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Lucas Revenge- Chapter 1



Lucas Revenge- Chapter 1

Having Revenge is all I want 

An Eye For An Eye

Authoress Bella


        LUCAS POV

 "Where is luisa  martineli"i said to the nurse who was at the reception desk

"And who are you?"

"Just tell me where she is?"i said almost yelling at her

"This is an hospital sir,i will kindly ask you not to cause a scene and also i cant give out the patient information to a stranger"she said

"Fine then,tell me where my sister is"i said lightly

"If you say she is your sister,then you must be lucas martineli"she said 

"Yes i am"i said knowing what would come next

"Am so sorry,i had no idea that it was you,come with me,i will personally take you to her ward"she said

"There will be no need for that,just  tell me what her ward number is"i said

"Its room 12,just down the hall"she said starring at me dreamily"

 I didnt bother to thank her or to notice the sexy glances she was giving me

Thats how powerful my name can be,lucas martineli

A name full of power and wealth,a name which makes ladies want to get into bed with me and make the guys envious of me

 But that isnt my main concern now,what concerns me is my sister

I still cant believe that something bad as this could happen to her

She is a sweet gentle girl who doesnt even know how to hurt a fly

   I got to the ward only for me to find her sitting on the bed starring outside through the little window

"Luisa?"i called as i moved towards her but she didnt answer,she just kept on starring like a zombie

"Luisa,am sorry,am sorry that i came late to you"i said feeling so guilty

It had been my fault,if only i had got to her ontime,if only i make my work my first piority

She had asked me to take her out,that she missed me and that she wanted us to spend time together as a family

I had agreed when knowing i had a lot of work

But i couldnt make it to her,when i got there she was gone and the park had been closed

I called her number only for me to find out that she had been brought to the hospital and that she had been raped

"Why?why did you come late?i waited for you"she said as the tears slipped off her cheeks

I knelt in front of her and she moved back,whatever that bastard did to her has trumatised her for life

  "Dont touch me,am dirty now"she said 

"No your not dirty,your still the same girl i knew and the same one i grew up with" i said

"No no am not!!! That horrid man ruined me,he has tarnished me,he has stained me for life"she said yelling

"No luisa your not"i said trying to hold her but she stood up 

"Luisa "i said holding her back but she began to struggle

"No i want to die,i just want to die "she said yelling

"No you musnt say that,just tell me who did this to you ,tell me and i will make whoever did it pay"i said

"No let me go,just let me leave"she said hysterically

Still holding her,i pressed the button for emergencies and soon two nurses and a doctor appeared

And immediately they injected her,i gently pulled her to the bed

I was about leaving to speak with the doctor when she held my hand

"He is david Ambrose ,that is his name"she said before the sedative took over her completely

So the bastard who did this to my sister is David ambrose

David ambrose whoever you are,get ready because i will make you regret ever messing with my sister

      A while later i sat in my office starring at the picture of david ambrose

The creep was the rich son of a baxter Ambrose

He had both his parents and a sister too

Wow luck is really on my side,the bastard had a sister,i thought

I quickly clicked on his sister name and saw her picture

Milly ambrose,21 years old,she is even older that luisa

He didnt consider luisa even though he had a sister

Well i wont consider her too,she will pay for the what her brother did

She will pay,i vowed silently

           MILLY POV

"Lets go back diane,i dont want to do this anymore"i said to diane who kept on pulling me into the club

"You were so eager to come earlier and now that we are here you get cold feet,well i wont accept that "diane said pulling me in

"You know david,if he finds out that i came to a club with you,he wouldnt like it "

"Your brother is so darn overprotective of you,cant you just tell him to back off for a while ,your 21 milly,you have the right to do whatever you want"diane said

"You know he is only doing what our parents asked him to do but he is doing it more strictly " i said ddefending my brother

"Whatever ,all i know is that youve agreed to come here and so you must carry on with it,we are both going to go into that club and  have fun,maybe we could even get the attention of handsome men"she said

"Well i dont i will but you will"i said pointing to my plain self

Am what people call a plain jane,i dress plain and put on glasses which enable me to see well

"If only you will put on something more sexy and then you take or no you throw those f***king glasses away and then a touch up here and another there,you will be as pretty as ever"diane said

"Yeah like that can happen"i said

"Arrrrrghhhhhhh.......you just dont get a thing,lets just go"she said pulling me into the club

It looked so noisy and crowdy,i thought as we were given a special seat

We drank a bit and chated even when it was very loud

Just then out of the corner in the vip section,i saw a man starring at us or at diane

Who would want to stare at me,am just  plain and ugly

"Hey who are you staring at"diane said only for her to see the stranger

"Oh my God cant believe that  he is here"she said


"The great lucas martinelli"

"And who is lucas?"i said

"My Gosh milly,arent you in the social media,dont you know who lucas is?"

"I dont and besides you know that my phone is always used for studying"

"Yeah i know and i cant tell you all about lucas now because we are both going to him to say hello"

"Of course not?am not going,you can go all by yourself,i will wait here for you"i said 

"Fine then suit yourself "she said and walked off

I stayed back and sipped my drink,i knew that once diane found a man to distract her,she forgets everything else

So why dont i just go,i thought picking my bag.

I turned to leave when i heard his voice behind me

"Leaving already?"he said

I adjusted my glass and starred at him,was he talking to me?

I saw diane in the vip section chatting with another guy over there

"Yes,have got to get home early"i said starring at the blue eyed man

I wouldnt deny that he looked so very handsome,i could see some ladies starring at us too or at the blue eyed man

I wonder why he even took time to come chat with me when there are a lot of girls hoping he could look their way

"But the party is just starting and your friend is still there"he said 

"Diane can take care of herself and i need to get home early"i said 

"What if i asked you to stay"he said

"I wont stay"


"Cause i dont know you"i said 

"Would you like to get to know me"he said

"No and i think your friend need you over there"i said and immediately he turned i walked off

I got out holding my beating heart,whats wrong with me,why did i have to run,why didnt i just confront him,i thought as i stood by the road waiting for a taxi

   While waiting i kept on checking if he wasnt coming and luckily i saw no sign of him

Suddenly a car pulled up in front of me and he got out of his car

I began to walk away but he kept on coming after me

Whats with him,i thought and just then a taxi pulled up in front of me

I was about entering when he pulled me by my arm

"I will take you home"he said

"Of course not "i said pulling off my hand

"Why are you following me,why when clearly there are a lot of girls dying for you to notice them in that place"i said 

"Its simple,i like you"he said 

I wanted to say something but i couldnt cause i didnt know what to say,so i just did the first thing that got into my head

I opened the taxi and got in as fast as i could telling the driver to drive off

I turned to see him still standing there and he was holding something,my scarf

How had he taken it,i thought starring at him

And i didnt miss seeing him smell my scarf like it was the only possession he had

  That got me shivering,i hope i dont have to see him again,i just hope so.............



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