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Roommates With The Ceo-Chapter 12




Roommates With The Ceo-Chapter 12

Genre: Romance, Betrayal, Lust S€x

Theme: Answers

Racheal Dennis.


Claire's POV

Suddenly, a loud bang draws my attention.

"Just what are the two of you doing in here?"


"Good m-morning, Mr Knight" Derrick stands up from his chair.

I wonder what got Killian so riled up this morning?

"Is something wrong, Mr Knight?" I asked.

"Yes! Something is very wrong" he replied harshly.

"What brings you to the pantry this morning?" Derrick asked.

"This is my company. I don't believe I need to give you a reason to be here"

" I didn't mean it that way sir... " Derrick tries to explain.

" What are you doing?" Killian emphasis on each word as his eyes dart between Derrick and I accusingly.

What's wrong with him? Why does it feel like I got caught doing something wrong?

And then I see it. The hurt in Killian's eyes as he looks at me. Wait a second.... Is Killian.... Jealous?

"It's not what it looks like Mr Knight" Derrick explained.

"Get back to work and stop flirting" with that Killian marches out of the pantry.

" Crap. Did he think we were fooling around? Don't worry, Claire. I'll catch up to him and explain everything" Derrick said, I just nod my head.

Killian's POV

That bastard! How dare he flirt with Claire? I March to my office and slams the door shut.

"You're back, where's the coffee you wanted to get?" Lucas asked me.

" Right. I forgot about it" I replied.

" Huh? You walked all the way to the pantry, but you forgot about the coffee?"

I slumps myself into my chair and slams my empty coffee mug on my desk.

"I mean, I offered to get it for you, but you strangely insisted on getting it yourself"

" I needed a break" I said.

" From what? " He asked me.

" From think.... "

" About? "

About my feelings for Claire, I wanted to yell. I groaned and loosen my neck tie in frustration.

"Don't mind me for saying this, but you haven't been yourself lately"

"I know" Claire is always on my mind, she's driving me crazy. "What the fuck is wrong with me? "

" Well, it's a first.... But are you nervous about the upcoming launch? " Lucas asked.

" I wish it was about the launch, Lucas? "

" Yeah"

" Do you know if Claire is dating anyone? " I asked him, he looked at me shocked, even I, am shocked too.

Claire's POV

After Killian marches from the pantry, I too decide to go back to my desk to complete the assignment Raven gave to me.

"Good morning Claire" Lucas greet me. This is rare, what is he doing here?

"Lucas, there something you need?"

"I need answers, what happened between you and Killian the other night? After I left you in his limo"

Oh no, not this again, I'm so embarrassed thinking about it.

"Nothing happened" I lied.

"Really? Then how do you explain what happened in his office just now?"

" What happened? Is he hurt?" I asked.

He shook his head, then tell me what transpired in Killian's office after he returns from the pantry.

"Then he asked if you have a boyfriend" Lucas concluded.

"He asked that?"

" Yes. He asked that" he replied.

But why would Killian asked that?

" Why did he ask you that?" I asked.

" That's why I marched over here right away, I thought you'd have the answer" he said.

" Well, I don't know...." I trail off thoughtfully.

Lucas look over to Derrick's table.

"You know, he also asked if there's anything going on between you and Derrick" he said.

" There's nothing between us" I replied.

" I see" he smiles, " I think I got my answer, I'll be on my way to report my findings to my boss now" he said and runs off.

" Wait" I wanted to chase after him but Charlotte got in my way.

" Claire, Raven is asking all the interns to gather in the meeting room now!" She said.

Shucks but Lucas.......

" It's about our next project" she added.

"Coming!" I'll have to ask Lucas more about it another time.

I make my way to the meeting room.

"Thank you for gathering here today, interns. It's unfortunate how the first project turned out, but it's time to move on. This time, you'll each be assigned to different departments to prepare for the launch of our upcoming RPG, A Knight's Honor. Claire, Derrick and Charlotte, you three will be joining the publicity team" Raven announced.

The publicity team? Awesome!.

" Looks like it's just us again" I said to Charlotte.

" Ah, I was really hoping it would just be me and Derrick....." Charlotte mumbled but I heard her.

" Say what now?" I asked.

"I mean, it's awesome to have you around too Claire" she feign happiness.


The three of us walk to the publicity office and a man from the team join us. From the ID card hanging around his neck, I know that his name is Jake.

"Welcome to the publicity team, our objective is to create as much hype for the game as possible. In fact, we have a photoshoot schedule for a promotional piece today. Follow me" Jake said " we have models coming in today to dress up as the characters from the game"

Jake's phone rings " Excuse me for a sec..." He picks up the call.

" What do you mean she can't make it? Who's going to model for us then? The photographers are here! Everything is already set up!" Jake barks into the phone angrily, he hangs up the phone.

" Did we hear that correctly? The model can't make it?" Charlotte asked.

"Yes. And she's supposed to model for the lead female character" Jake said.

" The princess? After all, a knight Honor takes a spin on the classic Knight setting out on quest to rescue the princess.." Derrick chips in.

