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Devil's Secret - Chapter 26




Devil's Secret - Chapter 26

The Mexican Drug Lord

Authoress Jennifer



"I had an amazing time too"he replied staring at me

Before o could say anything his lips landed on mine

it was gentle and filled with emotions but I was too shock to return the kiss

And I was more shocked to see Liam staring at us .


"I'm sorry....I was just..uhmm... carried away "Mavin shuttered

"don't worry it's okay"I reassured nervously

"Goodnight"he said smiling

"Goodnight"I replied back and went it .




Ciara called me up for breakfast and I walked downstairs

we all sat down around the dining because Liam said he has an important information to pass

I wonder what is it ,since that night where he saw me kissing Mavin we haven't really talked or saw each other

I'm now working full time for them and do lots of computer work everyday

it amazing and I'm not bored anymore

Breakfast was served and we all ate in silence

Liam cleared his throat drawing all attention to him

"Someone has been stalking us all and based on what we come to find out it not good"

"we don't know what their mission is yet so we brought out a plan "

"Nobody leaves the house till further notice and all phone calls will be monitored"

"so everyone drop your phone"Liam said strictly

"this can't be happening"Ciara muttered

"If nobody goes out then it's likely for the stalker to call or send any of us a message"he said

"we don't know who they are or what they are up to that's why we can't just send people after them "he added

"How long is it going to last"I asked softly

"I don't know"Liam blurted

"Here Daisy "Rio said handing me a computer

"we need you to hack into a site for us ,it's highly classified and we have asked the others to do it but they couldn't " Rio added

"Rio"Liam called angrily

"We don't have an option and that's why she's here right,it's her job"Rio replied


"Done"I said proudly handing the computer back to Rio

I could see his jaw drop in disbelieve

I was avoiding Liam's gaze so I couldn't see his expression

"she's a bad ass ,no wonder that Mavin guy is all over her"Ciara said proudly

oh crab Ciara what are you doing

"ohh you mean the handsome dude"Rio added

"okay enough Mavin is not that great"I said

"well at least he got you dripping the other day"Ciara added and my cheeks went all red

The glass cup on Liam's hand shattered and we turned to him

He hissed angrily and went to sit on the couch

I could see the look Rio and Ciara gave themselves

That was when I knew they wanted to piss him off intentionally

But why??

Ciara and I cleared the dining before going to join the guys in the sitting room

Liam focused on his laptop since everyone's phone was on the table

A message popped into o e of the phone and we all move forward to see it

"Check who's phone is that and what message"Liam ordered

Ciara checked the phones and it was mine

"Hey Daisy ,you free ? can we meet"from Mavin " Ciara read out

I don't appreciate reading my personal messages "I said loudly grabbing my phone from Ciara

"what are you doing"Liam asked me for the first time

"Replying his back obviously"I replied

"you're not ,he has become a suspect "Liam said

"what ,Mavin is my .....

"I don't care what he is "Liam said cutting me short "his now a threat and that's all "he added

I dropped the phone and sat down angrily

Another message popped in and Ciara picked it up

"C'mon Daisy ,stop ignoring me I miss you so much "Ciara read the second one

"Awwwwn"she cooed

"his really romantic " Ciara added

"His our first suspect and I'm sending people to watch him "Liam said

"Oh Hell no"

"you're doing no such thing ,If there's any one I trust here it's Mavin ,no offense Ciara"I said

"none taken "she replied with a smile

"well I don't trust him from the beginning ,I don't trust his intentions with you"Liam fired

"well it's none of your business MOM "I fired angrily

His not my mom so he should stop telling me what to do or being protective

Infact I don't even understand him.


After the heated argument ,no one said a word again and we sat there all day doing nothing .

My eyes were really heavy as I felt someone carried me in a bridal style

Gosh I can't believe I'm dreaming of Liam ,He dropped me on my bed and stared at my face

His lips were shining pick and I couldn't help but want to kiss them

As if he was reading my thoughts ,he brought his lips forward and kissed me gently with passion

May this dream never end .

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