the guy who saved the damsel in distress.... Claire will have no choice but to come to me for comfort....

Chloe really did a good job... If only she can keep Killian with her forever... Then my relationship with Claire will never be threatened.

Killian pushed her off him and storms out... Trying to catch up with Claire I guess.... But too bad, I'm not going to let that happen... This is my chance to be with Claire. I run out through the back door... Unfortunately I couldn't find Claire outside..

She just ran out... How come she's not in sight? How could she have run that far?

Anyway... I'm not giving up... I'm going to find her, even if I have to search the whole of San Francisco.

Killian's POV

I arrived at the penthouse and rushed to Claire's room..,..

"Claire? Claire..." No response... I look around the room but she isn't in... Maybe she's inside her bathroom.

I opened the door to her bathroom and check inside,. But she still wasn't there.

I left the room and head back to the living room.... I brought out my phone and dialed her number... But my bad luck cursed me... Her number wasn't going through... Her line wasn't reachable.

Where could she be? She doesn't know anyone or anywhere in San Francisco....

Chloe and I were just having a business lunch.... She's our model for our new RPG character... Suddenly in the middle of our lunch, she crashed her lips on mine.... I was trying so hard to break the kiss... But she wouldn't have any of that. Just when I successfully broke the kiss... That was when Claire walked in... Before I could explain the situation she ran off..

The sound of a thunder clap cut my thoughts.... A flash of lightening followed.... A cold breeze blowing, I can feel it from inside the penthouse.... Looking out the glass window, I saw people running.... Looking for shelter.

I sighed frustrated.... My Claire is out there in this cold breeze....

I shouldn't have gone to this lunch.

Fuck me!!

Claire's POV

I feel the rain pouring down on me.... my clothes completely soaked. The rain mixed with my tears...

I'm shivering from cold but I don't care... I don't want to go back to Killian's home... He must be enjoying himself with that woman... Going back now will be a disturb and besides I don't want to be a relationship destroyer.

I don't know for how long I've under the heavy rain... But I suddenly feel someone wrap their arm around my waist and covered me with an umbrella... I wanted to push him off but I was too weak to... I turned to see his face.. but my eyes were to blurry to make out his face.

I wanted to force my eyes open.... To keep walking.. away from Killian and any man.. but my eyes shut and darkness enveloped me.

I opened my eyes and come face to face with a white ceiling.... My headaches so bad... I looked around me and noticed I'm in a hospital room.

Then everything came rushing back to me.... The lunch with Derrick.... Killian on a date with another woman.... And I walking under the rain. I guess that good Samaritan brought me to this hospital. I tried to sit up... But regretted it instantly when my headache increases... I quickly lay down.

"You're awake" I know that voice... Could it be... I turned to the voice.

" Mom? "

What how long was i out? When did mom arrive at San Francisco?

"You're pregnant!" She said... Looking at me in disappointment.

Oh God! Save my soul.....

To Be Continued

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