" That's right.....what should we do now?" Jake grumbles.

" What if we try..... searching a replacement?" I suggested.

" That's a great idea, I have to make some calls.." Jake busies himself on his phone.

A moment later he turns to us.

" None of the agencies have a model that's suitable for the role" he announced.

" Hmmm, what if we had someone who's here to replace her?" Derrick asked.

" Me?" Charlotte jumped forward.

"No, I was thinking Claire" he replied with a smile then wink at me.

" Claire? That's a great idea!" Jake cuts in.


"Yeah! You definitely have the girl next door look that the princess has. Please help us out with this, the costume is in the back" Jake explain to me giving me a puppy eyes and that melts my heart.


I went to the back and change into one of the costumes.

"What about this?" I asked when I came back in the studio.

" Wow" Derrick awed.

" Oh..." Jake said. Suddenly very aware of how everyone has their eyes on me.

"It's like the dress was made for you!" Charlotte exclaimed.

" Really?"

I couldn't believe how good I look in itthe first time I saw myself in the mirror either. The dress is hugging in places where it brings out my curves. It shows enough skin, but it's not overly sexy at the same time.

I'm feeling rather confident in this. I flipped my hair.

"You have to wear this and model for us, you'll be doing the whole department a favor. Plus I hear Mr Knight is coming later to check on the photoshoot as well"

What? Killian is coming? No, I can't do this. But... This is part of my job.

" S-sure, I'd love to"

"Thank you" Jake said.

I start off awkwardly in front of the camera, but I'm soon comfortable to do a couple poses.

This is easier than I thought.

Just then, Killian strides into the studio, carrying his usual confident Aura. But his steps falters when his eyes met mine.

"What's wrong? Why are we stoping?" I heard Lucas ask Killian.

Lucas follows his gaze and spots me in the dress, I wave awkwardly at him.

"Oh, wow. She's beautiful" Lucas said out loud and I saw Killian elbows him in the ribs.

" What.... did I say something wrong?" Lucas whined. I sniffles a laugh.

" N-no...but...." Killian couldn't find the right words.

" Mr Knight! How nice of you to join us! I can assure you that today's shoot is going smoothly" Jake told him.

" Really? Why is our intern modelling, then" Lucas asked.

"Oh, that's because one of our models cancelled on us. But it's for the better. She looks amazing!"

" What do you think Mr Knight?" Lucas asked Killian.

" She's perfect" he said instantly.

My stomach does a little flip. At that moment, it feel as if there's just the two of us.

"But..." Killian takes off his jacket as he walks over to me. He wrap his jacket around me. "I think that's enough for today"

He leans in close enough so only I can hear.

" I don't like how everyone is staring at you" he said into my ear.

Time skips

It's the end of the day..... I'm ready to go home when Derrick came to me.

"Hey Claire, do you have plans for tonight?" He asked me.

"Nope. Just heading home to do some chores" I replied. "It's going to be pretty chill night"

"Oh, I was wondering...if you would like to have dinner with me?"

" Are the other interns coming along, too?"

"No. It'll just be the two of us...like a date" he said.

" A date?" Derrick nods his head shyly.

" Wow, I just....." Derrick's phone ringing interrupts me.

"Just give me a second, I have to take this call" he excused himself to receive the call.

" Sure"

Derrick is asking me out on a date? Just then Killian came.


"Mr Knight? Is something the matter?"

"Are you heading home already?" He asked.

I can't help but feel tickled at the mention of 'home'. It's a secret between us.

It'll be fun to tease him about it.

"Are you heading home too Mr Knight? I think I've seen you around my neighborhood"

" Actually, I was wondering if you'd like to have dinner with me tonight?"

" What?"

" There's something I have to tell you"

" Um, just to be clear...are we having dinner as Mr Knight and his intern, or the house owner and the housekeeper?" I asked.

" Neither. We're having dinner as Killian and Claire" he answered.

Right on cue, Derrick comes back.

"Oh, hey, Mr Knight you are here too" the Derrick turned to me.

"Sorry, Claire, but going to have to take a rain check. Something cropped up, we'll have dinner another time, alright? I promise".

What happened? I hope all is well.

" Is everything okay?" I asked him.

" Yup! Don't worry about it. I'll see you tomorrow" he dashes off.

I really hope everything is alright with him, he looked a little tensed.

Just then I hear someone clear his throat behind me.

"Oh, Killian, I forgot you were there...."

"Seriously? Am I that forgettable?" He asks.

" Well.."

" So the other intern asked you out for dinner too, huh"

He seems a little annoyed by that, how should I respond to him?.

" Yeah, he asked me out on a date. If you haven't noticed, I'm kinda popular!" I wink at him.

He clenched his jaw.

" Yes, I learned about it the hard way this morning. Well, I can assure that where I'm about to take you would be leaps and bounds better than wherever he had planned. Do dinner?" He asked.

Hmmm, Killian Knight is asking me out for dinner. Should I go with him?.

To be Continued...

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