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Roommates With The Ceo-Chapter 25




Roommates With The Ceo-Chapter 25

Genre: Romance, Betrayal, Lust S€x

Theme: Killian reflect On His Mistake

Racheal Dennis.


Claire's POV

I strode into the penthouse and head to my room... But Killian rushed in front of me and blocked my path.

"Claire... I'm sorry..."

"Oh?... You are?" I gasped mockingly...

" Yes, I shouldn't have blamed and insulted you... I was just so tired of my parents issues.... I was wrong to blame you, so please forgive me.. I'm so sorry"

So now he's come to his senses... Hmmm, but I still wanna have fun... I'll just play with him a little.

I feign yawn sleepily....

"Oh, Killian... I'm so tired, I need to go to bed now... Can we talk about this tomorrow?"

" Okay" he leans down and wanted to place a kiss on my forehead.. but I took a step back... He frowns..

"Good night, Mr Knight"

I head towards my room... He held me back. I looked at him quizzically.

"Where are you going?" He asks me.

"Obviously my room"

" Have you forgotten so soon"

" What? "

" I said starting yesterday, you'll be sleeping in my room" he said.

" Well... I prefer my bed tonight, so I'll be going to my room"

" But I need you next to me,.. to fall asleep" he whined..

" Improvise"

" How? "

" I don't know... Maybe hug your pillow?" That said.. I pushed myself from him and ran to my room slamming the door.

I fell on my bed and laughed softly as I recall Killian's expression when I told him I'll be sleeping in my room..... He looked like a 6years old whose favorite cookie was taken from him.

I feel my eyes getting heavier until I finally fell asleep...


The next morning......

I got ready for work and open my door to head out.... Immediately I opened my door, I saw Killian standing outside my door... His hand raised.. as if he wanted to knock on the door.

"Good morning, Mr Knig..."

He didn't let me complete my sentence... As he crashes his lips on mine... Kissing my lips softly... But sadly he broke the kiss too soon.

"Don't call me that... No matter how angry I make you, please don't call me Mr Knight... It's always Killian to you, okay?"

As if I lost my senses... I just nod numbly... Wanting his lips back on mine, I guess I miss him.. gosh..

"How I've missed you... I didn't get to kiss you all through yesterday" he said.

" And whose fault was that...?" I raised my eyebrows at him.

"Mine... Claire I'm so sorry.... I promise I won't ever raise my voice at you in the future.... I promise I'll always listen to you carefully... Please forgive me, just this once.. can you?"

Killian is looking at me with a puppy eyes and a quivering lips... He looks kinda cute while doing it.... I almost burst into laughter..

"Killian, that's okay... Let's go to work now"

"You've forgiven me?"

"Yes.. "

He smiled and placed a lingering kiss on my forehead.

"Claire, I'm ready to listen... Please tell me what you wanted say yesterday at the office"

" Now? "

" Yeah"

I glanced at my wrist watch.

" But the time... "

" What about it? " He asked.

" We'll be late for work" I complained... He did an eye roll.

" I'm the boss... Now tell me everything" I nod.

We stepped into the living room and sat on the sofa.... I begin to tell him everything his mother told me... Though his expression shows he's angry, but he never interrupted me... He listened attentively until the end.

"Fucking asshole!" He gritted out.. his fist clenched... "That bastard.... He used this as an opportunity to cheat on his wife and even have the guts to file for a divorce.... What can I do now?"

"How about.... You try talking to your dad?" I suggested.

He gave it a little thought and nods... He grins and pecked my lips.

"You're the best" he said.

"I know... And you're the worst"

"No, I'm not"

"Whatever.. let's go, we're late as it is"

With that we head out....

Killian's POV

Few hours later....

I'm currently in my office.... Thinking of where to meet up with my dad. I don't like going back to that house... The house I grew up in, it holds too many sad memories... But I couldn't find any suitable place to have this talk with him, I have no choice but to go to.... That house.

I picked my car keys and head out.


I arrived at my parents mansion.... I parked my car in the garage and walked to the door.... I rang the doorbell and my dad opened the door.

He's on his boxers... Which means two things... Either he's with another woman or he just woke up... Cause truth be told, my dad is a lazy man.... It's a good thing his father was rich or we've be poor and dying of hunger.

"Killian.... I haven't seen you in a long time, what brings you here"

" Are you going to let me in? " I asked.

" Oh! " He make way for me and I strode in.

As I walk in.... The sad memories of my childhood..... My unhappy childhood... Begin to flash in my mind.... The voice of my parents arguing and promising each other death..... The moaning of other women as my dad bang them.

I quickly put a mental block to keep those memories off my mind. I head to the living room with my dad trailing behind me. I sat on one of the sofas... While my dad sat opposite me.

We begin to stare at each other... Honestly I haven't thought of sitting with my dad like this... More or less of talking to him about something serious like this. I don't even know where to start.

"Son, what brings you here?"

Son? Really? I scoffs.

"Can't I come to my PARENTS' house?" I emphasised on the word parents.

"Yes, yes.. You're always welcome"

I pretend to look around.. as if I'm looking for someone.

"Where's Mom?"

"I don't know and I don't care"

I glared at him.

"It's a good thing you came, now I have the opportunity to tell you about it" he said.

"Tell me about what? " I asked.

He sighs.

" We're having a divorce"

" Does Mom agrees with this?"

He laughed a little.

"Does her opinion even matter?"

"Yes, it does! Dad.. she's the mother of your children... She's been with you all these years, even though you gave her a hard time and made her life a living hell....

Don't think I don't know about the men you ordered to watch her like a hawk.. she's been faithful to you, dad. How can you use that one mistake against her like this? And even use it as an excuse to fool around.... Dad, you've got a grown-ass man as a son.. when will you grow up and handle things like an adult?"

" But she married me because of my money.. how can I forget about that? "

" Dad, that's such a long time ago.... Why dwell in the past, when all it brings is hurt, hatred and betrayal.... Dad please let bygones be bygones... Grandma is gone, we only have us... Filing for divorce? Really?... Dad have a talk with Mom and after that if you still want the divorce... Then I won't stop you... But just know just know that mom loves you.. a lot" I stood up.

" Dad, I have a company to run... I'll leave you to think things through"..

I didn't want for his reply before I head out... To say I'm shocked at myself is an understatement. I never imagined to be under one roof with my dad without having a fight.... I never imagined that I can give advice to my dad about his relationship with my mom. Claire is really something else.... She brings out the best in me.

Claire's POV

Time flies by....as days turns weeks.

These past few weeks things have been going on well with Killian and I....our relationship has become kinda stronger... everyday has been peaceful....apart from me feeling under the weather sometimes... and my taste has changed also, there are some kinds of food that I can eat and sometimes perceiving some kinds of aroma makes me throw.

Killian had being trying to persuade me into going to see the doctor...he even suggested to have his doctor do some random check up for me....but I refused....I don't believe it's that kind of a big deal. My guess is maybe I just got the flu...

Today's Saturday and right now I'm in the penthouse.... Killian left for a very important meeting with one of his clients. I'm done with my chores.... I've got nothing to do, so I decided to play some video games to while away time.

Just when the game started.....my phone began to ring.

I picked it up from the small table next to me and checked the caller.


To Be Continued

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