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Roommates With The Ceo-Chapter 19




Roommates With The Ceo-Chapter 19

Genre: Romance, Betrayal, Lust S€x

Theme: A Raging Storm

Racheal Dennis.


Claire's POV

I head to Derrick's desk but he isn't there....so I decided to go to the pantry to get some coffee, cause I couldn't sleep a wink last night. I was just too excited since Killian confessed to me....

When I get there, someone pushed me up against the wall roughly and crashes his lips on mine... I struggled with all my strength and managed to push him off me. I slapped him even before I raised my head. Raising my head I come face to face with Derrick. His eyes red and his hair rough, like he's been running his fingers through it.

What is wrong with him? Why did he behave this way with me?

"Derrick? I was looking for you to explain things to you.... But now..."

He crashes his lips on mine again, sucking on it and bitting my lower lip. Kissing Killian is so different, Killian's so addicting but Derrick's just felt so wrong.

I tried to push him away, but I couldn't, his hold this time is too strong..... I just stayed there with tears running down my cheeks helplessly.

"What the fuck!!" I heard Lucas's voice.

Thank God.... Lucas's here.

Derrick's weight that was on me.... Was instantly pulled away. And Lucas landed a punch on his jaw. I winced a little for Derrick. Lucas turned to me and begin to look at me.. all over....making sure if I'm okay.

"Are you okay, Claire?" He asks.


He wipes my lips and I saw a small pinch of blood in his thumb..... Guess I got it from Derrick's kiss.

Derrick stood up...and turned to me.

"Claire, I told you about my feelings the other day, right? I confessed to you. It's so obvious that I love you, everyone can see it. So why are you with Mr Knight today? Tell me, is it because he's the boss? I can be one for you too....or is it because he's handsome? Look at me, I'm way handsome than him.... So why not be, Claire"

I stare at him in disbelief.... This is not the Derrick I used to know.

" Derrick just listen to yourself.... You're calling me a gold digger...."

" I'm not trying to do that, just tell me why were with Mr Knight in his car"

" I told you that he was kind enough to give me a ride... I wasn't feeling too well, so Mr Knight offered to ride me to work" I told him.

He tilted his head thoughtfully....

" Why would he give you a ride when he doesn't know where you live, Claire?"

" He knows where I live because we live in the same....." No, I can't let him know Killian and I live under the same roof.....

"We live in the same neighborhood.... So he offered me a ride"

"You could have called me, I can give you a ride too"

" Derrick, honestly....I owe you no explanation....

but for the sake of our friendship I'm telling you this. Derrick I see you as my friend, my best friend.... We can only ever be friends and nothing more... Listen, I'll pretend like none of this ever happened but please don't let it repeat itself. You'll still be my friend, I'll still regard you as one"

He lets out a dry laugh and shake his head.

" But I don't want to be just your friend"

"Derrick, that's all I can offer you...." I turned to Lucas, he's been quietly but carefully listening. "Lucas.. please don't relate what happened here with anyone, I don't want people gossiping... especially Killian.... please" Lucas nod. I picked my empty coffee mug and head back to my desk to complete the assignment Raven gave me.

Killian's POV

I arrived at Knight Gaming later than I expected, I head straight to my office.

When I stepped in, I saw Lucas and Derrick sitted on the couch waiting for me..... well Lucas sat and Derrick stood. I walked round to my chair and sit down, then I raised my brows at Lucas questionly.

"Welcome Mr Knight, Derrick violated the rules and harassed one of our interns"

What? One of our interns? The first person that come to my mind is Claire. I look at Lucas, he's giving me a knowing look....

"He was forcing himself on her" Lucas said.

"Which of our intern was he harassing?" I asked, even though I know the answer, I still hope it isn't Claire or this son of a bitch is a dead man.



I saw red, just like an electric shock, I stood up from my chair and find myself in front of Derrick, holding his neck in a tight grip. He tries to remove my hand as he gasp for breath... But I'm far stronger than him.

"How dare you motherfucking cunt!!" I roared angrily. I punched him in the nose and that sent him falling to the ground.... Then I kicked his left rib.

"What did you think you were doing? Forcing yourself on a girl? Does that even sound right to you?"

" I wasn't forcing myself, I love her. Don't I have the right to be with her? Why must you come and spoil everything?" He said.

" You love her?" I chuckled roughly. "No you don't love her! If you did love her, you wouldn't have force yourself on her, you would've let her make her decision. You wanted to know why Claire got out from my car right? Well here's the deal, Claire is my girlfriend, we live in the same apartment and we share the same bed. Now listen to me. Claire is mine.... there's no place for you in her heart. Only I will dominate her, she's made for me and me alone!!" I hissed at him...

