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Devil's Secret - Chapter 32



Devil's Secret - Chapter 32

The Mexican Drug Lord

Authoress Jennifer


Daisy Pov

I opened my eyes to an unfamiliar environment

Events of Last night filled my head as I turned around

Mavin was sleeping beside me peacefully ,we slept off while watching another movie and talking about random stuff

Sh*t i didn't tell Ciara that I will be sleeping over she must be worried sick

well I didn't plan to sleep off,I wonder why Mavin didn't wake me up.

I picked up my phone and noticed my wallpaper was changed

it was a picture of where I lay my head on Mavin's body

The picture looked kinda cute so I didn't remove it

There was so miscall so I dropped the phone back

"Good morning"Mavin greeted

"morning"I replied back smiling

"you should have waked me up you know"I said

"you were sleeping peacefully I didn't want to wake you up" he replied

"and your friend called my ears nearly bleed from her yelling " he said dramatically making me laugh

"and a grumpy guy called too"he added

By the mention of grumpy I know it's Liam

"where's the bathroom"I asked and he directed me upstairs

"you should take a shower"Mavin offered

"do I stink that bad "I asked and he laughed loudly

"c'mon "

"i don't want to shower and still wear this same clothes "I pouted

"you can borrow some of mine "he offered shyly

"great "I muttered and his face lit up

I have like new toothbrush and stuffs there you can use anyone you want"he added leaving the room

"thanks "I yelled

I use the new toothbrush there ,for my hair I used his shampoo and conditioner which smelled manly

I used his body wash too

Right now I totally smell like him which is good .

I came out of the bathroom and saw a neatly folded t-shirt and shorts on the bed

they were really big for me but very comfortable

I made my way downstairs when I heard Mavin on the phone

*She's not that easy to decive * he said angrily

"Mavin "I called and he quickly ended the call turning to me

I wanted to ask him who his talking about but I don't want to invade his privacy

*she's not that easy to decive * I wonder who his talking about

"you smell like me "he said moving closer to me and I blushed

"Can you take me home"I asked and he nodded nervously

why is he nervous??

He picked up his car keys and we walked out .


The drive back to the apartment was quite but not awkward

I noticed Mavin was lost in thought ,I wonder what's going on in his mind.

"last night till this morning was one of the best moments of my life "he said and I could see sincerity in his eyes

I smiled widely as he kissed my cheeks and I bade him .


"Good morning everyone"I squeaked exictedly as they all turned to me

Each if them had different expression

Ciara was giggling

Rio was shocked

Liam is what I cannot say "Anger " was really visible

"so you are Mavin "Rio asked and I smiled

"his so caring and romantic"I said like a teenager in love

I heard Liam scoff but I didn't look at him

Wearing Mavin's Clothes was my first achievement

acting like I was in love with him,was my second achievement

ignoring him is my third achievement .

Two can play the game,he can't just treat me like a tool

We were half way done with breakfast when my phone started ringing

"ohh it's him calling"I said to Ciara but loud enough for Liam to hear

I picked the call and rushed upstairs

"Hey "I said

"you forgot your handbag "Mavin

"okay , anytime I can collect it"I said

"alright"he replied and ended the call

well that was awkward

I relaxed on my bed and few minutes later the door opened and Liam walked it

"there is something called knocking "I fired

"what game are you trying to play"he asked

"I don't understand"I replied clueless

"the whole Mavin thing"he fired and I blushed

"His really cool"I said and felt his knuckles turn white

He moved closer staring into my eyes, he tried to kiss me but I push him away walking out of the room .

My heart was pounding but I felt victorious,I couldn't help but smile.

sweet revenge .

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