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Devil's Secret - Chapter 34




Devil's Secret - Chapter 34

The Mexican Drug Lord

Authoress Jennifer


Daisy Pov

Ciara and I went into the mall to pick some snacks for ourselves

I was shocked to see Liam punching Mavin

Liam"I called disappointedly

Mavin held his cheeks that's is swollen

" I don't know why he doesn't like me,I only went to ask him about you " he said making Liam scoff

I helped him up and stared at him

"are you okay"I asked and he nodded

"I'm really sorry "I said and he nodded

"what are you doing here by the way"I asked

"I came around so when I saw him,I decided to ask him about you but it didn't end well "he explained

"so how are you"he asked

"I'm fine "I replied back

"you've met Ciara already"I said pointing at Ciara and he nodded

she waved him , making him smile ,I saw Liam still standing with a cold expression on his face

"I should get going"I said and he nodded

"Good night"he replied kissing my forehead

I entered the car with Liam and Ciara and the silence was really awkward

To top it all Liam was driving speedily and angrily

I don't know which part is pissing him off,the fact that Mavin kissed my forehead or that snub him .

"Hot makeup s*x after this"Ciara whispered making my cheeks go red

"that not happening"I whispered back .




"Liam "I called knocking on his room door but he didn't answer

I twisted the doorknob and walked in ,I know he doesn't like someone entering his room

The room was dark but I could still see his body lay on the bed

I know his not sleeping

I walked closer to him and climbed the bed beside him

He didn't move so I just lay my head on his chest and wrap my hands around him.

In no time I slept off .



"Ciara Ciara " Liam called as my eye snapped open

He was looking at me worriedly

"calm down"he said and began rubbing my back

"His coming back"I said

"his back for me Liam"I added and tears rolled

"I'm here for you ,I won't let him harm you "

he said

I hugged him tightly and my body calmed down

My father is back

His back to get me

"I need to go out"I said and he stared at me worriedly

"Are you sure, should I come "he asked

"No I will go alone"I said and he nodded

I got up and went to my room,I wore my joggers and half cut and packed my hair up

I needed to breath ,I need to clear my head

The cold breeze of the morning hit my skin and I inhaled it

I began running

Tears gathered in my eyes and I let it out

I was tired and drained ,I couldn't do it anymore

Anna left already , there's nothing I'm holding on to right now

I let all my tears down and I ran and the morning breeze hit my whole body body

As I was running I noticed someone was running in front of me

it's a female figure

A very familiar one


I rub my eye lids gently to be sure I'm not hallucinating

But I'm not

Same hair and body structure only that I haven't seen her face yet

I began running towards her but I couldn't meet up with her and that was it

she's gone .

my life is officially messed up .

I walked back to the apartment when I saw another familiar figure standing at the side of the house

"what the hell is happening in my life"I almost yelled

My body froze as he turned to me and my heart began beating fast

I couldn't move

I saw Liam came out of the apartment and walked towards me

"Daisy "he called loudly

Before I could move look back at father his no where to be found again .

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