"Really? Cause I've got a taste of her sweet, addicting lips and I promise you have her all to myself in your face. I'll..." I didn't let him finish his sentence as I punched him straight in the mouth.

I'm so damn angry that I don't even know what to do with this fucker.

"Derrick go now and empty your desk, your internship is over. YOU'RE FIRED!!"

I walked my chair and slumps onto it.

" Lucas send him out"

"Yes sir"

Lucas pulled him up roughly and drags him out.... I rub my forehead in frustration. Derrick kinda made it easy for me....now he's out of the way I can be with Claire...

Just thinking about it brought a bright smile to my face and joy unspeakable fills my heart.

Just then Lucas came back in and sits on the chair opposite me.

"So about Claire being your girlfriend, is that true?"

" She haven't said yes, but I'll make her say yes very soon" I replied. Even if I have to crawl and beg her to say yes, I'll do it.

" Oh? Someone is in love"

"Yeah, I'm so deeply in love with Claire" I smiled.

Claire's POV

I'm back in my desk... Trying to divert my thoughts from Derrick's strange behavior today, by completing all the assignments Raven gave me.....but it doesn't seem to work.

Derrick has been my friend for some time now and he doesn't seem like a bad person.... So what came over him today?

"Claire?" Charlotte called me, I turned to give her my attention... Maybe talking to her will get my mind off Derrick's thought.

"Do you have any idea what happened in Mr Knight's office?"

"No? Why are you asking?" I frown in confusion, did she know about the Derrick thing? If she knows then everyone else has know it too.

"Since Derrick came back from Mr Knight's office, he's been grumpy and he's clearing up his desk.... Or was he fired?"

" Clearing his desk?"

" Yes" she replied.

Why would Killian fire Derrick? Wait....oh my gosh...he must have heard about what the Derrick thing. But how did he managed to know about it? Then it clicked in my head...... Lucas told him.

I quickly stood up from my chair and head towards Derrick. He was really packing up his stuffs.

"Derrick, what are you doing?"

He just look at me for a split second and continue packing. I held his wrist to stop him, but he withdrew his hand as if my touch burned him.

"Why are you packing up?"

"Go and ask your boyfriend" he replied curtly.

"Derrick I..."

" Claire... I really do love, please come with me. I promise I'll make you happy, together we can build our own empire" he said, he tries to give me a smile but winced. That's when I noticed the shape of his face, his face is completely disfigured, punch marks all over his jawline.

Killian went too far, how can he fire Derrick after beating him up so hard.

"Derrick wait for me, I'm going to settle some scores"

I marched to Killian's office and step in without knocking, he can fire me for that I don't care.

"Killian Knight how dare you!!" I roared as I entered the office. Killian raised his head from the file he was going through.

"What the hell did you do Killian?" I asked angrily. Instead replying me, he just stared.... smiling cheekily.

"Answer me!!"

Just at that moment I heard someone clearing their throats.....I turned and saw two men in business suits sitting in front of Killian.....oh no! This must be the men Raven told us were coming! They must have come to sign the contract!....wh

at have I done? Killian is so going to fire me and kick me out of his apartment. O boy!

"Sorry gentlemen, my girlfriend didn't expect you'd be here" Killian apologize to them.

Wait.....I'm his what now?

Then Killian turns to me with a smile.

"Baby let's take this matter home, we'll talk about later, please?"

No, I can't stay here, I'm too embarrassed. I nod my head frantically and quickly left from there.....

I head back to Derrick's desk but he's already gone......I sigh, guess I can't help him.

Derrick's POV

I know my approach was wrong.,..but I couldn't bear the sight of them together. I saw Claire first....I should be the one to be with her.

I step out of Knight Gaming, waiting for a cab to come by.... when a lady came to me. Though she has an innocent look and have the perfect smile, there's something about her that felt wrong.

"Giving up already?" She asked me.

"Who are you and what are you talking about?"

She chuckled softly.

" Who I am doesn't matter. Just know I'm here to help you get her"


"I'm here to help you get Claire" she said.

" What's in for you?"

" You want Claire and I want Killian..... it's a win-win situation"

I think about, I can use some help if I want Claire as soon as possible. I nod.


"Good, here....give me your number, I'll call you when I'm done with the plan" she gave me her phone.....I typed my number in.

"So we have a deal?"

"Yeah" I replied and without another word, she left.

I turned to look at Knight Gaming for the last time. KILLIAN KNIGHT better watch out for me........

To be Continued.....

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