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Devil's Secret - Chapter 36




Devil's Secret - Chapter 36

The Mexican Drug Lord

Authoress Jennifer


"why this much dresses "I asked Ciara

"if we're going to then we have to be prepared "she replied putting on a black hoodie

"you're only going to make it look more suspicious " I said

She obviously isn't taking my advise so I just ignored her

Ciara is impossible,she wore a black sweatpants and black hoodie and packed her hair up in a bun

who dose that ??

we stayed in a hidden place and watched Anna run in circles before making her way back to her house

we followed gently and she stopped at a black gate

She got in and the door closed back

There was nothing weird about the apartment except for the logo that was at the side which is a normal thing right

but there was something about this logo it has a dragon like design

it made me remember the ones Liam and his gang has

"well at least we know where she stays "Ciara said and I nodded

"yeah "I replied

n"Do you think there is any way we can go into the apartment" I asked and Ciara eyes widened

"Really you want us to do that"she asked and I nodded

"great...I love this"

"well we have to come back at night, we might need some things if we're going to break in "she said and I nodded

From the way Ciara is talking, she haven't seen the logo yet

there's just something about the logo that I can't take my mind off.


"Hi"Liam said making me blush.

he has been really cool around me recently and I feel butterflies in my stomach anytime he talks to me.

"so I was wondering if you're free tomorrow night,I want to take you out"he said nervously

"like a date"I asked

"yes a date..if you want"he replied

"okay that will be great"I said and he nodded kissing my forehead.


I got a text from Mavin saying we should meet up

I felt.i really need to because since the drama the other day we haven't hanged out

I dressed up in a simple Jean and crop top ,I wore my slide and head out

Ciara must be out so I just hailed a cab and drove to his apartment

I wonder why he isn't at work today

I guess that's what CEO do

we arrived at the apartment and I rang the doorbell

"Hi Daisy"he called smiling nervously

I gave him a warm smile and went it

"why aren't you at work"I asked

"perks of being a CEO"he replied making me chuckle

"so what can I offer you"he asked

"water will be fine"I replied

"so I've been meaning to ask ,you and Liam"

"I really don't want to talk about it"I replied and he nodded disappointedly

Mavin and I talked for some time thankfully it wasn't awkward between us

He excused himself to go answer call while I gave my self a little tour

His house is indeed beautiful

I went back to sit down when I was feeling a little bit sleepy

I lay comfortably on the couch and slept off .


I woke up feeling pains in all joint most especially my hands and leg

My eyes widened when I noticed the position I was in

I saw sitting on a wooden chair with my hands and legs tied

I'm in Mavin's bedroom

what did he do to be

I tired to untie myself and after about twenty minutes the rope came off but my hands were read

I untie my legs quietly and made my way out

I snuck to the kitchen and hide behind the counter

I reached for the cutting board and waited patiently before hearing footsteps

it was all happening like a dream leaving this place is my aim and figuring what the hell is going on

Liam and Ciara must be worried.

"She ran"I heard Mavin yelling on the phone

He was so focused on his phone when i used the cutting board to hit him

He collapsed on the bed as blood pour from his head.

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