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Roommates With The Ceo 2-Chapter 4




Roommates With The Ceo 2-Chapter 4

Genre: Romance, Betrayal, Lust S€x

Theme: The Wedding

Racheal Dennis.


Later that evening....

Killian's back from the office, right now we're all at the dinning table having dinner.

I watch Anita cautiously, she keeps throwing glances at Killian. Smiling for no reason. I narrowed my eyes, holding my spoon tighter than I intended.

The table was silent, until Ryan breaks the silence.

"Daddy, when is she leaving?" He asks pointing at Anita.

I bite my tongue to stop myself from laughing. My boy is so smart, I guess he doesn't like her too. He is really my son, our minds are so alike.

Killian look at him for a brief moment, then clear his throat and takes a sip of water from his glass.

"Not soon" Killian reply.

Ryan frowns.

"Why?" He asks again.

"Because she's your aunty, she needs a place to stay for now" Killian said.

Ryan turns his gaze to Anita, she's wearing a fake smile. Ryan furrows his brows, then scoff and turn back to his food.

"I don't like her. Send her away"

"Shhh. Don't say that boy! You're being a bad, bad boy" Killian scolds him.

Ryan drops his spoon and his eyes waters. He turns to me pointing at his dad.

"Mom, he's yelling at me" then he bursts into tears.

I carry him into my arms and cradles him to my chest.

"Shhh, don't cry. Daddy loves you, he just doesn't want you to be rude. Don't cry" I wipe his tears as I coo him.

Gradually, his cries died down and he fell asleep in my arms.

"Killian, can you please take Ryan to his ro...."

"Killian?" Anita interupts me. "You know how I get scared at night, remember you used to sing me a song until I fall asleep. Can you please do that for me?" She pouts, batting her eyelashes.

" You're grown up now, you're still scared?" Killian asked and laughs.

I tap Killian's shoulder and he turns his attention to me.

"Take Ryan to his room, while I tidy this place up" I said.

"Okay, love" he replies.

He stands up and carries Ryan from me. That's the moment Anita decides to stand up too. She takes a step and begin to fall back, Killian quickly hands Ryan to me and catch her in time. Then she holds her head as if, she's feeling dizzy.

"Are you alright, Anita?" Killian ask her.

She shakes her head.

"No. I think I need help getting to my room" she said.

Killian turns to me with an apologetic look.

"Love, please take Ryan to his room. Before you finish doing the dishes, I'll join you"

Then he puts his arm around her waist and help her up the stairs. Anita makes mocking faces at me, a victorious smirk on her lips.

I watch the whole scene with my mouth wide open. What in God's name is going on?.

Anyway, I carried Ryan to his room, laid him on his bed and head back to the dinning room. I pack all the dirty plates to the kitchen. After I finish doing the dishes, I head to our room to wait for Killian.

I pick a small book from the shelf in our room and sits on the bed to read it while I wait for Killian.

Over thirty minutes later... Killian still isn't back, so I just continue reading. I begin to yawn, my eyes getting heavier with each passing second.

It got to the extent that I couldn't keep my eyes open, so I surrender to sleep. I close my eyes and let sleep overwhelmed my body.


The next morning.....

I wake up and find Killian's side of bed still empty and cold. Which means two things, either he has woken up for long or he didn't sleep in the bed last night.

I quickly stand up from the bed and head downstairs towards the kitchen. There I see Killian sitting in the dinning table, Ryan already dressed for school sat next to him and finally, Anita stands next to Killian, serving food on his plate like a perfect housewife. I scoff.

I head towards them. Immediately Killian sees me, he stands up from his chair and rushed towards me. He kisses my lips briefly, then leads me to my seat. He pulls out my chair for me and I sit down.

"I can see you're already dressed for the office" I said.

"Yes. You were already asleep when I came back to the room last night. I figured you might be tired from yesterday, so I didn't bother to wake you up. Besides, Anita volunteer to cook breakfast for us" he said.

I look at her, she sends me a wicked wink.

"Baby, here let me serve you" Killian said, but I hold his hand to stop him.

"I'm not hungry yet. I'll eat later" I told him.

"Killian, we will be late for the office" Anita said.

I look between them in confusion. Office? Killian notice my expression and drops his spoon.

"Right. I'm sorry, love. I forgot to tell you about it..... Anita is modelling for our new RPG game"

What? Modelling for him?

I don't know how to react. First he brought her home without my consent, now he's given her a job too without discussing with me first. I quietly stand up.

"I'll go get change and take Ryan to school" I said.

"Baby... I'm sorry, I.. "

I didn't listen to whatever he has to say, I take the stairs two at a time and enter our room.

I took my bath and change into something cute, then I head downstairs. Fortunately for me, Ryan's done with his food. I carry him and head towards the door.

Killian rushed over to me and intends to take Ryan from me, but I didn't let him.

"Let me drop you guys off" he said.

I show him my car key.

"I have a car, Killian" I glance at Anita. "Go, to work or you might be late"

" Baby.... "

" Go on. We'll talk later" with that I left the house.

I can't talk to him right now, I need to cool off first.

Killian's POV

I watch as my Claire leaves the house, I know she's angry that I didn't talk to her about any of this first. Spranging it on her like this doesn't seem right at all.

I will apologise to her later and make it up to her.

I turn to Anita, but she's already in front of me. Occupying my personal space, I take a step back and create space between us.

"Let's go" I said.

"No, you go ahead. I'll come to the office on my own" she said.

"Do you know your way around?"

She nods with a smile. I didn't argue with her, I pick my car key and walk out.

I'll think of a way to make Claire and Anita be on the same page.

Anita's POV

My plan is simple. As Killian leaves the house, I went after Claire. Her dressing doesn't seem like someone who's just dropping off her kid at school, she seems like she's going to work.

I follow her from a safe distance, I watch her hand over her kid to a teacher, then she takes a left turn and head towards the outskirts of the town.

After about a two hour drive, she stops and step out of her car. I see her go inside a Cafe, and puts an apron around her waist. I smile slyly.

From what I know, Killian forbids Claire from working, if he gets to know about this, I'm sure he'll be very angry. It might even be the end of their marriage.

I need to tell Killian about this ASAP!.


I arrive at Knight Gaming in no time, I paid the taxi driver and hurries inside the building.

I quickly head towards Killian's office, I knock on the door and hear a faint come in. I open the door and step in.

"Killian.. " I call him.

He raises his head from the file he was going through.

" What happened, Anita? You came later than I expected" he said.

I sigh and sit in the chair opposite him.

" I'm sorry. I got lost" I lied smoothly.

"I know you would"

Then it was silent for a few minutes.

" But your wife is really trying, you know" I break the silence.

" Why do you say that?" He asks.

"After closing From her job, she'll still come home and do house chores. She'll even take excuse from her boss during her lunch break to pick Ryan up from school. If I'm in her shoes, I don't think I can cope with all that" I said.

Killian drops the file and slowly raise his head. He look at me straight in the eyes.

"You said what? My wife is working?" He asks.

" Yes. When I was lost, I accidentally wander to her work place" I said.

He clenched his fist and pound it on the table.

"Why would she go against me!" He roars angrily.

I laugh inwardly. Let the fun begin..

To Be Continued.

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