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Devil's Secret - Chapter 7




Devil's Secret - Chapter 7

The Mexican Drug Lord

Authoress Jennifer


Don't you ever raise your voice at me else you're gone " he said with anger staring directly into my eyes

This guy is scary .


The door shut loudly making me flinch ,I sat down on the bed thinking of what to do

Few minutes later a knock landed on the door before it opened

"Rio" I called and he stared at me smiling

How did this guy become a bad guy?

he looks so reserved and innocent I thought

"if you're hungry you can come downstairs and cook something"he said and I nodded

"I know this is hard for you especially with your sister's condition and I want to help you"he said making me smile

"I will try talk to Liam so he can maybe let you work for us since you're good at computer "

"maybe you will work enough to pay your dept and take care of your sister too " he added

"wow , really you can do that for me " I asked and he nodded

"but you have to be on Liam's good side ,do not anger him and just do anything he says without complaining " he added

"really,I'm really good at following orders you don't need to worry "I replied exictedly

I'm definitely going to be annoying him because his not going to be mean to me and I will watch him

"okay that's settled let just go downstairs"get said and I followed him

we headed downstairs and the house is really big and beautiful,I wonder why I didn't notice all this earlier

I saw Liam focused on his phone and he turned to us

"what the hell is she doing down here Rio "he snarled angrily

"she's hungry and she knows how to cook "Rio replied leading me to the kitchen

I searched the cabinet and began making pasta

I heard argument from the sitting and walked there

"how dare you even suggest that ,that girl might look innocent but she isn't"Liam half yelled angrily

"she's good just employ her so she can pay you back and leave" Rio said

"you don't get it ,she saw things that she isn't suppose to "Liam replied

"so you're just going to kill her " Rio asked

"I would have done that since if only you let me, just one bullet straight to her head and we won't be having this conversation"Liam replied and my jaw dropped

"Hello "I said waving my hands making both of them turn to me

"You guys are talking about me ,I'm right here "I added

"let her just work here trust me"Liam added


He didn't complete his statement before a cheerful voice came in

"Hello Hello everyone" a lady said walking in smiling

She's pretty and few years older than me

"Ops did I interrupt anything "she said staring at us all

"and who's this damsel here"she said looking at me which made smile at her shyly

"Hi Ciara " Rio said with a little nervousness in his voice

" Hi Rio" she replied with a blush and on her face

They both were starring at each other smiling till Liam cleared his throat

I think they both have feelings for each other

"This is Daisy and she will be staying here for some time"Rio said

"Wow really ,Nice to meet you I'm Ciara unfortunately I'm Liam's sister"she said hugging me and I hugged her back

"Nice to meet you too Ciara "I said and she smiled

Liam walked out of the room angrily slamming the door shut

"oh his always like that you'll get use to it " Ciara said and I nodded

She grabbed my hands leading me to another room talking and talking


After spending the whole day with Ciara before she left I decided to go see Liam

If I'm going to be staying here that means I will need some clothes and other stuffs

I knocked on the door Ciara told me was Liam's room

it was slightly opened so I walked in

The place was completely dark and scary to be honest

I walked in with my heart pounding heavily

I felt something touched my heart instantly making me flinch

"what are you doing in my room"

"who told you ,you could come in here"he asked coldly

"I'm sorry just wanted to talk to you "I replied gently

He grabbed my neck and I began gasping for air

"the next time you come in here will be the end of you"

"Now GET OUT"He yelled angrily removing his hands from my neck

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