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Devil's Secret - Chapter 43



Devil's Secret - Chapter 43

The Mexican Drug Lord

Authoress Jennifer


Daisy Pov

From the previous episode

I ran out of the cafe and hailed a cab immediately

the cab stopped and I jumped in and that was when it hit me ,I didn't even look at the driver

Raising my head up I saw a tattooed guy smiling and driving

" Liam asked me to bring you home "he said and I nodded

I quickly picked up my phone and saw a text from Liam saying he sent someone to my location and i should keep calm

I relaxed a bit but I knew for sure all is not well

Mavin is onto me and Liam knows it too.




The drive took hours and as usual lot of things where going through my head

We finally reached and I got down from the car entering the apartment

I was about to say something when he spoke

"We need to return back to Mexico now,there are some things I need to handle there myself and also Mavin "He said and I nodded.

we packed up our things and made our way out

two things I noticed was that Liam is super angry and on alert

he kept looking around and staring at the side mirror

The flight took off and Liam was still focused on his phone

I had alot of things going through my head that I'm trying to sort out

For all I know right now

Mavin has some sort of connection to me ,Anna might still be alive I don't want to keep my hopes up and I saw Anna or Anna's look alike ,my dad is also back , Ciara is also pregnant

isn't my life wonderful??


I felt someone carried me up and I blinked my eyes

"sleep baby"Liam said gently and I wrapped my hands around his neck

I heard Liam yelling at someone so I opened my eyes gently

"where are we"I asked

"we are in Mexico , few blocks away from the apartment"he said and I nodded

"are you okay"I asked

"yeah I'm okay"he replied

"you can't lie to me you know that right" I said and he exhaled sharply

"yeah I know , just trying to put things back together"he replied and I nodded

"it's all going to okay"I said and he kissed my forehead

I don't know if that came out right or if actually everything is going to be okay

We came down from the car and walked into the apartment only to meet the shock of our life

Ciara and Rio making out on the couch

My jaw dropped instantly before I could turn to Liam he already jumped at Rio giving him in expected blows

"Liam stop"

"Liam " Ciara and I yelled

Liam stop right now "Ciara yelled in tears drawing Liam's attention

I was still recovering from the shock as my whole body was vibrating

"So this is what you do with my sister"Liam yelled

"I'm sorry you had to find out this way"Rio said cleaning the blood on his mouth

"what do you mean,why my sister ,you know what she's been through"Liam yelled angrily

"I love her okay, I really do and she's carrying my child "Rio yelled back

Ciara and I just kept mute watching them

Liam turned to Ciara and I could see pain in his eyes

"are you pregnant"he asked and she nodded gently

He turned around and walked away

I wanted to stop him but I thought he really needed to process things

I hugged Ciara tightly .


Liam Pov

I felt my heart racing as I walked down the street

I rarely feel emotions but this time it really hit me

can't believe my only sister is pregnant and having a secret relationship

I had so much to sought out and they just added to it

I have to deal with Mavin ,We lot track on Daisy's father and I have alot of secrets that I'm keeping away from Daisy

Can things ever get better ?

I feel like telling Daisy all those secret will break and I will loose her which is something I don't want to happen

I really need to figure out things

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