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Roommates With The Ceo-Chapter 15




Roommates With The Ceo-Chapter 15

Genre: Romance, Betrayal, Lust S€x

Theme: Stubborn Keira

Racheal Dennis.


The next day......

"I can't believe my brother is working even on Sundays. That's why he's the rich one" Keira said.

I'm vacuuming the floor as Keira lounges on the couch and surfs through the channels on the television.

It seems Keira is staying here for a few more days....I wonder what she's doing here anyway.

"What are you doing in town?" I asks her.

"Well, I have a tendency to hop around towns and cities for a while. Unfortunately for me, I ran out of cash. So here I am, in the comfort of my rich brother"

Hm, not only is she willful, she's kinda spoiled too...

"Are you good at video games, Claire?"

"Of course"

"Right. You're an intern at my brother's gaming company after all. Scandalous much. But can you teach me how to play them?" She asked me.

" Maybe another time" I replied her. I can't say for sure if I'm comfortable with her around, to me she smells like trouble.

"Sure! Hey! Do you want to catch a movie together?" She asked.

Gosh, can't she get a hint.

" Erm...I don't think there are any good movies out lately..."

"Actually, I meant from my brother's secret stash of Romantic films" she said.

" You know about that?"

" He's my brother, what do you think?"

Keira stands up from the couch and marches over to Killian's room.

" Wait!" I called out and follow her.

Keira saunters towards the door to the secret room as if she owns the place.

"I really don't think you should be entering that place" I told her.

" Nonsense. It'll be fine".

Keira turns the knob to the secret room and it opened.

"Huh.... it's unlocked for you?" She muttered under her breath.

"What's that?" I asked.

"It's nothing" she replied.

"I don't think he'll like it if we touch anything"

She steps into the room and disappears behind the shelves of films. I hesitate outside.

I've been in the room a couple of times since Killian give me the all clear, but even then, I'm out of there once I'm done cleaning what I have to. It always felt wrong to stay inside for some reason.

"What are you waiting for? Come in!" Keira reaches out and pulls me in.

"Don't you think it's kinda lame for a grown-ass man to have a collection like this?" She asked.

I draw a line there.

Keira is definitely coming out as a bratty, immature sister right now. And that's inspire of Killian's love for her...he gave up his bloody bed for her. How can she talk about her brother like that?

"How dare you talk about your brother like that? After all he's done for you? And as his sister, shouldn't you know him more than anyone?" I scolded her.

" I do know why actually. I'm surprised you don't" she said.

And just for that split second, I thought I detected a hint of smugness in her tone.

"What should we watch?" She asked.

I stifle a gasp as she pull a DVD from the shelf.

" The engagement? Oh, oh, When Hobby met Sammy!" She said

" I really think you should put that back..." I told her.

I reach for the DVD.

" Give that to me" but the stubborn Keira doesn't let go of it.

"No!" She said.

Both of us tug at the DVD, neither willing to let go of it.

"Ugh! Fine! You can have it"Keira shoved the DVD towards me.

I lose my balance and the DVD slips out if my hand. With both my jaw agape, everything happens in slow motion as the DVD falls to the ground and breaks into two.

"No, no, no, no. what have we done?" Keira gasp.

"You mean, what have you done?"

"Shit! Killian is going to kill me. What do we do now? Killian can't find out about this. He's still helping me pay my debts.." Keira lamented, she is just too much.

" This is all on you" I told her.

" Please don't tell Killian that I did this, he's going to hate me forever. He's the only family I have left....".

If there is anything I learned about Keira, it's that she wears her heart on her sleeves. Though it's for the wrong reason, but she's genuinely upset.

As wilful as she maybe, she reminds me a little of myself When I first moved to the city without my family's approval a good no one to depend on. I shudder to think how my life would have turned out had I not met Killian.

He does love his sister... and he's already so stressed about the launch. I have to help her.

"You're going to owe me one. And we're going to do something about this." I told her.

I picked up the broken DVD and flip it around to examine it.

"We'll have to replace it with another one"

"Let's split up and search the DVD stores in the area" Keira suggest.

I take out my phone to search but I received a call instead.

Great, Derrick is calling.

*Call conversation*

D:- hey Claire, are you free today?

Me:- N-no.

D:- Are you okay? You sound off.

Me:- Sorry Derrick, but it's an emergency...I'm looking for a 'When Hobby met Sammy' DVD. It's a life and death matter. Almost.

D:- ' When Hobby met Sammy' DVD huh, my uncle happened to own an vintage DVD store, I can take you there. I'm sure he has one in his store.

Me:- It's okay, I'll search for one myself.

I hang up and begin my quest to track down ' when Hobby met Sammy' DVD. Unfortunately, I found nothing.

I decided to head back to the apartment, I hold my breath as I step into the room, praying hard that Killian isn't home yet.

The lights are still off.... Which means the coast is clear.

"Keira, I'm back" I called out for Keira, but there's no reply. I guess she isn't home yet.. is she still looking for it?

My last few calls and texts to her went unanswered.

That's strange.

I decided to text her again and waited for a few minutes, still no reply. All it a sudden, there's a string of texts from Keira.

Keira:- Hey Claire, by the time you see these texts, I'm already probably out of town.

I tried looking for the DVD but I couldn't find it anywhere.

I'm sorry but I just can't risk it.

I have to leave before Killian finds out. I've already thrown the broken DVD out, hopefully, he won't realize it...

Even if he does, I hope he'll simmer down the next time we meet. But I beg you to cover this up for me. Make it an accident, pretend you have no knowledge of it, anything, but please, please don't tell him it was me.

Ugh, that girl will be the death of me!.

I head to Killian's secret room. There's a glaring empty space among the DVDs on the shelf. It's impossible for Killian to miss it.

Maybe I should try to arrange it in a way he won't notice that something is missing from there. I try to shuffle the DVDs around.

"Claire? What are you doing?!"

That's Killian, I'm dead....!!

To be Continued 

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