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Devil's Secret - Chapter 33



Devil's Secret - Chapter 33

The Mexican Drug Lord

Authoress Jennifer


Daisy Pov

I sat down on the couch , rolling my hair with my fingers and giggling

I wasn't talking to anyone but i acted like I was

Liam has passed me severally without a word and I couldn't help but find his jealousy amusing.

Liam Pov

I smiled widely as I passed her for the third time

Daisy should know I'm not that easy to fool

I'm giving her the satisfaction that she's making me jealous

If that what makes her feel better.

I remembered how I slammed the door at her face and the way she looked at me

I wanted to grab her and tell her I'm sorry but I couldn't

We're getting too attached and I don't want to hurt her

she's too innocent for me

With all this I can't take my mind off her , even if I try shutting her out

it's really not working for me

To top it all,I'm not good when it comes to ladies

Don't blame me ,I only do one night stand and that's all .

I got fed up with her games so I dragged her from the couch to my room

When we entered my room,she was shocked I brought her in here

"I know what you're trying to do"I said

"what am I trying to do"she asked cluelessly

"I'm sorry for the other night"I replied and she frowned

"I need to go back to my room"she said but I dragged her back and crashed my lips on her

she returned the kiss and I led her to my bed making her relaxed on it

This is the first time I'm bringing a girl to my room and even making out with her on my bed

Daisy isn't just any girl ,she's different

I broke the kiss and starred Into her eyes

she wanted me the same way I wanted her

she's just too innocent for me but I like it

"I'm not taking you yet"I said kissing her neck

"why"she muttered

"because if I do so, you're mine forever"I replied and I could feel her breathing increased

"I will be the only one to touch you Daisy"

"I will be the only one to make you nervous"

"to make you happy"

"I will be the only one to make love to you"I said

"Do you want that Daisy"I asked and she nodded

"I want to hear it from you"I said

"yes ... yes...I want that"she replied and I smiled widely

"good "I replied and kissed her forehead .

"soon Daisy ,,,very soon"



We all arrived at the warehouse and made our way in

Daisy was beside me while Ciara and Rio walked behind our back.

"Hey Liam "Dani purred and I turned to her

I could see Daisy tense up beside me

"can we talk.....in private"she said and after giving it a second thought, I nodded

I could see Daisy pleading eyes watching me

I turned to her and kissed her forehead

"just give me a sec okay"I said and she nodded no smiling

she's happy I did that in front of Dani.

"what do you want Danielle"I asked

"I'm really sorry okay but I miss you"she pouted

"We are done, remember it was just a no strings attached thing"I fired

"but I think no I'm.....

"Don't say that word because it's never going to work and don't bring up this topic again"I added walking away.



Ciara and Daisy decided to get some snacks while I waited outside for them

A familiar face walk towards me and my whole body tensed up

"Hi Liam "He said grining

"what do you want Mavin"I asked

"ohh I just wanted to say hi you know, since you're my girlfriend's employer"He replied

"what to you mean"I asked

"I'm planning to make my relationship with Daisy official you know"

"I mean we kissed ,we made love,it was awesome"he said dreamily

"You're lying"I said flatly and he laughed

"you should see the way she begged me to make her cum and how she scream my name"he said straring at me" he replied

"she was....

Before the could complete his statement,my fist landed on his cheeks

"Liam"I heard Daisy called disappointedly

Mavin held his cheeks making himself look very innocent

" I don't know why he doesn't need like me,I only went to ask him about you " he said making me scoff

but Daisy believed him.

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