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Roommates With The Ceo 2-Prologue




Roommates With The Ceo 2-Prologue

Genre: Romance, Betrayal, Lust S€x

Theme: The Wedding

Racheal Dennis.


Claire's POV

I'm sitting in front of the dresser, staring at the girl in the mirror. The girl in the mirror is wearing a warm smile, her face is glowing, joy evidence in her face.

She look so beautiful, her white gown whiter than snow. That girl is me. I didn't know that a day like this will come so soon. It was an accidental encounter I had with Killian, but today that accident is what kept us together untill today.

Today's my wedding day, I'm dressed in my gown already, waiting for my mum to come take me to the altar.

"You look so beautiful, my dear" Nicole said.

Nicole's Killian's Mom, my to be mother-in-law. She smiles at me, her eyes water a little.

"I can't believe my son could get so lucky as meet someone as beautiful and kind as you" she said.

" Mom, cut it out. Today's a day of celebration, stop with your works" Keira jokes as she applies red lipstick on her lips.

Nicole scoffs at her.

"Those are tears of joy" Nicole said.

"Whateves" Keira replies.

" Nicole, where is my Mom?" I ask looking toward the door.

It's almost time and my mom isn't here yet. I wonder where she could be.

"Oh, she's feeding Ryan. She'll be here any minute" she said.

Just then, my phone's ringtone blares in the air. I pick it up and see it's Lucas calling.

I press the answer button and bring the phone close to my ear.

"Claire... Where are you? Killian's getting impatient, he said if you don't join him at the altar in ten minutes, he'll come get you himself" Lucas said the moment I receive the call.

I smile thinking of how he's making his face right now. I bet Killian had threatened to even kill him already.

"I'll be there in a bit, tell him I'm worth waiting for"

" You... "

" Gotta go" I hang up before he can say another word.

Just at that moment, my mom walks in with Ryan running ahead of her.

"Momma!" He exclaims happily when he sees me.

He wants to jump into my arms, but Keira caught him in time.

"No Ryan, your momma can't carry you today. You don't want to stain her gown now, do you?"

He shakes his head, then beams into a smile.

" Beautiful, momma" he said in his baby voice.

I smile, it's just like yesterday I was carrying my baby in arms. He's now 1year 6months, though he can't speak fluently, he can say simple words.

"Thanks baby" I leans forward and kiss his cheek.

"Claire, you look so beautiful" my mom said.

"Thanks Mom. But you're the most beautiful"

My Mom blush. Then she claps her hands together.

"Now get up let's go and show the world how beautiful my daughter is" Mom said.

Keira hands Ryan to Nicole, then came to my side and help me up. She and my Mom walk along side me, then we hear out.

Killian's POV

Where the hell is Claire? Did she change her mind? Or did something happen to her on the way coming?

I've been standing here by the altar, waiting for Claire. Even the crowd's starting to gossip, they keep looking at the door.

I on the other hand, I'm both worried and impatient. I turn to Lucas, he's avoiding my gaze. I lean towards him and whispers in his ear.

"If you don't get back on the phone and get Claire here, I swear by God's name, I'll send you six feet under"

He takes in a deep breath, as if he's trying not to explode.

" She's coming, calm down" he whispers back.

I open my mouth to say something, but the sound of the wedding bells interupts me. The intro song begins to play, the big doors open. And an angel walks in.

I watch her walking inside the church, heading toward the altar, heading toward me. A big smile quickly spreads on my face, she look so beautiful in her white gown. How can someone be this beautiful.

The congregation begins to wow, they're all gaping at her in awe. Why won't they, she's so perfect.

I puff out my chest in pride. The woman I love will be mine officially, today I'll proclaim to the whole world how much I love her.

She finally made it to the altar, her Mom hands her over to me.

"I'll skin you alive if you don't treat her right" her Mom threatens me.

"Yes ma'am" I said.

I take Claire's soft, delicate hands in mine, and lean forward to place a kiss on her forehead. But everyone in the congregation shouts, stopping me. I look at them questioningly, then I hear some say teasingly.

"You can't kiss her yet"

"Don't rush the process"

"He's so eager to get down to business"

"Wow, Mr Knight is thinking of something dirty right now"

I look at Claire, her face is red, and she's trying to hide her face.

"Please, at least wait until the priest permits you to kiss me" she whispered.

I chuckled.

" I couldn't help myself. You look so fucking beautiful"

" Shhh, no cursing in the church!" She scolds me.

I laugh and sends her a wink instead. I turn to the priest.

"Dearly beloved, we are gather here today to witness the wedding of.... " The priest begin to say, I tune him out and give my focus to Claire.

It feels like this is the first time I'm seeing her, she look totally different. She have that glow all around her, I can't tell what it is, but I love it.

I want nothing more than to get her under me, stripping her off this gown and worshipping her body. Showing her how much she means to me. I can feel my dick twist inside my pants at the mere thought of me buried deep in her.

Shit! I pray nobody will notice my dick standing like a police officer on duty.

"Let the exchange of rings and vows begin" this brought me out of my fantasy world.

I take the ring and held Claire's hand. I clear my throat.

"Claire, you know very well that I'm not good with words, so I'm not gonna say much. I really want to thank you for coming into my life, before you came I was lost in the dark. You are the light that comes shinning through the tiniest hole and gave me hope. You showed me what love really is, you brought all my fantasies into reality. In this life and even if there is another life after, you'd be the only one I choose, the only one I'll love, and the only one I'll spend the rest of my life with. Now with this ring I say to the world, you are my every reason, you're all that I believe in, with all my heart I mean every word. I love you, Claire" then I slip the ring in her finger.

I see tears flowing down her cheeks. I reach forward and wipe them with my thumb.

I held out my hand for her to put my ring.

"Killian... I... I..." She keeps hiccuping as she cries more.

Claire's POV

Killian is so sweet, I know I'm not worthy to be with him. He's so out of my league, but he still choose me.

Hearing him say his vow, I couldn't help the tears that keeps flowing down my cheeks.

"Killian, I... I..." I couldn't speak, my emotions keep taking over my body.

How does he manages to make me fall in love with him over and over again.

"Claire, baby. Breath" he said to me.

I take in deep breath, and manage to stable my breathing.

" I thought happy endings are only seen on movie screens. But you've prove me wrong, you made me realize that fairytale can happen in reality. I can't put how I feel into words, just know that I love you. I love you, Killian Knight" I said and slip the ring in his finger.

" You may now kiss the bri...."

Killian didn't let the priest complete his sentence, he just grab me into arms and claim my lips. Putting all his emotions into the kiss. Love. Lust. Passion. Need. Hunger. All the emotions you can think of.

I managed to pull away from the kiss. The congregation are clapping and cheering for Killian. My face went red, I can feel blush creeping up my face.

I feel content, happy that I'm finally officially Killian's.

"I'm so going rough on you tonight, baby. No mercy" he whispers in my ear, bitting my earlobe.

This man will be the death of me one day..

To Be Continued....

Oh my gosh.... I'm so blushing right now Killian and Claire are so sweet..

Will this really be a happy ever after?


Trouble begins now?

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