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Roommates With The Ceo-Chapter 10




Roommates With The Ceo-Chapter 10

Genre: Romance, Betrayal, Lust S€x

Theme: A Mistake

Racheal Dennis.


I haul myself into my room and try to do some work to take my mind off everything. A while later I heard a knock on the door.

Uh oh

I shuffle unwillingly to open the door, sure enough, Killian is standing by the door.

"About last night....." He started, no I'm too embarrassed to talk about it, I'd best pretend I don't remember a thing.

"What happened last night? I don't remember a thing" I feign memory loss.

"Last night was a mistake" he said. I feel myself freeze up.


"I crossed a line.... I'm sorry. Rest assured that it'll never happen again" he said.

" Okay" that good, right? I was worried last night would complicate things, but it seems Killian isn't too bothered by it.

One thing led to another.... We simply got carried away last night. It meant nothing. So why does my heart feel so heavy?.

"I'll be staying in today, so I'll keep my room unlocked. It's been a while since we're changed" he said.

Yeah, that's right, I'm just his housekeeper.

" What about that room? Should I tidy up in there too?"

"That's still out of bounds to you" he left.

A housekeeper that he still doesn't trust completely.... What was I expecting?.

"A mistake.... That's all I am to him, huh?"

Just then I received a message on my phone, it's from Derrick.

Derrick:- Morning Claire, I hope you got home fine last night:) also thanks for taking care of me.

Me:- Anytime, drunk Derrick is a cutie.

Derrick:- Damn. I was hoping you would see that side of me.

Me:- Oops

Derrick:- Last night was fun, we should do it some other time again.

At least last night wasn't a mistake to Derrick... I keep my phone in my back pocket.

"Alright Claire, snap out of it. What is wrong with you, chores. Let's get started on those chores! I should probably start with my laundry" I said to myself out loud.

By the time I'm done picking out all my dirty clothes, I'm left with nothing but an oversized tee-shirt. It barely covers my butt..... But if watching romantic movies have taught me anything, it's that this is the perfect outfit to drive men crazy.

I doubt Killian would be immune to this. It's too much.

I decided to put on my cleanest dirty outfit.

Tidying Killian's room is literally no chores for me, but there's a glaring distraction that seems to call to me like a siren.... That locked door. I wonder if I'll ever get in there again.....

Killian is seated on the couch with a controller in his hand. He seems absorbed in whatever is playing on his flat screen TV. I'm used to seeing Killian in business suits, but today, he's wearing a hoodie and a pair of sweat pants. Even his hair seems more tousled than normal.

Why does he look cuter than normal.

A loud bang capture my attention and I turned to look at the screen.

"Is that ' enchantress of the night? ' that game is only slates to be released next summer! How...." I trail off.

" Oh?, You've heard of it?" Killian asked, he hits paused and turn to face me.

"Of course, I was a huge fan of 'echantress of the Day' I've only been waiting for the sequel since Forever" he eyes me curiously.

" It's one of the rarer RPG games that features a strong female lead whose armour isn't, well, a bra. The developers actually nailed it for this one! I've watched every teaser and read every discussion on the forum! Did you hear how they turned a glitch in the game into an actual quest feature?" I gushed.

" No I did not. I had Lucas get his hands on an early pre-release. I am the CEO of a gaming company after all. It's fundamental that I know what the latest gaming trends are" Killian said.

" Of course"

" You weren't lying when you said you love video games on your resume"

" You read my resume?" I asked, surprised.

" Well, I don't normally meddle in the selection of interns, but I got... Curious. I requested a copy when I learned if our unexpected arrangement. The way you portrayed video games and your passion for them.... It's admirable. I see why Raven hired you"

Wait a sec...... Is Killian praising me?

" But talk is cheap, I'd like to see just how good you are at them. 'Enchantress of the Night' does boast a two-player campaign... One of the other reasons why I admire the hard work put in it by the developer. No one has ever beaten me at a video game before" he said.

" What do you know? No one has ever beaten me either" I told him.

" Shall we change that today?"

" Are you challenging me?, I'll pass for now. Enjoy the game"

I decided to spend some time studying other games trends. I'm so absorbed in it that I don't realize how many hours have passed....

Someone knocks on my door. I opened the door and come face to face with Killian.

"Um.... Have you had dinner? I ordered some takeouts". As if on cue, my stomach growls.

He ordered for me? That's unexpectedly thoughtful of him.

"Don't mind if I do" I replied.


At the dinning room.

" Did you enjoy 'echantress of the Night?' I asked him.

" It was remarkable. I definitely see the potential in the game. I'll have to be on my toes if I hope to keep Knight Gaming at the top"

"Is that why you choose to spend your Saturday cooped up at your home playing video games? "

There's an awkward silence as Killian seems to ponder my words.

Crap! Now that I think about it, I sound just like my mother.

"S-sorry, I don't mean that to come of wrong....... I......."

"No, you're right" he cuts me off. "I'd much rather spend my time playing video games actually. I guess that's why I got dumped"

"It's her loss" I said.

Killian smirked.

" You, on the other hand, just spent an entire day in your room"

"I spent the entire day researching the latest gaming trends" I defended myself.


"I guess we're just similar in some ways"

" That's a first..... I've never met anyone quite like me" Killian mused.

" Well, I don't have a secret room full of classic romantic films" I joked. Killian furrows his brows.

Uh oh.

Me and my big mouth! Must I always take it one step too far?

"So, which one is your favorite?" I asked to ease the tension.

Killian seems hesitate to reply. Oh, great Claire. You've done it this time.

"I... I love classic films too. When I'm not playing video games, I'm watching one of them with a popcorn bowl in one hand" I said. "I get it.... CEO of a big Gaming company... Must keep up a cool image... Hence the films are kept hidden away. But you done have to feel ashamed of it. You shouldn't have to"

"Thank you. And thank you for holding up to your end of the deal" he said.

"Your secret is safe with me" I assured him.

To think we're having an actual conversation now when we were all up at on each other last night.... Then it all comes crushing down.... Except.... Last night was nothing more than a mistake to him.

"Is something wrong?" Killian asked.


I shouldn't get carried away, Killian Knight is nothing more than my boss. Yet I couldn't control my actions, my hands reach out for his hands, but he pulls away.

"Good night, Claire" he said. He makes his way to his room.

"Good night" I replied.

What's gotten into me these days? What is this I'm feeling?

To be continued

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