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Roommates With The Ceo 2-Chapter 1



Roommates With The Ceo 2-Chapter 1

Genre: Romance, Betrayal, Lust S€x

Theme: The Wedding

Racheal Dennis.


Claire's POV

*Three years later*

I feel the ray of the sun warm up my face, telling me that it's morning already. But I'm feeling too tired to get up, I snuggle up in my bed, pulling more blanket on me.

I am still sleeping with no care, when I feel small taps on my shoulder. And a small voice disturbing my ears.

"Mom! Mom!"

I wave the hand away and cover my ears with a pillow, hoping the disturbance would go away. But that little devil is so darn stubborn, he keeps taping my shoulder.

"Mom! Wake up, I'm gonna be late for school"

Like someone a lightening strikes, I quickly sit up right and search for the alarm I placed on my nightstand. It's 7:35am, oh my God! How can I sleep for that long.

I turn to my little devil in front of me, he's already dressed for school.

"Ryan, who got you ready?"


Oh, no. Killian is so going to kill me, literally.

I sprang out of the bed, take Ryan by the hand and quickly head towards the kitchen.

I reach the kitchen in no time. There, I saw Killian standing shirtless, an apron hang around his neck. His muscles flexing as he flips the pancake on the fry pan. I involuntarily lick my lower lip, he looks so yummy.

"I know you are staring, just take a picture" he said.

I take quick step towards him and hug him from behind.

" I don't need a picture, I have the live potrait here" I told him and he chuckled.

He turns around and lifts me up, sitting me on the counter. Then he claims my lips, I try to break the kiss since Ryan's here, but Killian isn't having any of that.

"Dad, stop bitting Mom's mouth" Ryan said.

I punch Killian's stomach gently, he breaks the kiss and turn to Ryan, he swats to Ryan's level.

"Listen to me young man, I'm not bitting your mom, I'm kis..."

" Killian!" I called him warningly.

I know exactly where his speech is heading, I give him a scolding glare.

"Fine" then he went back to the pancakes, putting them on the plates.

He place the plates on the table and head upstairs to our room. I didn't say anything to get him angry right?

"Aren't you gonna join us for dinner, Killian?" I ask him.

"No. You guys should carry on, I'm going to need a cold bath" he said and continue going upstairs, his back tense.

I need to know what got him to change his mood so suddenly.

"Ryan, start eating. I need to get change so I can take you to school, alright?" He nods.

I head towards our room.

I enter the room, Killian already laid clothes on the bed. I hear water running in the bathroom, which means he's taking his bath. I sit on the bed waiting for him to come out.

Soon the water stops running. Just when I thought Killian will come out, I hear him calling onto me.


"Yes" I answered.

"Can you please bring me my towel?"

Really? He went in without his towel? He's a grown up married man but his character is like that of Ryan's.

I walk to the closet, grab his towel and head to the bathroom. I open the door a little and stretch my hand in giving him the towel. Surprisingly, he grips my wrist and pulls me inside, then he turn on the water again.


He laughs.

"Sorry, baby. But you have to sort out the mess you caused" he said, pointing downwards.

I look down and... Oh my God! His di.. di.. oh I can't say it. His thing is standing straight and pumping hard.

Before I can wake up from this daze, Killian cups my face in his hands and begin to place hot kisses on my neck, sucking and bitting on it.

He holds the edge of my nightie and tore it effortlessly. A gasp leaves my mouth.

"Killian! When will you stop tearing my clothes?"

"Hmm... Maybe never?"

Without wasting time, he lifts me on the bathtub and pull my legs apart. He ducks his head in between my legs, he first kiss my opening, before he plugs his warm tongue into my already hot cunt.

My body shivers from the heat he's penetrating into me. I holds his head and push it more into me, hissing and gasping.


"Yes, baby. Say my name" he said.

He use his teeth to pick one of my pussy lips and starts to suck it mercilessly. He inserts one of his fingers and gosh, my body quakes. He begins to move on a slow pace, gradually he increases his pace.

"Baby, I want you... We haven't make love for two weeks now. I need you" he said.

" Killian.... "

Killian's POV

" Baby, I want you... We haven't make love for two weeks now. I

Need you" I told her.

Everytime I'm in the mood, my little trouble maker will interupts us, I never enjoy my wife these days. She's given all here attention to Ryan.


Just then we hear a rapid and urgent knock on the door. Like I said just now, he always interupts us.

"Mom! Mom!" He calls from the other side of the door.

Claire tries to push me away, but I didn't let her. I held her hand down and continue placing kisses all over her body. I know I'm being selfish right now, but I need my wife, is that so much to ask?

"Ryan's here" she said.

"Ignore him for now, I'll be quick I swear"

"No, he's..."

"Okay.. just five minutes" I plead.

She nods. Right when I'm about to continue from where I stop, Ryan begin to knock again.

Fuck! Why is having a child so troublesome?

"Dad! Mom! I'm gonna be late. Dad, open the door. Dad!" He keeps knocking on the door, with each knock the volume increases.

Claire pushes me away, she place a soft kiss on my lip, then winks at me.

"I need to go attend to him, or he won't stop knocking" she said with a smirk.

" Yeah, like mother, like son" I said.

"It doesn't swing that way, like father, like son" she corrects me.

She went in front of me, did a little twerk and wrap a towel around her chest. Then she head for the door, swaying her hips as she goes. I know she's definitely enjoying seeing me suffer like this.

God! This girl will be the death of me. And that Ryan, maybe I should send him over to my parents' home, so that I can get enough time to play with my wife.

I look down at Killian junior, its still standing tall. What am I going to do with this now? I'm so horny...

To be continued

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