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Roommates With The Ceo 2-Chapter 2




Roommates With The Ceo 2-Chapter 2

Genre: Romance, Betrayal, Lust S€x

Theme: The Wedding

Racheal Dennis.


Claire's POV

I managed to get my baby boy to school in time.

Right now, having lunch with Charlotte at a restaurant not far from Knight Gaming. Charlotte was retained to be a permanent staff at Knight Gaming after her internship, four years ago. I also wanted to continue working there, but my arrogant husband wouldn't let me.

He said he just wants me to stay at home all day... Being pretty. But I'm not that type of woman, I'm secretly working at Ronnie's Cafe. It's a two hours drive, and the time I resume work is very convenient, 10:50am, by then Killian's already at work, so he wouldn't suspect a thing.... Right.

Though, I just started working early this year. And luckily for me, Killian haven't catch me once.

"So, Claire. How's Mr Knight treating you?" Charlotte asked.

Who would believe Charlotte and I would get along, more so be friends?

"Fine" I reply and sip my coffee.

"What about little Ryan?"

"He's fine. Now tell me how did your date go last night?"

She looks away sadly. But quickly replaced her sadness with a pure fake smile.

"He's not good enough for me. Can you believe that idiot already have a girlfriend, he just wanted to get in my pants" she said.

" Don't worry, Charlotte. Your soulmate will soon locate you" I advise her.

It was silent between us for a moment, both of us lost in our own thoughts. Untill, finally, Charlotte breaks the silence.

"Derrick is coming out today" she said.

I just nod.

I haven't seen Derrick since that incident five years ago. I only knew he was sent to prison, but I never visited him, Killian forbids me to.

But according to Charlotte who visits him sometimes, he's now a change man. She told me he has been reflecting on his behavior and he's repent of his sins.

"Are you going to see him today, before he comes out?" I asked.

"No, I have tons of work to do" she replies. "But you can go see him, you know, he's been asking about you"

I stay silent for a moment.

Maybe he has really changed, but I don't have anything to do with him. He made me suffer a lot, I almost lost my baby because of him.

Right at that moment, my phone starts to ring. It's Killian calling, I made a sign for Charlotte to stay quiet, then I press the answer button.

"Hello, Killian"

"Baby, where are you?" He asks.

Hmm. Why is he suddenly asking where am I? I turn to Charlotte and mouths her a question, if Killian is still at the office. She nods.

"Home" I reply.

"But why aren't you answering the home telephone?"

"I.. I.." I pause to think of a lie, then one rush in my head. "I was in the bathroom"

"Oh, I see. Well, Ryan's teacher called. Ryan isn't feeling too well, can you please go get him?"

I stand up abruptly, my heart beating fast. Charlotte is looking at me in confusion, she mirrors my worried expression.

"He isn't feeling well? What happened? He was fine this morning before he left the house.. what... "

" Hey, hey. Baby, calm down" he said.

"How can I calm down, Killian? Our boy who was fine this morning is suddenly not feeling well?"

He laughs from the other side.

" He's just got a running stomach. I guess he put too much chocolate syrup on his pancakes"

I release a long, relaxed breath.

" Thank God!. I feared the worse" I said.

"You worry about Ryan too much, babe. He's a tough guy, you know times I wish he will vanish to some other planet, so that you can worry about me more and I'll have you all to myself"

I laugh. He's jealous of his own son.

" Dream on. I need to go"

"Ok. Drive safely, alright. I love you"

"Yeah, I know you do" I said cockily.


I didn't let him complete his sentence, I hang up. A smile playing on my lips, I just love pushing his buttons.

"Is everything alright, Claire?" Charlotte asked.

"Yeah. I just have to go pick up my boy from school, we'll see tomorrow?"

"Maybe. Mr Knight is having important guests tomorrow, so I don't know if I'll be available" she said.

" Alright then. We'll see when we see" I pick up my purse from the table and place 10$ with a reasonable tip on the table.

" Take Ryan to come visit me some time" she said.

"I will"

Then I head towards the exit door. I bend my head searching for my car keys in my purse, I'm holding up my coffee in the other hand, so I'm kinda struggling to get the keys.

While struggling with my purse, I bump into someone. My coffee splash everywhere as it falls from my hand. I hear the person gasp, then hiss in pain, I guess the coffee burned her.

I raise my head and saw a woman, a very beautiful woman standing in front of me. She looks like one of those models, her tan skin is glittering. Her diamond earrings sparkling and her perfectly manicured finger wipes the coffee from her face.

I open my mouth wide, not able to say anything.

