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Roommates With The Ceo 2-Chapter 5




Roommates With The Ceo 2-Chapter 5

Genre: Romance, Betrayal, Lust S€x

Theme: The Wedding

Racheal Dennis.


Killian's POV

I type on my phone furiously, searching for Claire's number. I already dismiss Anita, I'm alone in my office with Lucas sitting quietly on a sofa at a corner.

Claire's phone has been ringing but she refused to pickup. I glance at the clock, it's 2:15pm. Ryan's school hours are over now, maybe I should head home and know if what Anita said is true.

I shove my phone back in my pocket and pick my car key, then I head for the door.

"Killian..." Lucas called me. I stop and turn to him.

"Don't tell me you believe that woman over your wife" he said.

" Well, I'm trying not to"

He sighs.

" Listen, you've been apart from that woman for many years now. How can you just trust her so easily? Have you even done a background check to know if her story is authentic?" He asks.

" Lucas, Anita is still the same as before. I don't need any background check to back up her story"

"Killian, you... "

" I don't want to hear it, Lucas. I need to go home, I want Claire to prove Anita wrong" with that I rush out.


I arrive at the penthouse in no time, I open the door and step in. The house is silent.

"Claire?!" I call, but no response.

I head upstairs to our room, I open the door and step in, I look around and I didn't see Claire. I search in the bathroom, it's empty. I went over to Ryan's room, it's empty too.

I came back to the living room and sits on a sofa. I fish out my phone and dialed Claire's number, this time she picks at the first ring.

"Hi, Killian?" She said from the other side.

I take in deep breath to keep my voice calm.

"Where are you, baby?" I ask.

She hesitate for a moment, then clears her throat.

" I'm.. I'm at home" she stutters.

I scoff mentally.

"Oh... Really?"

"Yeah, any problem?" She asks.

"I was wondering if you could bring me lunch, but it's fine I can just order from Starbucks"

I hear her released a faint breath.

" No problem... You take care. I love you"

"Yeah... You do" then I end the call.

I can't believe this... She lied to me. But why? What is it that she lacks in this house? Why must she go out there to stress herself for nothing.

Well, I'm gonna wait for her right here. She'll give me an explanation as to why she went against me.

Claire's POV

Honestly, I'm surprised that Killian called me, asking if I'm home or not. He never does that when he's at the office. Anyway, I shrugged it off as nothing, maybe I'm just overthinking.

I glance at the big wall clock, it's 5:57pm. My shift ends in three minutes, I cleared the last table. Then walks to the changing area, I changed from my working attire and carry my purse.

I walk over to the chair where Ryan sits, playing with his toys.

"Come on, Cham. It's time to go home, remember our little secret?"

" Don't tell daddy where we went" he said. I smile, then place a kiss on his cheek.

I take his hand and head towards my car. I help him inside, then I starts the ignition and drives off.


One hour later.....

I manage to break a few road rules and made it to the penthouse before 7. I carry Ryan and rush inside.

Inside the penthouse is dark, I guess Killian isn't home yet. Thank God for that... I didn't bother to turn on the lights, I just head straight towards the stairs. I can use this opportunity to prepare dinner before Killian gets back.

I'm halfway to the stairs, when the lights in the living room flick on. I stop dead in my tracks.

"Where are you coming from?" Killian? Oh no!

I slowly turn around. Killian stands in the middle of the living room, his arms crossed across his chest. Standing next to him is Anita.

Why is he back so early? And where is Anita standing next to him? Hmm something is not right.

Ryan jumps from my arms and run to Killian.


He jumps into Killian's arm's, Killian carries him a kisses his forehead. But his gaze never softens, he's looking at me suspiciously like I did something I shouldn't have done.

"Claire, where are you coming from" he asks again.

What should I say... This is bad.

" I... I... Was... "

" And don't you dare lie to me" he said.

I kept quiet not knowing what to say. Killian puts Ryan down.

"Ryan? Go to your room and take a shower, mummy will join you later" he told Ryan.

