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Devil's Secret - Chapter 8




Devil's Secret - Chapter 8

The Mexican Drug Lord

Authoress Jennifer



I woke up,did my business and wore the cloth I had earlier on

I made my way downstairs and it was empty

I decided to make breakfast , pancakes because it seems to be the easiest

I was almost done when I heard footsteps coming down

"Morning Daisy "Rio said exictedly

"Morning Rio "I replied back

"pancakes .....nice choice Daisy"Rio complimented while I serve him

"so I talked to Ciara and she's going to get you clothes and other things you might need "he said and I nodded

"that's awesome " I replied

"I have a surprise for you after breakfast"he said and I smiled exictedly

I wanted to say something when another footsteps was heard

I turned to see Liam walking down,for a moment our eyes met and I looked away quickly

"Daisy made breakfast"Rio said but he totally ignored and made his way outside

"He will come around"Rio said and I nodded


Ciara came and i was shocked at the numbers of shopping bags she carried in

Not only her ,two guards also helped her

"Don't tell me this is all for me"I had asked and she nodded exictedly

Ciara is so nice and fun,she's actually same age as me , I'm still wondering how she is the brother of a cold hearted guy like Liam

Okay maybe he isn't totally cold hearted

Because his going through his transaction I saw where he transferred money to orphanage homes

i guess that's his secret that's his talking about

Not only that there are only some transactions that are encrypted but when I broke it ,they are actually from drug dealing

I might not go to a good school but I'm damn smart and I got everything figured out

Part of me still wants to believe that's he angry because I know his secrets.


After Ciara left I began arranging all the things she bought for me

They were really expensive and thankfully not all of them are revealing

She also got a balm for my scars ,she said it will clear up in no time

I was beyond thankful

After changing to a more comfortable outfit I went out to meet Rio for the surprise he told me

we walked passed different rooms before we stopped at a particular one and he opened the door

I gasped at the sight in front of me

The room has so many computers most of them were showing each rooms in the house

only people of my kind would understand how happy I am to have a room stuffed with different types of computers and internet

I could do anything I want

"Do you want to try new stuff "he asked and I nodded exictedly

"how about you secure Liam's account more so that no one will be able to get in again "he asked and I nodded

"consider it done sir"I replied and he chuckled before leaving me

I looked around hoping there would be a camera showings Liam's room but there was none

But there was camera in his study

He was there, sitting in his chair in front of a desk and tapping his computer while making call

With the way he was reacting and moving I pitied the person he would be talking to

it's so obvious his yelling


After spending about only God knows how many hours ,I was finally done and I went out

I met Liam and Rio talking ,they both kept quiet and turned to me

it's obvious i was the topic

"All done and secured no one can hack into it again"I said breaking the silence

"woah you're really good"Rio said giving me a wide smile

"I need you to look something up for me Daisy"Rio said in a serious tone

"Rio"Liam called sternly

They looked at each other for some time,it seems like their eyes were doing the talking

"we think someone wants to double cross us ,so I need you to check the account and tell us all his last transaction "Rio explained and I nod

in less than twenty minutes I was done and I swear I saw an impressed look on Liam's face because it cleared

The person was truly double crossing them .

Liam made a call and he looks very very angry

A few minutes later a man was dragged into the apartment ,he looks really awful due to the beaten he already had

"You think you could double cross me Dell "Liam said to the man and the man replied him in Mexico language

The next thing I heard was gunshot ,Liam shot the man right In front of me

My whole body went numb.

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