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Devil's Secret - Chapter 31




Devil's Secret - Chapter 31

The Mexican Drug Lord

Authoress Jennifer


Daisy Pov

I made breakfast for everyone and ate peacefully

Ciara came downstairs beaming as she served herself breakfast

"I'm not going to ask you why you're smiling"I said and she pouted

"But I really want to tell you all the details"she replied

"I will just take it as, you guys have settled"I added eating my food

my phone beeped and I checked the message

*Hey you're free tonight* from Mavin

*yeah , sure. what's up*I sent back

*nothing much let have dinner together*he replied back

*okay sounds cool* I texted back

*alright pick up up by 6* he texted back.

"who are you texting "Ciara asked with a mouthful

"Mavin "I replied and her reaction changed

"so you and my brother "she tried asking

"me and your brother are nothing "I replied with hint of anger

"hmmm"was the only thing she said

"but you like him"she asked

"I did, we can never be together"I replied and she nodded

"so are you helping me get ready"I asked and she smiled widely

"definitely"she replied .


Ciara made me try more than ten dresses before we found the perfect one

Not too fancy , just perfect

I wore a jacket on top on the sliver gown and applied only lip gloss

I didn't want to him to think I put so much effort in impressing him or anything.

I bade Ciara as Mavin picked me up

"you look beautiful"he complimented making me blush

"thanks"I replied

"so where are we going"I asked

"my house"he replied and my eyes widened

"you said dinner"I said

"Dinner at my house"he corrected

I gave him a small smile and relaxed a bit

I don't really like the thoughts of going to Mavin's house

About thirty minutes drive we arrived

I gasped at the sight in front of me and he chuckled

"wait till you see the inside"he said as we walked in

The house is magnificent ,very beautiful both inside and outside

I pulled my jacket as he led me to the kitchen

"okay what are we doing in the kitchen"I asked

"you're going to watch me cook"he replied making me laugh

"ohh I'm not ready to die yet "I stated and he faked an angry expression

"Don't judge yet till you taste it"he said and I lifted my hands up in surrender

He tied an apron and I watched him cook.

Mavin is handsome no doubt ,his understanding ,his caring,his everything a lady want to top it all he has a stable job which is legal unlike some people

Remembering Liam made my anger rise up ,What does he even take me for

'a sl*t " that he could use anytime and dump

he just played with my feelings and that was it

His arrogant, annoying and selfish

How could he do this to me

"Daisy are you listening"Mavin asked and I snapped out of my thoughts

"Sorry ,you were saying"I asked and he smiled

"I was asking if you could be my plus one to the Valentine's day party,I mean if you want"He asked

"well I'm not really a fan of parties you know...

"Please"he pouted and I nodded

"fine,but only if that food you're cooking taste good"I said and he smiled

"it will be more than good"he replied back

If only Liam could be this sweet

what am I thinking,I hate him.


Mavin dished out the food and to the honest from the look it's going to taste delicious

"Look nice"I complimented and he smiled proudly

I took a spoon full and he stared at me nervously

Okay this taste really good

I furrowed my eye brows and stared blankly at him

I could swear i felt his heart sink

"it taste delicious"I half yelled and he sighed in relief

"oh thank God"he replied

We both continued eating and talking about random stuff.

"So I picked out this cool movie that we could watch " he said after we ate

"what the name"I asked

"No escape"he replied


We began watching the movie silently and the movie is really Interesting

Mavin move closer and placed his hands around my neck

I didn't remove it,I just relaxed and he relaxed too

Maybe I should just forget about Liam and focus on the Mavin

He cares about me so much right from childhood.

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