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Devil's Secret - Chapter 28




Devil's Secret - Chapter 28

The Mexican Drug Lord

Authoress Jennifer


Ciara Pov

I kept rubbing her back till her tensed body relaxed into mine

Few minutes later she was sleeping but muttering somethings I couldn't understand

She's hurting

since it was only a towel tied around her chest ,I used the duvet to cover her making sure she's comfortable .

I dragged Liam out to my room and shut the door

"what the hell is wrong with you"

"what did you do to her to make her that way"

"you know what she has been through all she needs right now is our love and care"

"what did you do to her "I yelled loudly

I was expecting an answer but I didn't get any

"Liam why is she even here in the first place"I asked and his eye lids flutter

"you know she's not a threat and the money she took from you is nothing to you"

"why are you so protective of her"

"you don't want her to look at any guy or stay close to any guy "

"I see the way you look at her Liam,you don't even Dani that way"

"if you don't find a solution to all this happening I'm going to take her away from you ...very far away Liam and if it's the money you want I'm going to pay you ten times "I added walking out

Liam is whipped

His in love with her but doesn't know how to go about it

I guess his lack of relationship skills is making him do things he isn't suppose to

I heard things breaking in my room

Arrrh I shouldn't have taken him to my room,we should have gone to his instead

Now I have to order new things .

Daisy Pov

"Hey you're awake so soon"Ciara said walking into my room

"I don't sleep much"I replied her

"ohh okay"

"i don't want what my brother did to you but I don't care"

"I have a plan"Ciara added

"Liam have like fancy beach house here in Mexico and it is totally cool"she said smiling

Gosh she loves partying more than anything

"isn't that risky "I asked

"well Liam deserves it "she replied

"Anything that will make me leave this place then I'm in " I replied

"Great ,get dressed" she squeaked going through my closest


After getting dressed Ciara helped me sneak out of the apartment with our phone

we didn't use Ciara's car instead we hailed a cab

My cheeks heat up when I remembered Liam saw my bare ass but anger grew within me when I remembered he spanked me

what was he even thinking spanking me

"Daisy" Ciara called again

"sorry I was just thinking"I muttered

"don't worry about Liam okay "she said and I nodded


About an hour later we arrived at the beach house and I was beyond happy

"Close your mouth before a bug fall in"Ciara said and chuckled

"this place is absolutely .......

"beautiful"Ciara concluded

"wait till you see the inside"she added

Ciara gave a tour of the whole place and I couldn't stop admiring it

I could leave here all my life

The door bell rang and people started coming it

"how did you know so much people" I asked

*life of a party girl"she replied hugging the half dressed girls coming in

Drinks were available , loud music and horny people who couldn't put their hands off them selves.

Ciara's phone began ringing and she looked at the caller ID

"It's Liam come with me" she said

we entered a quiet room and picked the call

"Liam"she called

"Where the hell are you"

"is Daisy with you"he snarled angrily

"what do you mean by is Daisy with me "Ciara asked

"she's not in the room anymore ,I've searched the whole house ,Her phone tracker is off"Liam panicked

okay this is a huge surprise to me and Ciara is enjoying it

"Congratulations Liam she ran away,it's all your fault ,you chased her away"Ciara yelled

"you know how much I liked her "

"you know what she means to me "Ciara fired

"Maybe she's with Mavin"Ciara said

"what "he yelled

"that son of a b*tch ,I'm going to end him if he touches her "

"come back immediately , you're the only one she listens to "Liam added

"it's your mess deal with it and if you dare touch Mavin you're only going to make her hate you more "Ciara said ending the call

we both started laughing but I could feel butterflies explode in my stomach

He cares

"His going to kill me if he finds out I'm behind it all "Ciara added laughing

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