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Roommates With The Ceo-Chapter 21




Roommates With The Ceo-Chapter 21

Genre: Romance, Betrayal, Lust S€x

Theme: Killian's Mom Visit

Racheal Dennis.


Claire's POV

Later that evening.....

I opened my eyes and found myself in Killian's bed.... His scent lingering on the bed fills my nostrils... I closed my eyes momentarily and take in his scent...

I look around... The room is kinda dark, just the way he likes it.. dark and mysterious. I think it kinda portray his personality... Suddenly my stomach growls loudly, then I look at the small clock placed on the nightstand and a gasp left my mouth..

"10:35pm! Killian!! That bastard didn't even wake me up to eat something... "

I made to get up from the bed and head to the kitchen.... But somethings pulled me back or should I say..... Someone. Killian's arm's firmly wrapped around my waist and his head lays perfectly on my chest... He's sleeping soundly. I poked his cheek but he didn't bulge..

"Stay..." He murmured sleepily. I roll my eyes and move his hand from my waist.. instantly he opened his eyes and plant his lips on mine.. kissing me softly, but my stomach saw that as the perfect opportunity to embarrass me.. it growls loudly, reminding me that I need food.

Killian laughed and my cheeks grew red.. from embarrassment. I pushed him off me and abruptly stood up from the bed.. but I regretted it instantly and fall back on the bed.... I forgot what happened in Killian's office, remembering it now I feel shy.... And the fact that I'm sore down there doesn't help at all.

"Sore?" Killian ask wagging his brows at me teasingly. I picked a pillow and hit him with it.

"Whose fault is that?"

He tilted his head, as if he's deep in thought....

"I remember someone yelling ' Killian... Faster Killian, faster'..... Hmm who was that" he paused and turned to me, I on the other hand was eyeing him.... Furrowing my brows to look tough and fierce.. " oh now I remember.... It was Claire"

I hit him with another pillow..

"Killian!!" He's not helping my embarrassment at all.

He raised his hand in mock surrender

"Okay.. I'll stop. But you were amazing" he wink at me.

I stand up and wanted to move... But I couldn't, the pain rush back. I looked at Killian for help... He shook his head instead.

"Just stay in bed, I'll prepare a warm bath for you.. it'll ease the pain" he head towards the bathroom in his room.

I looked down at what I'm wearing.... It's one of Killian's white T-shirt that stopped just few inches from my butt..... I guess Killian change me into this when he carried me here.

Few moments later.... Killian came out from the bathroom in nothing but a towel hanging dangerously low around his waist.... Making me picture all of him.

Ugh! Claire snap out of.. you're already sore enough.. I shake that picture from my head.

"Claire, the bath is ready" he said and I nod.

He carried me bridal style to the bathroom.

" After your bath... We'll make love again" I looked at him wide eyes.

He'll what? Does he plan to kill me?

" You still wanna have sex with me? Do you wanna cripple me? Wait.... How come you still.... "

" I'm not having sex with you, Claire. With you it's not sex, it's love making... If I wanna have sex, I can pick any pretty girl from the club.... And fuck her senseless"

" Wait, so I'm not pretty? " I asked.

" I... I... I didn't say that, Claire. What I'm saying is.... What I feel for you is so special that I can't refer to us meeting as having sex... Claire you're beautiful.. the most beautiful girl I've ever seen" I smiled mentally.

" Okay I get, now go out I need to bath"

" But... I.. "

" Go" I pushed him out and lock the door.

I stripped off the white T-shirt and step into the bath tub..,. The warm water calmed my nerves instantly. I stayed in the water for some time before I stood up... I look around and saw a new towel hanging on walk. I took it and wrapped it round my body...

I step in the room and saw a clean shirt lying on Killian's bed.... It's another one of his shirts, I guess he wants me to wear it. I picked the shirt and wore it, this one is a bit longer than the first one.

"Killian.." I called but met with no response, my gaze shift to the secret room.

Maybe he's inside...

I wanted to go in and check but I decided against it.... It's best if I eat something first cause I'm so hungry.

I left the room and head towards the kitchen. I entered the kitchen and saw Killian cooking something..... Looking at him cook is so sexy and.... Hot! His muscles all in display... I instinctively lick my lips.

"Are you done staring at me? Or would you like to take a picture? It lasts longer" he laughed.

His back is still facing me... So how did he know I'm staring at him. I scoffed and strode to a stool next to the counter and sat on it.

"I don't need a picture"

"You're right baby, you've got me right here, I'm much handsome in person" he said and kissed my forehead.

He ducks his nose in my neck, like he's.... Smelling me? What is he? A dog?

