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Roommates With The Ceo 2-Chapter 6




Roommates With The Ceo 2-Chapter 6

Genre: Romance, Betrayal, Lust S€x

Theme: The Wedding

Racheal Dennis.


Claire's POV

The next morning....

I snuggle more into my bed... Wait bed. I open my eyes and confirm that I'm actually in I and Killian's room, sleeping on our bed too.

How did I get here? The last thing I remember was me standing in the balcony...

Maybe I was too tired and I crawled into bed. I yawn and stretch my body. I have decided to visit Killian's Mom and disclose what's happening to her.

I look around, Killian isn't anywhere in the room, which I'm thankful for. I don't want to see him now.

As if my bad luck curse kick in, the door open and Killian walks in. Carrying a tray with a plate of scribbled eggs, pancakes and a cup of hot tea.

The aroma is so calling on my name, but I'm not gonna fall for it.

"Rise and shine, my sunshine!!" He chirps happily.

He comes to my side and puts the tray on the nightstand besides me.

He holds my hands in his, I quickly remove my hands like his just burned me. His smile falters a little.


Oh? So, I'm his baby now?. Surprising! How come he forgot that yesterday when he slapped me.

"I'm sorry... I.. I swear I didn't know what came over me last night... I didn't mean hit you. I was just too furious.. and.. I.. and I lost control" his voice breaks.

" Furious about what exactly? About me working?!" I asked.

" Yeah, that and you saying bad things about Anita"

I gasp and stare at him in disbelief.

" You are still defending her? Why do you trust her so much?.....I'm your wife....your lawfully wedded wife and no matter what happens, you must believe me!"

"Listen, baby... It's not like I'm defending her... "

" That's exactly what you're doing!" I interrupt him.

He sighs.

" But baby, before you accuse someone you need to have proof. She haven't done anything evil yet" he said.

I stands up from the bed and creat long distance between us.

"So you want her to successfully chase me out before you wake up and know she's evil?" I pause and look at his expression, he's conflicted, struggling to believe me. "Fine! I'll leave"

I head for the bathroom door, but Killian runs in front of me and blocks me from entering the bathroom.

"Baby, I didn't say you should leave. You can't leave, this is your home, right?"

I roll my eyes. Right! My home!

" Well, it doesn't feel like my home Anymore. It's more like a hotel now, where anyone, just anyone can come in" I said.

" But you can't just leave. Baby.."

"Killian, I need a break from all of this" I told him.

I walk to the closet pick out some clothes, then head for the bathroom again, but he's still standing in the way. I used all the strength I can muster to push him out of the way and enter the bathroom.

Killian's POV

This is the first major fight Claire and I are having, and she wants to leave already? No! I won't let her leave, I can't let her.

We can talk this through, I just need to make her understand that Anita doesn't have any bad intentions.

I sit on our bed, patiently waiting for Claire to come out of the bathroom.

A few moments later... She comes out dressed in a tight blue jeans trousers and a white crop top. Her stomach in display, her cleavage fully revealing. She wears a pair of sneakers, and puts her long brown hair in a messy bun.

She looks exceptionally hot. I lick my lips, then it dawned on me that she's going out in these clothes. My expression changes.

"Where are you going?" I asked.

She looks beautiful wearing these clothes, but I can't let other men look at her the way only I suppose to.

"Like I told you before, I need a break from all of this. You need to come to your senses" she said.

I gritt my teeth and clench my jaw.

" You can't leave because of this little argument, baby"

"You call this a little argument? Killian, this is no joking matter. If you don't send that woman away, then I'm leaving and there's nothing you can do to stop me" she said, determination in her words.

I sigh frustratingly, I need something to make her stay. What should I do? What will I do to make her stay.....

Suddenly, an idea comes into my mind.

Ryan! If I refuse to let Ryan go with her, she'll have no choice but to stay.

"Fine. If you want to leave you can leave, but I won't let take my son with you" I said.

She tensed... She glares at me for a few minutes before she looks away. A smile spread all over her face.

"No problem. I just need you to do only one thing for me" she pause and wait for my reaction. Then she continued. "Take very good care of him. Ryan is still very young, he needs all the love and attention he can get. Oh... And he doesn't like spicy foods, he always sleep with his stuffed lion. And he doesn't like bedtime stories, just sing him to sleep"

She head towards the door and turns to me.

" Now Mr Knight, use this break to wake up" then she walks out.

I just stood there motionless. I couldn't move nor could I say anything, I stare at the door where Claire went.

I feel something wet fall on my hand, that's when I know that I'm crying.

How can she just leave like that? Is this how much she claims to love? Does our love mean nothing to her?

I fall to the ground and continue to cry... I cry like a baby.....

To Be Continued

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