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Devil's Secret - Chapter 42




Devil's Secret - Chapter 42

The Mexican Drug Lord

Authoress Jennifer


Daisy Pov

I blinked my eyes severally thinking of the right word to say

"Dose Rio know about it"I asked

"yes he was there when I took the test"she replied

"and what did he say "I asked

"he didn't say anything"she replied back

"He didn't say anything or you didn't wait to hear him before running away"I said

"Fine I didn't wait for him to say anything "she replied back

I knew Rio is very considerate

"what are you planning to do"I asked

"I don't really know ,but I'm sure of one thing and that is Liam is going to kill me ,not just me but Rio"she said

"well I'll be back in a few days so you guys will think of a way to tell him"

"I can't still believe you're having a baby "I added and she started laughing

"I know right"

"it sounds so weird ,I'm not done taking care of myself , in fact I can't take care of a pet talk more of a baby "she added making me laugh too

"you know we have a lot to talk about when you come back but for now I need a d**k in my p*ssy cos I'm horny so byyyyy"she yelled ending in call

she's so going to have twins or triplates

I wish I would care less and be happy just like Ciara

if I were to be in her shoe ,I would have been half dead ,but here she is still going to be have s$x after hearing she's pregnant


"Hi" Liam called walking towards me

"are you okay "I asked and he nodded walking to the room

I carried my phone and a few cash before leaving the apartment

I hailed a cab to the hospital and painful memories began rushing back

I exhaled sharply and went in

"hi ,I need to see the files of my sister she was .....

"oh sorry this hospital had a little fire accident and all the files got burnt I'm really sorry nothing was left

I couldn't say anything more as my heart began pounding

"what about the doctor his tall ,very light skinned and has dark hair"I explained

"ohh that's the doctor that was working here before,he was transferred to India "she replied

I just turned around and walked out

For all I can say now is that my sister is alive and someone is behind it all.


I stopped by the cafe and ordered coffee hoping to clear my head

A familiar figure walked in and I quickly hide under the booth

He has plaster around his head and kept looking around searching for someone

I know that person is me so I stayed there watching him gently

After looking around for a while,he walked out


I raised my head up to be sure his out of sight before sitting down

I glumped down the remaining coffee hoping to calm my nerves down

Mavin is back and after me

I felt tears running down my cheeks as I kept using my hands to wipe them

This is not happening

Wait....so he have been following me and knows my every move

I ran out of the cafe and hailed a cab immediately

the cab stopped and I jumped in and that was when it hit me ,I didn't even look at the driver

Raising my head up I saw a tattooed guy smiling and driving

" Liam asked me to bring you home "he said and I nodded

I quickly picked up my phone and saw a text from Liam saying he sent someone to my location and i should keep calm

I relaxed a bit but I knew for sure all is not well

Mavin is onto me and Liam knows it too.

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