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Devil's Secret - Chapter 27




Devil's Secret - Chapter 27

The Mexican Drug Lord

Authoress Jennifer



Immediately the door shut my eyes widened

sh*t ' I cursed under my breath

I wasn't dreaming

it was real ,I'm not a deep sleeper but how come I didn't snap out of whatever I was thinking when we were kissing

He kissed me

wait he actually kissed me

Liam kissed me...for real on the lips

I rushed into the bathroom and splashed water on my face

But seriously why did he kiss me , why did I kiss him back

Arrrgh so he thought I was sleeping that's why he kissed me

why am I embarrassed instead of being angry ,why am I flushed

why are my cheeks red


After waiting staying up almost all night and couldn't sleep ,I decided to make good use of my self by preparing breakfast

Since we all are not allowed to go out that mean we will be having breakfast together.

Liam was the first to come downstairs

"Good morning"I muttered which he ignored

what is wrong with him

Soon Ciara and Rio came downstairs and I could see Ciara trying to cover up the hickeys on her neck

those two really kept themselves busy all night

I served everyone and we all ate in silence


"Rio can you help me work on the tech project "Ciara asked

"yeah sure "he replied following her upstairs

I cursed under my breath

I will kill Ciara for leaving me alone with Liam and I already know what those two are going upstairs to do

After some minutes of awkward silence I stood up and went to my room

I can't believe I haven't showered all day

I entered the bathroom and washed my hair first before my body

when I was done,I blow-dried my hair in the bathroom and packed it in a bun

I came out of the bathroom with towel tied around my chest

"OMG"I yelled in shock

"what.....are you doing ....here"I asked gripping my towel really tight

when did he even entre

"come HERE" he ordered and I moved few steps closer

"Closer"he ordered in a cold and deadly tone

He doesn't look happy and I knew only one thing could have happened. "He found out"

"I gave an instruction Daisy "He started

"You went behind my back and texted Mavin "He said angrily

"I'm sorry I didn't want him to worry.....I just texted him that I'm okay "I replied back

Right now I was thinking 'what would he do to me'

Liam is unpredictable ,you can't tell what goes on in his mind

"Do you know what I do to people who go against my orders "he asked

"they... they get punished"I asked back

"yes Daisy they get punished "He replied

Liam pulled me forward and in no time i was laying on his lap

This is not happening

He raised the towel revealing my butt and this time all my body tensed up

"No... No... Liam" I said quickly but his hands landed on my butt

he spanked me .....my whole body froze .


"father"I whispered

He spanked my butt really hard again making tears drop from my eyes

I already had bruises and marks on my butt , hitting is again was making all the pain rise up

He hit it for the third time and this time I cried even more

"I've warned you never to cry"he muttered throwing me on the bed

He hates to see me cry whenever he dose anything to me

But this time I couldn't help it

He tied me up to the bed and removed his pants belt

He began wiping me so hard that my skin felt numb

I dare not cry again else I would get something worse

"my princess" he whispered in my ears

"soon ....very soon I will get to eat every part of you"he muttered.


"Daisy " I heard Liam called

"Daisy " he called again

My whole body was shaking I was panicking

"you bitch, you deserve to die after killing your mother "he yelled

"Now your sister is dead too" father yelled

"Everyone around you die" He fired

His in my head

my father is in my head

"you're worthless , you're a piece of sh*t "

"You killed your sister "His loud voice kept echoing in my head

I killed my sister,I'm worthless,I killed my mom


"Daisy please listen to my voice"I heard someone say

"the voice was gentle and soft ,it reminds me of someone

"Daisy please it me , focus on my voice"

"Ci...Ciara "I shuttered

She hugged me tightly and I felt my body relaxed

"Daisy"she whispered with her voice breaking

she's crying already

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