"I can see you were in a hurry" she said, with a smile on her face. Okay, it's a fake smile.

I look down at her white top, it's badly stained.

"I'm so sorry, I wasn't paying attention to where I was going" I apologise.

" It's no problem, I'll just go get a change of clothes"

"But I.."

She turns back and leaves before I could say another word. Well, I guess she's not angry. I hope.

I pick up my purse and head out.

Killian's POV

"Raven, why is the model not here yet. Tomorrow our sponsors for our new RPG game are coming, and the model is still not here?" I asked.

I don't know what's wrong with Raven these days, she's been acting out of character.

"I called her Manager and I was told she's in Greece for her family reunion" she replies.

"I know someone who can model for us" Lucas who's been sitting in front of my desk said.

I turn my attention to him.

" Who?" I ask.

"Though she's not a model, but she's more than good enough" he paused and look at my face, as if studying my expectation. "Your wife"

I send him a very harsh glare immediately he said that word. My wife is perfect, but she's not for the whole world to see. I can't have her wear revealing clothes and let other men watch her.

Lucas keeps quiet and raises his hands in surrender. I turn to Raven.

"There are many other models, do whatever it takes to get one here. I don't care what you do" I roared at her.

" Ye...yes, sir" she stutters.

I wave my hand, gesturing for her to let. She ran out of my office as if her pants is on fire.

I hate it when things don't go the way I want it to. It gives me a severe headache.

"Killian, why bother looking for models, when you have the perfect one at home?" Lucas asked.

I know he wouldn't let that go easily, I open my mouth to answer him, but was interrupted by a knock.

I clear my throat and adjust my suit.

"Come in" I say.

The door open and a woman walks in. Lucas looks at me quizzically, as this is the first time he's seeing he. I give him an unsure look.

Then I take a closer look at the woman, and recognition flash by my mind. She's Anita.

She's my best friend back when my grandmother was still alive. We did everything together, and my grandmother always teases us, that we make the perfect couple.

She rushed over to me and hug me, she lingers longer than expected. Lucas clears his throat and she remove herself from the hug.

"Killian, you are still as handsome as ever" she said.

" You don't look bad yourself, in fact.....You look amazing" I said.

Truth be told, Anita looks ten times more beautiful than before, but not as beautiful as my wife though.

"Thanks. I thought you wouldn't recognize me"

"Why wouldn't I? You still have the perfect set of teeth" I said. "Please sit down"

She sits on the chair opposite me.

" What brings you here?" I asked.

"It's a long story" she replies.

"You know I love long Stories" I said.

She stays silent for a moment, takes in a deep breath, then release a long sigh.

"I came back here, because I've lost everything. My parents, brother and I were living fine in Canada, but last year something happened at my dad's work place. I don't know if my dad was framed, but that evening when my dad came back from the office, our house was set on fire. With all of us inside, I was the only one who manage to make it out alive. Since then, I have been roaming the streets." She paused as she struggles to stop tears from flowing down. "Untill recently, I got information about you. So here I am"

She's been through a lot of troubles, her parents were kind to me and my grandmother. Especially me, whenever my grandmother isn't available to care for me, Anita's parents will be there for me.

So how can I leave her to continue suffering. I can offer her a job here at Knight Gaming, I should ask her what her qualification is.

"Anita, I'm sorry about your family. I didn't know you have been going through a difficult time, but don't worry. From now on, I'll be here for you"

" Thanks. I could really use a place to stay"

" Oh, that wouldn't be a problem. You can stay with me in my house for now, my wife will be so happy to see you" I said.

" Your wife?" She asks with a shock expression.

Like she didn't expect what I said.

"Yes, I have a wife and son"

She casts her gaze down and mutters something under her breath.

"So what's your profession?" I asked.

"I'm a model" she replies.

" Perfect! You can model for us then"

"Thanks Killian"

"No need for thank yous. It settled, you'll stay in my house for now and also work here with us"

Just then, Lucas clears his throat. I turn to him and raise an eyebrow at him.

"Shouldn't you talk to your WIFE about this first?" He asked, emphasising on the wife. "You can't just let some strange go home with you, without discussing it with the madam of the house".

" Anita is not a stranger, I know her. She's my childhood friend" I explain to him.

" But.. "

" No buts, if her parents are still alive, and I'm in her shoes, they wouldn't leave me stranded" I said.

I stand up and walk round the table towards her.

"Come let me take you home to freshen up" I turn to Lucas. "Take care of the office" I said to him.

I take Anita's hand and leads her towards the door.

To be continued

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