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Devil's Secret - Chapter 29




Devil's Secret - Chapter 29

The Mexican Drug Lord

Authoress Jennifer


Daisy Pov

"Alright everyone party is over" Ciara yelled and no one paid attention to her

"just watch and see"she whispered to me

She plugged her phone to the system and a siren sound made everyone scatter

They began running out with their things even the ones making out and the drunk once ran out

I couldn't help but laugh

"That is one amazing party"I half yelled and Ciara nodded

"Did you hear that"she asked

"someone is at the door"I said and she nodded

"I bet it's one of those horny folks still making out there ,go check it out"she said pushing me lightly

"hell no,I don't want to see people making out "I pouted

"fine I will go myself"she replied rolling her eyes

"Ciara "I called as everywhere was silent

"Ciara "I called again walking towards the door

I jaw dropped at the sight in front of me

My heart began beating loudly and you could probably hear it

"So you both care to explain "Liam fired angrily

"We....I....."Ciara began to shutter

"we just met"I quickly chipped in

"yeah we just met ,,I was about to call you"Ciara added

Liam stared at both of us blankly

He walked passed Ciara and looked around

The door shut loudly and I turned back

Ciara Vanished

I'm so giving her a piece of my mind when we see

How can she come up with the idea and now runaway no leaving me alone with Liam

"She ditched you"Liam said and I nodded

"let me guess ,she suggested you guys come over here and party and then lie to me that you're missing"he added and I stared at my feet

I flinched when I noticed Liam was right in front of me

"Are you scared of me"he asked bringing his face more close to me

"No"I replied firmly

Where is all my bad ass attitude ,,why did they vanish because his right in front of me

He used his finger to raise my face up and I stared at him

His face drew closer and I shut my eyes

'Is he trying to kiss me'

'what am I going to do'

'wait ,I didn't even apply any lipgloss'

'what am I thinking,I'm suppose to be pushing him away'

I felt my whole body tensed as his lips met mine

his lips is so soft so I kissed back

I felt butterflies in my stomach as he drew me closer to him and I wrapped my hands around his neck

The kiss was getting deep and intense I heard his breathing increase

we broke the kiss to caught our breath and starred into each other's eyes

He lowered his neck and began sucking on my neck

I tried really hard,really really hard not to moan

"You have no idea what you do to me Daisy"he whispered in my ears

I cleared my throat and moved one step away from him

"we should get going "I managed to say

"yeah we should

"how did you even find us"I managed to say

"you forget who you talk to"He replied as we made our way out

Part of me wanted to ask about the kiss

what did it mean

We entered his car and sat in silence as he began driving

it was an awkward silence , really awkward because it seems both of us have something to say but we don't know how to go about it

my eyes were closing gently so i just gave in

I felt someone carried me up and my eyes open gently

"It's okay go back to sleep"Liam said as he walked into the apartment and straight to my room

I felt him drop me on the bed ,he removed my shoes and used the duvet to cover

"I'm sorry about the other night"he whispered and walked out shutting my door gently.

I didn't have time to think about anything as I embrace darkness


"Good morning"I heard a loud voice echoing in my head

"I brought you breakfast"I groaned loudly as I sat up

Ciara dropped the food beside my bed and pouted

"Do you forgive me"she asked

"No ,I don't "I replied making my way to the bathroom

"pretty please with a cherry on top"she added battling her lashes

"why did you run away"I asked brushing my teeth

"it's just complicated okay ,I will explain some other time but for now forgive me because I need your help"she explained

"what did you do this time "I asked facing her

"wait wait ,hold up,is that what I think it is "she asked starring at me

"Is that a hickey on your neck "she asked with her eyes widened.

"No it not"I replied quickly

"omg who gave you a hickey"she asked

"Wait....it's Liam"she said and couldn't helped with the way my cheeks redden

Can I disappear right now ???

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