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Devil's Secret - Chapter 30




Devil's Secret - Chapter 30

The Mexican Drug Lord

Authoress Jennifer


Daisy Pov

I applied concealer to my hickey and Ciara couldn't looking at me grining widely

"stop doing that"I fired

"stop doing what" she pouted

"stop giving me that face "I replied

"c'mon I'm just so excited"she replied smiling

"it's just a kiss"I said rolling my eyes

"I know ...omg ...if you guys have f*cked that will be totally amazing"she giggled exictedly

"okay enough leave my room" I said dragging her out

"c'mon "she yelled loudly as I shut the door.

I ate the breakfast and few minutes later I carried the tray out of my room

"Good morning"I greeted Liam and Rio

"Morning Daisy"Rio replied

"Morning "Liam said and Rio stared at him awkwardly

"Ciara made you breakfast"Rio asked and I nodded

"woah" He said frowning

I dropped the dishes and went back to my room

Few minutes later Ciara came back dragging her feet

"What happened"I asked, as I saw that she's about to start crying

"Rio is mad at me"she replied and tears trickle down her eyes

okay who would believe that Ciara would ever cry

"What did you do"I ask

"He saw the videos from last night party "she explained

"what "

"How did he see it ,how was it even recorded "I asked

"turns out the house has cameras" she replied sniffing

"omg that means he saw you grinding those guys"I added and she only nodded

"it's not my fault they were really really hot" she added and I couldn't help but chuckle

This girl is impossible.

"Just go apologise to him and his going to forgive you"I said

I really suck at giving people advise especially relationship advises

Someone knocked on the door and Ciara quickly cleaned her eyes and kept a straight face

"Hi Ciara can I talk to you"Rio said and I smiled inwardly

"Will be out in a sec"she replied back coldly

She was the one crying minutes ago and now she's giving him attitude

Is this really how relationship works ??

Rio left and she grinned exictedly at me

"The makeup s*x is going to be amazing"she squeaked running out of the room

I couldn't help but laugh and relaxed on my bed


"Hi " Liam said and I sprang up

"You should knock"I muttered

"yeah ,I'm not really use to that "he replied

"so I was wondering if you wanna go out"

"I mean follow me to buy something"he quickly added nervously

"okay that sounds fun"I replied and he nodded

wake me if I'm dreaming

I grabbed my jacket from the closet and carried my phone as we walk out

We entered his car and drove out

The silence wasn't really awkward like the other night ,but I kept seeing Liam stealing glances at me

"So someone send me a package and I'm just going to pick it up"

"Do you want anything....I mean food"he asked

"yeah, we can get pizza"I said and he nodded

Is this really Liam or somebody else

Can someone pinch me ,I need to confirm if I'm alive

I've never heard Liam speak so calm

We stopped in front of a warehouse and Liam went out to pick his package

He dropped it in the back and drove to Domino's Pizza

Liam got me three boxes and two huge bowl ice cream

Vanilla flavor my favourite

"That's alot "I muttered and he nodded

"yeah I didn't know what type of pizza you like so I got three different types"He replied

"okay"I said trying to supress my smile

Ciara is going to happy if I tell her about this.

I'm sure she and Rio are doing the dirty right now


We made our way into the apartment

"Do you want to watch a movie with me"I asked

"I don't watch movies but I can be your company"he said making me smile .

Liam and I sat down on my bed with the pizza and ice cream in out centre

I wish I could document this moment.

The movie ended wonderful as I turned to Liam

He was looking at me so I looked back and we stared into each other's eyes

Our lips locked and he kissed me

The kiss got heated and he made me lay under him

My whole body responded to his touch and I didn't want him to stop

He hand went straight to my V. and he began rubbing it

I couldn't help but moan at the pleasure till his finger went inside me

I kept moaning as his fingers did the magic

I've never felt this way before, It was amazing

"Cum for me "he whispered seductively and I let out all the heat that was build up in me

"Goodnight"he said kissing my forehead and went out.

That was........ mind-blowing.


I woke up really really excited than usual ,I decided to make breakfast but I needed to ask Liam what he wants for breakfast

I knocked on his room door and the door opened almost immediately

"what do you want"He fired looking at me

"errmm..... I ....."I couldn't help but shutter due to the shock

"Don't come back here if you are only here to shutter "he fired slamming the door loudly to my face

my jaw dropped.

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