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Devil's Secret - Chapter 45



Devil's Secret - Chapter 45

The Mexican Drug Lord

Authoress Jennifer


Daisy Pov

I quickly rushed and placed my ears on the door.

"what is it "I heard Liam ask Rio sternly

"it's Mavin ,he wants to see you " Rio replied

My heart dropped instantly.

what connection dose Liam has with Mavin ??


Following Liam right now and trying to listen to their conversation is a bad idea,I'm definitely going to be caught

Mavin is the one who tried to kill me , which Liam is fully aware of

why would he have anything to do with him ?

there are several questions I need answers to

I brought out my phone and began searching on the logo I saw at Mavin's apartment

it must something.

Liam Pov

Phone Conversation

"what do you want Mavin" I asked

"I was hoping we could have this conversation face to face"he replied

"you know very well ,you won't live more than a second when I see you"I replied sternly

"hold up lover boy"he said in a mockery tone

"what do you want Mavin "I asked this time in a more serious tone

"I want you to tell Daisy all she needs to know else i will do it myself "he said

"so you're now threatening me"I replied with a chuckle

"you only have 24hours to tell her else I'm doing it myself"he said

"Let's see if she still want to be with you by then ,and you know the implications if I tell her myself"he added

"that's if you're still alive by then"I said

"I would love to see you try "he said laughing

"the clock is ticking lover boy"he added before ending the call

I threw the phone angrily and it shattered into pieces

How on earth am I going to tell Daisy all this

where to I actually start from

"Liam ...Liam " Rio called loudly

"I think we found Daisy's Dad"Rio said

"where is he"I asked

"he is at an apartment not too far from here" he replied

"wait,are you thinking what I'm thinking"I asked Rio and his eyes widened

"Anna "we both muttered the same time

He quickly picked our guns and other things we might need rushing out

He can't lay his hands on her.

we entered the car and drove straight to the apartment

"Dose the tracker still point him here " I asked Rio and he nodded

He parked out car few blocks away from the apartment and walked there

On reaching the apartment we hide behind the flowers and watched closely

we do not want to pull up loudly and create a sin

A few moments later he walked towards the bed room window with a brick in his hands and threw it at the window making it shatter into pieces

I still watched him closely.

He was about to climb in when I signaled Rio

I guess he already felt our presence , before Rio could reach him,the ran away instead

"It's time to make her move"I said to Rio and he nodded

Returning back to the apartment ,the first thing I did was to put all call across Mr Scott to make sure they moved to another city the following day

I can't lose Daisy and her sister the same day ,Daisy would kill me

All the things I did was for her safety and that of Anna's

Thinking of telling Daisy about her painful past makes my heart ache and I only have 23hours left.

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