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Devil's Secret - Chapter 44



Devil's Secret - Chapter 44

The Mexican Drug Lord

Authoress Jennifer


Daisy Pov

I knocked on the door of Liam's room severally but no answer

I twisted the door knob and went it ,I know his in there

I don't blame him for trying to shot everyone out or being angry

To be honest I actually expected more from him,I mean we all know the kind of person Liam is and how protective he is ,Rio is still alive and that's a testimony if you and me

"Hey"I called gently

Liam was laying down on his bed staring blankly at the ceiling

I climbed the bed and curled myself beside him

I trailed my hands from his face down to his chest making him turn to me

he drew me closer and kissed me passionately which I reciprocated

He made me sit on him as he continued kissing me

the kiss wasn't like usual,it was rough and demanding like a kid who finally tasted candy after a few years

I let him have him moment because I was actually enjoying it

he removed my shirt and unhooked my bra and threw me to the bed

my whole body tensed up and he removed his pants sharply

His eyes weren't sparkling as usual,they were dark and his face held hold no emotion

he dragged me closer and continued kissing me roughly

"Liam "I called gently

"Liam" I called a little louder but he didn't bulge

"Liam stop"I half yelled pushing him off me

He quickly got off me and stared at me

I could see regret in his eyes

I picked up my clothes and walked out of the room

Maybe he actually do need time on his own .

I took a warm shower and relaxed when my door opened

"Liam I....

I turned to see it was Ciara

"Are you okay"I asked and she nodded

"yeah I'm fine , just missed you"she replied making me smile

"I missed you too"I said

"how's Liam doing"she asked

"to be honest,his not good"I replied and she nodded

"His going to be okay, just needs time to process things you know"I added

"yeah Liam is very much scared of babies "Ciara said making my eyes almost pop out

"really"I asked and she nodded smiling

"there this one time a woman gave him her baby to hold so she could tie her shoes "

"Liam held the baby in the air yelling till the lady collected back her child"Ciara said and I laughed

I kept thinking what will happen if I eventually get pregnant in the future ,not


I'm totally not ready to be a parent now,I don't even know how to take care of myself

"back to earth Daisy"Ciara yelled waving her hands

"I was just thinking"I said gently

"yeah I know"she replied

"I don't blame Liam you know, taking care of a child is a whole new responsibility and since we never really enjoyed having a family ,its just weird "

"Liam has been the best,but at this point there's nothing I can do we just have to take care of the child"Ciara said sadly

"I'm always here for you"I replied hugging her

The door opened and Liam walked in ,he looked really horrible

Ciara hugged him tightly and I smiled widely when he hugged her back

it's just weird seeing Liam display his emotion

"I'm always here"he said to her and she nodded

He walked up to me and raised me up making me wrap my legs around him

"What can I do to make you forgive me "he asked gently

"make peace with Rio and approve his relationship with your sister"I said

"you've known Rio for long and what his capable of ,it's better than someone you don't know at all beside he really loves your sister"I added

"fine"he replied

"I love you "he whispered making all the butterflies in my stomach explode

we laid me down and kissed me passionately

"uhhhh ... hello ... I'm sorry to cut you guys off but Liam there something you need to see"I heard Rio yelled

"give me a few minutes"Liam replied

"it's urgent"Rio yelled back and Liam excused himself

I quickly rushed and placed my ears on the door.

"what is it "I heard Liam ask Rio sternly

"it's Mavin ,he wants to see you " Rio replied

My heart dropped instantly.

what connection dose Liam has with Mavin ??

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