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Devil's Secret - Chapter 25




Devil's Secret - Chapter 25

The Mexican Drug Lord

Authoress Jennifer



"are you okay" Mavin texted

"yeah, what about you" I texted back

"I'm good,are you free"he texted back

"Yeah, why" I replied back

"I know a really good place with amazing food that I think you should try" he texted back making me smile

"pick me up in thirty minutes"I texted him

"Alright ,see ya "he replied.

I entered the bathroom and took my bath ,I kept searching for the perfect outfit to wear

I didn't want to overdress ,so I settled for some tank top and pants

I packed my curly hair in a bun and left some strands down

I applied lip gloss and mascara to my eyelashes.

After looking satisfied with my look ,I took my phone and head downstairs.

I saw Liam on his phone so I cleared my throat

"I'm going out and I'm not sure when I'm coming back"I said and he totally ignored me.

I walked out and saw Mavin leaning on his car

"Hi" I said smiling as he kissed my both cheeks

"Next time try using something apart from food to bride me"I said and he chuckled

"at least it worked "he replied opening the car door for me to entre

Did I mention that Mavin is Insanely rich??

Well I just did

We arrived at a very fancy restaurant and I felt out of place

"you should have told me to dress properly"I fired angrily at Mavin

"you look fine "he replied

A few people turn to stare at me

I mean who comes to such a place dressed in pants and tank top

"Don't worry we will be sitting at the VIP section , only few rich people who don't care stays there "he said and I nodded

We ordered food and to be honest it was amazing

Mavin was right they really had good food ,I find it really cool that Mavin dose not interfere in my personal life

He just let me be but his always here for me.

Half way through the dinner I saw a familiar figure walked into the VIP section with a blonde bimbo by his side

I choked on my food before Mavin handed me water and I tried to calm down

What the hell is he doing here 'i thought

They sat in front of our table , which is I had a proper view of them but Mavin was the one backing them.

The blonde bimbo removed the strands of hair on Liam's face and smiled seductively at him

I felt like puking my guts out

Liam being his usual self kept a straight face but focused on her

They kept talking and she couldn't stop laughing and smiling widely

Liam isn't even funny so what's making her to laugh

"Daisy "Mavin called loudly

"Are you okay ,your attention seemed to be somewhere else "Mavin said

"oh I'm sorry "I replied

"it just that you're so caring to me ,it's been long someone actually made me feel that way"I lied

okay technically it's not a complete lie,Mavin is nice to me but I wasn't thinking about him

I'm thinking of the blonde bimbo who can't keep her hands off Liam and his not even pushing her away

its obvious shes on of his friends with benefits,I actually thought it was only Dani

I bet he has more' I thought angrily .

"We should go" I blurted sight in front of me

And I'm not jealous ,I'm just irritated ...if that's the right word to use

"yeah we should it getting late"Mavin said staring at his wrist watch

During our ride home Mavin played a song which helped in lighting up the atmosphere

We sang along even though our voices are horrible

W e reached the house and like a gentleman ,he opened the car door for me

I stepped out and he smiled at me nervously

why is Mavin nervous

"are you okay"I asked gently

"yeah I'm good"he replied

"I had a wonderful time and I'm totally up for next time "I said and his eyes sparkle

His happy

"I had an amazing time too"he replied staring at me

Before i could say anything his lips landed on mine

it was gentle and filled with emotions but I was too shock to return the kiss

And I was more shocked to see Liam staring at us

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