"You smell so fresh" he said.

"I know"

"Cheeky aren't we?" He turned back to what he's cooking.

" What's that you are cooking? "

" Well... I don't know what else to make since it's already late so I decided... To make pancakes"

" Pancakes for dinner? "

" We have no other choice" he said, flipping the pancake in the pan.

It's true though, it's so late in the night... Yet he is cooking for me, isn't he sweet?

"Wait... How come you know how to cook? You don't look like someone who knows stuff like this".

" Remember how I told you that my grandmother always make me believe that I can have my own happy family? "

I nod.

" Well, she said, to be a good husband I must learn how to cook so that I can support my wife in the kitchen"

Wow! I didn't get to see his grandmother but I believe I would have love her.... She is a very nice woman.

"Your wife will be so lucky to have you" I blunt out before I can stop myself.

Killian looks at me and smiled.

"Yes, you're lucky" he said.

Did he just...? Was he trying to say I'm his....? No that's not possible.... I must be hearing things.

"All done". Killian place a plate of pancakes in front of me and sat next to me.

"Are you not eating?" I asked.

"Yes I am"

"Where's your plate?"

"We're eating from one plate"

I agreed since the pancake is too much for I alone to finish.

After eating.... I offered to do the dishes but Killian didn't let me, he did it himself. I yawn sleepily and tiredly..... I know I just woke up but I can't help feeling sleepy.... Maybe it's because it's night time.

"Alright Killian, I'm off to bed" I head towards my room.... But Killian held my arm and pulled me back.

"Where are you going?"

"To my room"

"Nope! You're coming with me to my room"

" But... "

" No but.. from today onwards, you'll be sleeping in my room... Now let's go"

Killian and I head to his room and retired to bed.

The next morning.....

I left Killian's room before he could wake up and went to my room. I took my bath and got ready for work. I carried my bag and head to the living room to wait for Killian.

Just when I sat in the sofa..... The doorbell rang. I quickly skip to the door.

I opened it and come face to face with a very gorgeous woman.... She looks like she's in her forties but you can hardly tell... She looks much younger.. maybe younger than me..... Just kidding!

"Good mo....." She pushed me out of the way and step in... Hmm, rude much?

Anyway, I followed her in, she viewed everywhere and turned to me..... She assess me from head to toe and did an eye roll.

"Where's Killian?" She asked.

How did she know Killian..... Killian Knight has always keep a low profile.... Even though he's rich... Not everyone knows him in person..

"I asked you a question bitch" I quickly raise my head at the word bitch....

I wanted to give her my comeback but she's far older than me.... My mom didn't teach me to disrespect my elders.

"In his room getting ready for work" I replied instead.

"So you're his new bitch.... I hope you do know that this is just a fling to him?"

Huh? How can she say that about Killian? For the past two months that I've been here, I've come to understand Killian... He's not the kind of person this woman is describing.

"You don't know Killian, you...."

"Oh? I don't?" She chuckled "I know Killian better than anyone... Killian can't love, he can never settle for one girl.... He hasn't done for any girl, so don't think he'll do it for you... Don't think you are anything special to him... He'll just get in your pants and kick you out like he did with the other girls"

I drew the line here, I can't let her say trash about Killian..

" Hey Lady... You might know Killian all his life but I'll never let slander him like that... Even though he'll kick me out after he get in pants it shouldn't matter to you... My business shouldn't bother you cause you don't even know me" I said.

She laughed sarcastically.

" Look at you so young and desperate, you know nothing at all. Listen I'm doing you a favor... If you promise to leave I'll transfer 7million dollars in your account.... But if you choose to stay, I'll have no choice but to do it the hard way" she said.

Hmm, remember I called her gorgeous? I take it back, she is not gorgeous.... She ugly... Just the devil. Why's she so hell bent on making me leave Killian? Well I won't satisfy her...

"I'm not a gold digger... Take your 7million dollars and shove it up your ass"

It's like I've hit the right nerve... She raised her hand to slap me.... I closed my eyes waiting for her hand to land on my cheek.

I heard the loud sound of the slap...I waited for the pain to come, but I felt nothing... nothing at all..no pain. Which means one thing...I wasn't the one who received the slap.

I opened my eyes and saw Killian standing in front of me....his left ear very red....from the slap I guess, he took the slap for me.

The woman looked at him, her eyes widened in surprise.

"Killian?" She gasped quietly.... like she didn't mean to hit him.

"Hello.....mum?" Killian said through gritted teeth.

Mum?.. Sweet baby Jesus!! so this woman is Killian's Mom?

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