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Devil's Secret - Chapter 35




Devil's Secret - Chapter 35

The Mexican Drug Lord

Authoress Jennifer


Daisy Pov

"Are you okay" Liam asked and I nodded my head sharply walking into the apartment

What is wrong with me

why am I seeing things

why am I imagining things,why is my head so fucked up

"Are you sure you're okay"Liam asked worridely

"yeah I will be fine I'm just feeling a bit crazy"I replied and chuckle which made him frown

"Do you ...like want to talk about it....I mean to me or Ciara"He asked nervously

"Naa ,I'm fine"I replied and he nodded

I'm sure if I tell him,his going to think I'm going crazy or probably sign me up for a psychiatrist.

The whole day went by really boring because Ciara is not around

she said she had some things to take care of which I don't get why she can't tell me.


I woke up today earlier than usual and decided to go for a run

it actually helps me clear my head and ease the tension building up inside of me

"Morning Daisy"Ciara called making me smile widely

"Good to see you're home today"I said and she nodded

"you're going for a run too"I asked in shock after scanning her dressing

"yeah, Rio told me I'm getting fat"she replied flatly making me laugh

"I need to get back in shape "she added

"alright let go"I said and he walked out

we began running and Ciara couldn't stop complaining

"stop whining"I complained and she rolled her eyes

"I'm not whining "she replied breathing like someone who ran for hours

I wanted to reply her when my eyes landed on a familiar figure

I decided to run closer and Ciara followed

The girl turned to us and my jaw dropped.

"ANNA" Ciara called in shock

Okay I guess I'm not the only one going insane

"Excuse me"she said turning to us

"Anna....you...are....Anna"Ciara shuttered

"sorry my name is Isabella,you've got the wrong person"she replied running away .

"Daisy am I going insane"Ciara asked and I stared at her blankly

We both began walking back quietly without saying a word to each other

Ciara saw her too

Is it her look like or something,or her twin

I'm just so confused right now .

"Can you keep it a secret"i asked Ciara as we reached the apartment

"what do you mean" she asked confused

"we just saw your sister that died in front of you and you want it to be a secret"She added

" we are not sure yet,what if she's a look alike or some twin I've never heard of,I just don't want us to jump into conclusion yet"I replied back

"fine ,what do you plan on doing now , pretend like you never saw her "Ciara asked

"No we're going to do something"I replied and she raised her brows

"we are going to stalk her and probably get a few information or find out a few things about her"I replied

"I'm in ,when do we start"she asked making me smile a little

"tomorrow"I replied and she nodded .

"Are you okay"she asked and worridely

"I'm fine "I replied back.


I showered and changed into a simple outfit

I brought out the note and read through it

What is really going on,was there some kind of mixup or is there something my dad didn't tell me about.

Mavin Pov

I carried the cotton wool and treat my cut

that f*cking a$$

My phone rang and I picked it up almost immediately

"Hello"I said

"you had only one job and you couldn't deliver it"he said angrily

"you have to be patient with me ,that one job can cost my life"

"you should not it's not that easy with him around her "I said

"I don't care ,I want her before her birthday "

he fired

"you're going to have her but I need more time , especially now that his in love with her"I replied

"what the hell do you mean by he loves her ,,that can happen make it stop"he yelled cutting the call

I ran my hands through my hair in furstration

I'm not happy doing this but I have to do it to save myself.

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