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Devil's Secret - Chapter 5




Devil's Secret - Chapter 5

The Mexican Drug Lord

Authoress Jennifer



I felt something cover my nose and before I could protest everything went black.


I opened my eyes gently ,my vision was a bit blurry but cleared

I heard voices so I shut my eyes back

"I told you to find the fraudster not a lost teenage girl "someone said harshly

"she's the one boss ,we tracked her computer down , everything was in it"another person replied

"are you trying to tell me that a twelve year old hacked into my account...my main account "the other person yelled angrily making me flinch and they both turned to me

I stared at the two men thinking of which one called me twelve years old because his obviously blind

my eyes caught something, the tattoo ,I have seen something like this before

"find out who's her boss or who sent her " one of them said sternly walking away

"can I go "I asked even though it's impossible

"My name is Rio "he said politely

"now you don't want me to hurt you right?

he asked and I nodded

"who are you working for " he asked

"nobody"I replied

"who sent you or who made you steal from us"

"nobody " I replied again

"if my boss comes in here he won't take it easy on you like am doing so just speak up "Rio said

"I told you to get information from her not pamper her "the boss came back in

"by the way I'm eighteen" I said staring at the boss

He looks deadly and not the one you would want to mess with

He walked closer to me and untied my hands while Rio stared at me in pity

"who are you working for"he asked holding my neck and my feet wasn't touching the ground

His eyes were red and full with anger

"who are you to steal from me"he asked again angrily

"nobody"I managed to reply

he threw me to the floor and walked out

"throw her into the torture room"he said to some guys outside and they nodded

Rio quickly followed him

"she's just a girl,she can't survive that place lets just talk to her nicely" I heard Rio said

"you know I'm not nice Rio ,I don't have time to waste ,she's a threat ,she stole from me and you know what I do to people who steal from me " he replied walking away

It just drowned to me that this guys are extremely bad people and I stole from them

I was thrown into a room that was dark and really really hot

The guys began tearing my clothes off till I was left with only pants and bra before they left

Thankfully the place wasn't that bright so the didn't get to see my body

The light came on all of a sudden and Rio was standing at the outside but could still see me

he gasped at the sight of my body but the heat began increasing

I was feeling more hot and there was some kind of sounds that weren't pleasant in the ears

Everything was horrible from the noise to the hottness but I didn't move I just stood still

"Boss you need to see this"I heard Rio half yelled

"there is nothing there to see ,just give her some heat ...she would break and give us all the information we need "the boss replied

"Shes already broken,Liam you need to see this"Rio yelled

He walked to were Rio was and stared at me

A flash of shock showed on his face

He stared directly into my eyes and I did same I stared back at him

Not a single drop of tears from my eyes nor did I move

the hotness was still increasing but I was still numb

Father taught me better ,this feels like one of his punishment

I dare not cry else his going to make it worst

So they plan to make me talk by making me go through pain not knowing pain was a part of me

My vision became blurry and everything went dark

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