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Devil's Secret - Chapter 9




Devil's Secret - Chapter 9

The Mexican Drug Lord

Authoress Jennifer



"You think you could double cross me Dell "Liam said to the man and the man replied him in Mexico language

The next thing I heard was gunshot ,Liam shot the man right In front of me

My whole body went numb.


"clean it up"Liam said to the two guys and walked out

"I'm sorry you had to see that"Rio said and I nodded

"I guess he needs to be reminded that there's someone also in the house " Rio added

I rushed to my room and slammed the door shut

How did I end up in this mess ,I just saw someone got shot right in front of me by my kidnapper

what if that man has children and cute babies they just killed him

Liam is really more than I expected him to be


My eyes opened immediately I heard the door opened gently and footsteps

The lights were off making fear grip me

Did he find me ?

How did he entre here?

'Father' I muttered in panic

The lights came on and I was surprised to see Liam staring blankly at me

I quickly composed myself and felt relieved too

"why were the lights off"he asked coldly

"I don't really know"I replied back

"you can go see your sister tomorrow "he said making my eyes lit up

"thank you "I replied with a smile and he nodded

"Goodnight Liam"I said as he was about to step out

He didn't reply me but I'm sure he heard me clearly


I woke up really early and dressed up

I went to the kitchen and made breakfast enough that I could take some to Anna

I really missed her

"so I will be the one taking you "Rio said exictedly as I served him breakfast

"I can't wait to see your sister she's so pretty"Rio added making me laugh loudly

"what about Ciara"I asked and I could see his cheeks flushed

"Don't allow Liam ever hear you"he replied rolling his eyes

Geez this guy is madly in love with Ciara it's all over him

"when are you going to tell her "I asked him

"probably never .... Liam will kill me instantly " he said

"there's this one time she got drunk and tried to kiss me , Liam almost shot me " he added

"why it's not like you were the one who tried to kiss her "I asked

"well he reasons were 'I stared at her like I actually wanted the kiss' can you believe it "he asked laughing

"I really can't believe it ,I thought Liam was the kind of guy who doesn't care about anyone but himself " i said

"Ciara is the only one he has and his really protective of her "Rio replied


we arrived at the hospital and I rushed into Anna's ward

"Hey buttercup"I called exictedly and she gave me a small smile

she looks more pale than before and she no longer has that bright smile

I felt my heart crushed at the sight of her

" at least I get to see you look pretty before I kick the bucket"she said with a smile

I hugged her and felt her tears on my neck

she's actually going through alot

"I'm always here for you,I will never leave you please keep on fighting you can do it "I said breaking the hug

"I can't do it "she said making my tears roll down

For the first time I heard her give up,she's always a fighter

"Hey don't say that , don't you want to leave this country and go far away with me "I asked and she nodded

"remember once you're okay you'll get to start a new school ,make friends do sleepover and other stuff you wished for "

"All you have to do is stay strong okay,we will get through it together ,I have everything ready okay "I said and she nodded

"can we go the the beach too "she asked and I nodded

"anything you want "I replied

"guess what there is this new doctor ,gosh his so hot I bet you will like him "she said making me laugh


I spent quality time with Anna before going back with Rio who wouldn't stop flirting with my sister

We really had fun and I'm happy I got to see her and lighten her mood,I wish I could spend the night there


"Anna" "Anna" "Anna " I kept yelling but she didn't reply or look back

I woke up panting heavily , the dream felt so real

the only thing that kept me playing in my head was Anna

I need to see her .

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