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Devil's Secret - Chapter 6




Devil's Secret - Chapter 6

The Mexican Drug Lord

Authoress Jennifer


I woke up feeling awful and my head hurts so much

I slowly looked around and noticed I was in an unfamiliar room

He whole event flood back to my memory making my head hurt more

The door opened and he walked in

By 'He' you know who I'm talking about

His expression is always the same ,not smiling ,not sad or anything

I quickly used the duvet to cover my exposed body

"Are you ready to talk "he asked

"I will tell you everything you need to know but please let me go see my sister first she's in the hospital"I pleased

He looked at me for some seconds before nodding his head and going out

I saw my clothes folded neatly at the side of the bed and I quickly wore them

The door opened back few minutes later and he gestured me to follow him which I did .

I was about to enter the car when I felt something pressed on my neck

it was a gun

"Now when we get there be a good girl, you have only twenty minutes to do whatever you want ,if you try anything funny you're dead "he said and I nodded

Rio was still looking at me with pity in his eyes

We arrived at the hospital after a long drive and they followed me in

People stare at us awkwardly

Who wouldn't

I'm being followed by three huge men into a hospital

I reached Anna's wards and rushed in, thankfully they didn't follow me in

"Were have you been "Anna said looking pale

"You know the work I told you about ,,it's really demanding that's why I couldn't come ,I'm so sorry"I said and she nodded trying to hold her tears

"I thought you left me"she said

"I would never leave you okay "I replied hugging her

"once you're treatment is done ,we are leaving this place for good ,to start a new life"I added and she smiled

"I can't wait "she said looking at all the tubes connected to her body

sometimes I wish I was the one instead , just to take all her pains away

she doesn't deserve it

"Do you know hospital gives free food "she said and I was happy she decided to lighten up the mood

"really"I asked

"yeah and the food sucks "she added making the both of us laugh loudly

Rio walked in clearing his throat

"Anna meet my second boss"I said and her eyes widened

"omg when did you start having really handsome boss " Anna said making Rio chuckle

"are you single "she asked making me send her a deadly glare

"yes Anna I'm single ,why not get better and we will talk about this more"Rio said and wink at her

I didn't fail to notice the blush that showed on her face

This girl is insane Rio is like fifteen years or more older than her

"Alright buttercup I need to go will see you in a bit "I said and kiss her both cheeks

"you're embarrassing me"she whispered in my ears making me laugh




we arrived back at the apartment and I was lead back to the room I was before

"start talking "Liam said

Geez he didn't even give me a second to rest

"well I needed money because my sister was diagnosed with cancer ,I came across your company "

"by the was your security system is wack ,it took me few minutes to crack it "

"imagine that account with so much money"

"FYI you guys are lucky I didn't have enough time to destroy every trace properly ,you wouldn't have caught me "I added

"I actually thought you guys wont find out that I removed the money"I said and saw how he was staring at me blankly

I guess he didn't know I talk to much

"Did you read any transaction made"he asked

"not really I saw a whole bunch of stuff there" I replied

"Don't f*cking play with me "he groaned angrily

"okay fine your secret is safe with me "I added

"so are you going to kill me now or let me go"I asked

"you owe me ,what makes you think I will let you go just like that "he said

"I don't have the money to pay back honestly "I replied

"you will remain here till I know what to do with you"he said


"you have to let me go ,I need to go take care of my sister"I half yelled

He rushed towards and grabbed my neck with my legs not touching the ground

"Don't you ever raise your voice at me else you're gone " he said with anger staring directly into my eyes

This guy is scary .

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