Ryan nods and begin to run towards his room.

" Actually, he can't take a shower by himself, I should go help him, then we can talk later" i said.

" No! We are talking now!" He waits until Ryan is out of sight before he turns to me again.

His eyes dark in anger.

" Claire, this is the last time I'll ask you this question. Where. Are. You. Coming. From?"

I swallow nervously. I don't think I can hide it anymore, maybe I should just say the truth. I close my eyes and take in deep breath.

"I'm coming from work" I said, my heart rate increase.

" Work?" He lets out a dry laugh. "Claire, I made it clear to you that I don't want you to work. I can provide you with anything you want, just say it and it'll be yours. Why did you still went behind my back and apply for a job, not even at a respectable company. But at a Cafe"

" Killian... I'm just doing it so that I can get myself busy" I explain.

" If you want to keep yourself busy there are tons of things you can do. Like go shopping with Keira, have lunch with mom or even come by the office to visit me! How can the wife of a CEO of a very big company work as a waitress? Don't you know how this will damage my reputation?" He yells in my face.

His reputation... That's all he cares about. He doesn't care if I'm lonely staying at home all day.

I turn to look at Anita, she's wearing a contented smile. I furrow my brows thinking why she has that look, then it click. She told Killian about this.

"I guess Anita told you about this, right?" I asked Killian.

" It doesn't matter who told me or how I knew about this... The fact is that you lied to me and went against my decision".

" Can't you see she's trying to cause confusion between us?" I asked.

"Don't try to put the blame on someone else. Claire, you disappointed me, I don't want you to accuse Anita, I won't let you sabotage her because she told me the truth"

" Truth? What truth? She's trying to break our marriage apart, how.... "

" I SAID ENOUGH!!" Killian yells, his hand lands on my left cheek.

Just then, he stare at me in shock, like he couldn't believe he just slapped me. His hand shaking, his eyes turns red and instant regret shone in his eyes.

I take a step back, this is the first time in our marriage that Killian raises his hand on me. Tears rush down my cheeks furiously.

"Baby... I... I.. didn't..." I guess he couldn't find the right words to say.

I look at him with my teary eyes.

"You slapped me because of her. You choose to believe her over me... You... Fine. I'll quit the job, but until you wake up from your slumber, I won't talk to you"


I look him straight in his eyes.

"You. Are. A. Fool. Killian!!" I roared in his face and quickly run upstairs to the balcony.

I cry my heart out there. How can he slap me because of a stranger? What will I do to help Killian see Anita for her true self?

Killian's POV

I can't believe I just did that. I slapped my wife... The love of my life... My better half. Why couldn't I control myself, how did I let my anger overwhelmed me.

No, no, no. I need to fit this.

Just when I'm headed upstairs Anita come to my side.

"You can't go to her just yet. Let her cool off first or you might just worsen the whole situation"

I think about it, maybe she is right. I bet Claire wouldn't want to see me now.

"Alright. I'll just go to our room to wait for her then" I said.

"You do that" she replies.

I head towards our room with deep regrets.

Anita's POV

I'm so happy to see Claire suffer. At least, one mission accomplished. Killian trusts me now, I just need one final move to make him kick Claire out of the house for good.

I have the perfect plan. I'll poison their son to death, then pin the blame on Claire for not taking good care of their son. If their son die from food poisoning Killian will be Soooo angry. There is nothing Claire would do or say to save herself from Killian's wrath then.

I'm so smart.. Claire, you are so going down.

Ryan's POV (surprise )

When daddy sent me to my room, I run and hide somewhere. I stay there listening to daddy scold momma, I watch as daddy slap momma.

I know I'm a small child and I can't do anything to help my momma. But I know that lady that came to live in our house is the reason daddy and momma fights. Before she came, daddy loves me and momma, he never scolds us. But now he scolds us and slap momma too.

I hate that lady. I wish I am a big man like daddy, I would have drive that woman away. I hate her.

I see momma coming towards me, so I run to my room as fast as my small legs can go. 

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