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Roommates With The Ceo-Chapter 18




Roommates With The Ceo-Chapter 18

Genre: Romance, Betrayal, Lust S€x

Theme: Sick Claire

Racheal Dennis.


Claire's POV

"Did you just get out of Mr Knight's car?"

Oh boy! Derrick's looking at me with a broken expression, like I just broke his heart.

"Derrick is not what you think"

"It's not? Then why did I just see you come out from his car? "

He looks directly in my eyes as if searching for something.

"Mr Knight was just kind enough to give me a ride"

He set his lips on thin lines studying me, I don't know if my eyes are deceiving me, but I think he's looking at me accusingly.

Hurt flashed across his eyes.

"I was..."

"Claire, I'm late. Not all of us are favoured by Mr Knight" without saying another word he left.

I turned, but come face to face with a hard chest. When did he get out of the car?

I raised my head to look at Killian, but he's already looking at me with a smirk.

"I told you someone will see us but you didn't listen, now Derrick is angry"

" Why would you care if he's angry? I'm the one you should care about not him"

" And why is that? " I asked.

" For one, I'm your boyfriend... "

" What? "

" Well... Uh... Sort of. I know I'll be" he said.

I turn to chase after Derrick but Killian held my wrist.

"I'm going to explain..."

"You're not going to explain anything to him. Forget about him, he's just your friend, right? "

I removed my wrist from his grip.

" All the more reason I should explain to him, I don't think he sees me as just a friend. I need to make it clear to him, I don't want to give him high hopes"

I immediately head to the direction Derrick went without waiting for Killian's reaction.

Killian's POV

That son of a bitch, always spoiling my time with Claire. I kicked the dust angrily. I'll look for way to get him out of the picture or I'll never get a chance with Claire.

I don't know how or why, but Claire already got me wrapped around her little finger. I can't stay two minutes without taking a glance at her, she is always on my mind, invading my thoughts. Everything about her got me falling hard, her scent, her smile and her taste, so addicting. I remember the first time we kissed, I thought if I avoid her, I'll be able to forget about the kiss. But I was so damn wrong, the more I avoid her, the more I want her. Fuck! Just thinking about her makes my pants tightened from my d**k's hardness.

Claire, makes me feel things I never thought I'd feel. She makes me want to believe my grandmother's classic romantic films. Claire is just like an angel sent from heaven to set my path right.

Though she's one tough girl, but she's kind. She even wanted to take the fall for my wilful sister and went inside the rain to find the shard of my grandmother hand written note in it, she got sick because of me, just so I won't get up set. Claire is my Jewel and I won't let that lame-ass intern take her away. I must get rid of him.

I entered my car and drove straight to Knight Gaming.

Claire's POV

I head straight to Derrick's desk, but he isn't there. So I decided to go to the pantry to get some coffee, cause I didn't sleep well last night.

Getting there, someone pushed me up against the wall and crashes his lips on mine. I struggle and managed to pushed him off me. I slapped him even before I raised my head.

I come face to face with Derrick. What is wrong with him? Why is he behaving strange?

"Derrick? I want to explain things to you, but now..."

He crashes his lips on mine again, cutting me off. I tried to pushed him off but he's too strong, he begin to explore my mouth, while tears flow from my eyes helplessly.

"What the fuck!!" I heard Lucas's voice.

Thank God, Lucas is here...

To be continued....

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